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[NFP] Medieval Era Policy Elimination Thread

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Merchant Confederation (9)
Professional Army (28) (31-3)
Serfdom (47) (46+1)

- Builders build empires
Professional Army - Limited lasting utility
Merchant Confederation (6) (9-3) In some games it could be better, and maybe it is better in total, but I feel no obligation to prolong this thread. This is ending only one way.
Professional Army (28)
Serfdom (48) (47+1) Better builders better game, this isn't a contest.
Merchant Confederation (3) (6-3) - I love to get as many envoys as possible, but feel that the extra gold per turn is less impactful as being able to upgrade units for 50% gold. I think it is actually in the favor of professional army that you only need to slot it when you are actually upgrading, and the rest of the time you can run a different card. Merchant confederation has to be plugged in every turn to get the full benefit. Also, there may be a window where there aren't many other green cards available, but I like to run Machiavellianism as soon as it's available. I find once you reach that point, competition for green slots is tighter than for red (at least if you're peaceful).
Professional Army (29) (28+1) - Gold (not strategic resources) is what I find to be the limiting factor in upgrading units, and this makes a big difference. As noted above, you don't need to have it slotted much of the time to get the full benefit.
Serfdom (48).
Let’s get this finished:

Merchant Confederation: ELIMINATED (3-3)
Professional Army: 29
Serfdom: 49 (48+1) Should win easily.
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Professional Army: 26
Serfdom: 50

Personally I would have had Merchant Confederation in 2nd, it's a card that gets slotted in once it's available every game and just stays there for the remainder.

Professional Army (29-3=26) is great for war mongering but I tend to do war early if at all so it's situationally great but totally useless other times.
Serfdom: (49+1=50) another all rounder that is useful in any game.
Professional Army: 23 (26-3)
Serfdom: 51 (50+1)

Can we just call this now? Not a single person has suggested that Professional Army should beat Serfdom, and it would save eight more people the need to downvote.
Professional Army: 20 (23-3)
Serfdom: 52 (51+1)

The clearest winner since Paititi.
Professional Army: 17
Serfdom: 53

It's a foregone conclusion but here's a vote to support that conclusion. Serfdom (52+1) is the most game defining card there is and Professional Army (20-3) isn't on the same scale.
Professional Army: 8 (11-3)
Serfdom: 56 (55+1)


Maybe it would be interesting to do some mixed tournaments with cards from consecutive eras? Some of the older ones may demonstrate enviable longevity.
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