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MIA Imperial News

Discussion in 'Team M.I.A.' started by General_W, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. General_W

    General_W Councilor & Merlot Noble

    Aug 8, 2005
    Washington State (GMT -8)
    MIA Imperial News
    If you'd like - you can catch a video summary of this whole thread here:

    Turns: 1-20

    1 – Athens Founded! MIA Empire Established. Bright hopes for peace and civilization are born.

    3 – First Unit Built! Warrior "Ligurian Reapers"

    4 – Ivory Hooked up! Citizens rejoice over new luxury item.

    10 – Second City Founded! New town commissioned - "Black Hole" ​

    Term 1 Summary:
    Well – this is where it all began.
    There's not a lot of information from this period, due to the fact that it is now very, very ancient history and records from that time are rare. Consequently, much of MIA's early history remains shrouded in mystery.

    Historians can only speculate on the details, but this much is widely accepted…

    Some mighty Titans, descendant of the gods, left the heavens and came to this world. Upon finding themselves in this barbaric, but fertile, world – the Greek Titans decided they would found an empire – and try to show this barbaric world the true path to civilization.
    A mighty Titan known as "Classical Hero" was elected president, and presided over the founding of the immortal, glorious city of Athens, the bringing in of the first of the now world-famous ivory, and the founding of our second city.

    While the current citizens of MIA may not possess the magnificent power of those first MIA settlers, the glow of the divine still surrounds everything MIA.

    Athens is Founded:

    MIA Empire at the Start:

    MIA's first Unit:
  2. General_W

    General_W Councilor & Merlot Noble

    Aug 8, 2005
    Washington State (GMT -8)
    MIA Imperial News

    Turns: 21-30

    25 - Black Hole Sacked! Hundreds dead. Brave citizens protect treasury and production.

    26 - City of Heron founded! National Holiday declared in celebration.

    28 – The Doughnuts have landed!! Doughnut Curragh Sited off the Coast of Athens! Government scrambles to cope.

    29 - Contact with Team KISS! Celtic warrior on the Ivory Coast.

    29 - Foreign Ministry struggles to cope with Doughnut and KISS diplomatic relationships.

    30 - Incense and Spices Discovered in the North.

    30 - Major Deal Negotiated with Celts(KISS).​

    Term 2a Summary:
    Term 2 saw General_W take the reigns as President of MIA. While General_W pushed more authority away from the presidency into the hands of Ministers, he also instituted a new reporting format that would meet widespread approval as setting a new standard in keeping all team members informed on the happenings of the game.
    Term 2 rocked MIA out of our isolation, when we were contacted by 2 foreign powers (KISS and Dnuts) within one turn of each other! Dialogue began with both empires, but from the beginning, attention focused on KISS – who were our continental neighbors and therefore the greater threat – or greater potential ally. The Dnuts were very closed mouthed, and talks broke down several times.
    The most important part of Term 2 was the negotiation of a landmark "1 + 1 = 3" agreement with our neighbors to the north – KISS. This agreement secured peace on our continent for the entire Ancient Age, laid the foundation for profitable trading between our empires, and also netted MIA a nice income of 1 gold-per-turn for 20 years.

    MIA Empire at the start of Term 2:

    MIA Meets KISS:

    MIA Meets the Doughnuts:
  3. General_W

    General_W Councilor & Merlot Noble

    Aug 8, 2005
    Washington State (GMT -8)
    MIA Imperial News

    Turns: 31-40

    31 - Scientists Rejoice over Acquisition of the Secrets of Warrior Code and Ceremonial Burial. Deal with KISS comes through.

    34 - The Wheel is Discovered! Scientists Rejoice.

    34 – Trade completed with Dnuts – we give Bronze working, they give Pottery.

    34 - Furs discovered to the East! More Iron discovered in the North.

    37 - Snarling Narwhale reaches the New World! Navy Cross awarded for Valor.​

    Term 2b Summary:
    There were 2 large and significant happenings for MIA in Term 2.
    The first was the consummation of our "1+1 =3" treaty with KISS, as KISS came through and upheld their part of the deal.
    The second was the discovery of the new world – a strange land with wild and barbaric people. This land would soon come be known as the "Battle Island" – so named for the war that has raged there between it's inhabitants since the moment we discovered it.

    1+1=3 with KISS!

    Land Ho!
  4. General_W

    General_W Councilor & Merlot Noble

    Aug 8, 2005
    Washington State (GMT -8)
    MIA Imperial News

    Turns: 41-50

    41 - New City of Virtuoso Founded! Mountain barbs staying away for now.

    42 – Mysticism Discovered! Incantations begin.

    43 – Athens Builds Granary. First building for MIA prepares capital for eventual "settler factory duty"

    44 - Mysticism Gifted to Team KISS. Scientists hope to gain goodwill… and the secrets of writing.

    47 - KISS gives us Writing and 25 Gold! We responded by giving them the Wheel.

    49 - New City Founded! "EMP City"

    49 - Masonry Discovered! Scientists now working on Map Making.

    50 - Ligurian Reapers Killed in Action. Heroic battle against barbarian hordes is lost. Monument planned. (MIA's first unit lost)​

    Term 3a Summary:
    Term 3 Began with the re-election of General_W as president. This term saw the Alliance with KISS reach new levels of trust, as MIA gifted technology to our fellow greens, and was rewarded when KISS followed through by giving us writing. Athens took a big step towards becoming a settler factory by building a granary (MIA's first building!) and MIA also showed another sign of maturing… we lost our first unit in combat with the barbarians that have plagued our empire.

    Speaking of barbarians, while I didn't include all the headlines – MIA popped a lot of huts in this term, and they ALL produced barbarians. These continually disappointing results would pit the two major religious factions in MIA against each other. The Church of Meleet maintained that it was God's will that we get so many barbarians, but the RNG cult asked how a good God could give MIA so many barbarians. The Church of Meleet countered that the RNG worshipers were obviously worshipping a false god, as sheer randomness should have netted us something besides barbarians by now. President General_W declined to join either church, and a religious civil war was narrowly avoided.

    MIA Empire at the start of Term 3:

    More Barbarians?!?

    A New Granary for Athens:
  5. General_W

    General_W Councilor & Merlot Noble

    Aug 8, 2005
    Washington State (GMT -8)
    MIA Imperial News

    Turns: 51-60

    52 – Trade Success! We got Philosophy from KISS

    53 - SUCCESS! Operation “Pandora’s Box” produces Technology for Code of Laws.

    53 - Meleagerville Founded! Citizens rejoice!

    53 - Contact with TNT – City of “CarpetBomb” spotted.

    54 - MAPPING KISS: Trusty Guppy reports sighting KISS coastal borders. ​

    Term 3b Summary:
    At the End of General_W's tenure as president, MIA had achieved contact with every Civilization, begun to map KISS and TNT's territory, and settled most of the cities that would eventually make up our "core."
    The Alliance with KISS was proceeding smoothly, and Defense Minister Peter Grimes had one of his greatest success when Operation Pandora's box produced the technology for Code of Laws. (The operation involved filling every tile around the hut with units - forcing something OTHER than barbarians to appear) However, as Athens grew into it's own as a settler factory, and the number of workers we have began to soar, the management job of running MIA was quickly becoming more technical, and General_W would step aside as president, leaving a new presidential reporting format as perhaps his greatest legacy.

    Operation Pandora's Box (1 turn before execution):

    KISS is sighted!
  6. General_W

    General_W Councilor & Merlot Noble

    Aug 8, 2005
    Washington State (GMT -8)
    MIA Imperial News

    Turns: 61-70

    62 - The town of Look Here founded!

    63 - Knowledge increases dramatically as scientists learn Map Making, and then diplomats trade with TNT to lean Mathematics !

    68 - New town of Flaxon Musk founded! Citizens complain that the sweet fragrance of spices barely masks KISS’ stench!

    68 - First harbor is completed! Heron citizens anxiously await trading opportunities!

    68 - First veteran unit trained in Meleagerville! Generals report more advanced units coming soon!

    69 - Town of Antville founded - Horses hooked up!

    70 - New town of Gorin founded! ​

    Term 4a Summary:
    Term 4 witnessed the rise of Chamnix to power as President of MIA. He brought a wealth of Micro-Managing skills to the table that would put MIA on the path to explosive growth. 4 New towns were founded in these 10 years and we finished researching Map Making – a key tech that we would hold a monopoly position on for some time. Under the direction of Foreign Minister Fe3333au, MIA also secured it's place as the Diplomatic King by completing a good trade for Mathematics from TNT. MIA is now the only civ to have warm relationships with all empires in the world, but little did we know at the time, that this was planting the first seeds of jealousy in the hearts of our KISS neighbors.

    MIA Empire at the start of Term 4:
  7. General_W

    General_W Councilor & Merlot Noble

    Aug 8, 2005
    Washington State (GMT -8)
    MIA Imperial News

    Turns: 71-80

    Major Headlines:
    71 - Town of Woodridge founded! Citizens celebrate with a massive incense bonfire!

    72 - Our sages have learned the secret of Literature!! We give them a well-deserved rest!

    72 - Heron announces it has constructed a ship that is seaworthy enough to carry military!!

    73 - Trade for Currency successfully completed! TNT seeks to retroactively impose conditions!

    74 - Town of Ephebe founded!! Local barbarians pay 50 gold in taxes!!

    74 - Diplomats work feverishly on keeping positive relations with KISS!!

    76- Brave citizens in Meleagerville have managed to tame the wild horses and ride them covering vast distances quickly!!

    76 - The Twitching Aardvark accepts its first passenger on the Battle Isle Express!!

    77- MIA Empire continues its rapid expansion with the founding of 2 more towns!!

    77 - The Numidian tribe teaches us Polytheism!!

    78 - AW Heron is the first Green to set foot on Battle Isle and runs into the Donuts' Welcoming Committee!!

    79 - Dyes town – "Chuck Norrisville" successfully founded amidst barbarians!!​

    Term 4b Summary:
    MIA continued to soar to new heights in the remainder of Term 4. Scientific knowledge increased dramatically as we learned Literature, popped Polytheism from a hut, and conducted a second trade with TNT where we learned Currency. The first sign of things going wrong with KISS cropped up, but our diplomats believed we had them calmed down. We continued our rapid expansion – acquired access to Horses and settled a town on the Dyes in the Jungle.
    We also landed our first units on the "Battle Island." Dnuts were less than amused at first, but our diplomats assured them that they need not worry… yet. At this point, MIA was still planning on attacking the Doughnuts once we gained sufficient military superiority.

    MIA Lands on the Battle Island:

    MIA Power Curve (aka Why is KISS nervous?):

    MIA pops Polytheism:
  8. General_W

    General_W Councilor & Merlot Noble

    Aug 8, 2005
    Washington State (GMT -8)
    MIA Imperial News

    Turns: 81-90

    81 - TNT completes Mausoleum of Mausollos in Semtex!!!

    82 - Incense is connected – luxury spending plummets!!!

    83 - Two new towns founded!! Ceasaria & Parga

    84 - New town of "Ithaca" founded. Overlooks waterway to Dnuts.

    84 - Battle Island has different jungle luxuries than we do!!!

    84 – KISS declares their intention to exit our alliance - WAR looms!

    84 – KISS has republic! Countdown to War begins…

    85 – MIA towns feverishly re-order their build plans to prepare for War.

    87 - We have Republic!!!

    87 - Final deal of our treaty with KISS is now concluded. Countdown to war continues

    87 - Our citizens enjoy the benefits of small furry animals!!!

    87 - New town of Olympia founded.

    88 - Anarchy Reigns! Government back under control in 5 turns.

    89 - New town of Filiatra founded.

    89 - Massive new deal with TNT is inked! ​

    Term 5a Summary:
    Term 5 was dominated by talk of impending war with KISS and the scramble to find a new ally. After 83 turns of peace on our land, KISS's jealousy of MIA's improving fortunes finally got the best of them, and they declared their intention to exit our treaty as soon as they "legally" could (20 turns from discovery of Republic). While not an outright declaration of war, with no more guaranteed peace – there was nothing left to do except prepare for war.

    MIA turned its eyes to the Battle Island looking for help. Due to their physical location, TNT posed the smallest threat to MIA security, had recently suffered severe military setbacks at the hands of the Dnuts, and was in need of an ally. Making the deal even better was the fact that both empires are scientific races, nearly doubling MIA's chance of acquiring Feudalism before the war with KISS even got started. The prospect of being able to have access to Medieval Infantry so far ahead of KISS was too much of an advantage to miss – so MIA offered TNT the deal of a lifetime - all of MIA's technology – in exchange for last tech MIA needed to enter the MA. TNT agreed, and MIA and TNT entered the Middle Ages within 1 turn of each other. As it worked out TNT received Feudalism as their free tech and MIA received Monotheism – we traded, and there was much rejoicing.

    Our Border With Kiss:

    The Final Deal With KISS goes through.
    They rob us blind for Republic, then threaten War?:

    Deal of the Century:
  9. General_W

    General_W Councilor & Merlot Noble

    Aug 8, 2005
    Washington State (GMT -8)
    MIA Imperial News

    Turns: 91-100

    93 - The Greek Republic is founded! Athens becomes the first MIA City!

    95 – Dyes are Connected!

    97 - TNT town of Carpetbomb is confirmed destroyed!

    97 – Military Power Skyrockets as we finish upgrading all Swords to MedInf… Now strong compared to everyone!

    97 – KISS Begins to Aggressively move units down our flanks…

    98 – We continue to build Hoplites like there is no tomorrow… KISS has stopped responding to our letters.

    99 - New town of Hindus River is founded.

    100 – KISS Gallic Swords, Grinder and Happy Camper are Caught sneaking down our eastern flank.

    Term 5b Summary:
    If the first half of Term 5 was dominated by talk of war – the second half was covered in the gloom of the increasing inevitability of war with KISS. KISS sent several aggressive and threatening letters where they accused MIA of being cheaters and manipulators. Our efforts at explanation were met first with stony silence, and then with the movement of KISS units into our lands south of the Jungle.
    KISS accidentally broke a game rule regarding the sending of maps, which prompted the Admins to rule that no war could happen before turn 104. The unfortunate side effect of this, was that KISS used this ruling to advance units much farther into our land than we would have allowed if we had been able to declare war. There is little doubt that this was intentional provocation designed to make war a 100% certainty.

    With no legal way to do anything about the KISS invasion, MIA continued to build hoplites at a frantic pace, and began to draw up battle plans for the fight of our life.
    Cautious optimism began to creep into the halls of power, as our Military Strength score remained "Strong" compared to KISS, and showed no sign of weakening.

    While "Minister of War" Grimes planned assaults on KISS luxury towns, Foreign Minister fe3333au was quietly working on yet another attempt to open dialogue with our neighbors that seemed hell-bent on starting a war.

    Our Growing Military Power:

    A view of our Border with KISS:
  10. General_W

    General_W Councilor & Merlot Noble

    Aug 8, 2005
    Washington State (GMT -8)
    MIA Imperial News

    Turns: 101-110

    101 – Wines for Ivory Deal struck with the Dnuts! Celebration erupts.

    102 – Negotiations with KISS break down… war imminent?

    104 – Town of Pale Dove founded. Hope rekindled for a peace deal with KISS

    107 – TNT and Dnuts both become Republics.

    108 – First Signs of growing KISS-Nuts alliance detected by Foreign Department War Fears are flamed

    108 – Town of Agrili founded

    109 – First Marketplace constructed in Athens! People Rejoice!.. and go on a shopping spree.

    110 – Hopes for peace with KISS rise, Military production slowed, Settler production increased.

    Term 6a Summary:
    The dawn of Term 6 saw the same ministers return to the halls of power. With war on the horizon, the citizens of MIA were apparently in no mood to switch up the leadership.

    If the first half of term 6 were to be summed up in two words… it would be “Roller Coaster” – the ongoing marathon negotiations with KISS had several sharp ups and downs and left many in the MIA halls of power feeling sick to their stomachs. At times, it seemed as if the war would hinge on who MIA was currently speaking with on the KISS negotiation team. However, by the time turn 110 rolled around, several “spit and shake” truces had been enacted, and an eventual agreement seemed inevitable.

    In the darkest hours of the negotiations, an informal poll was conducted to gauge public sentiment on war with KISS. While peace was favored, it was only narrowly ahead of those favoring abandoning the negotiations and going to war. President Chamnix refrained from choosing sides, but the Domestic, Defense, and Foreign Ministers came out in favor of peace… and thus the negotiations continued.

    Internationally, Dnuts appeared to be playing both sides of the fence, striking a trade deal with MIA, but also swapping technology with KISS. MIA and TNT envoys met, and preliminary work began on formalizing an Alliance. However, on the whole, MIA international relations stalled while everyone held their breath and waited to see where the KISS roller coaster would stop… at peace or at war?

    MIA Stats from turn 110:

    MIA Border with KISS, circa 109:
  11. General_W

    General_W Councilor & Merlot Noble

    Aug 8, 2005
    Washington State (GMT -8)
    MIA Imperial News

    Turns: 111-120

    112 – Work begins on the Colossus (in disguise) in Athens!!

    112 – New town of Sparta is founded

    113 – Athens becomes the most cultured city in the world!

    114 – New town of "Mpanana" is founded

    116 – New town of "Abdera" is founded

    117 – Peace deal with KISS negotiated – will last till turn 166! Includes border agreement.

    117 – 2 New towns founded: "Miletus" and "Dismal Swamp"

    118 – Forbidden Palace completed in Virtuoso! Productivity and manufacturing soar!!

    118 – War Breaks out between KISS and TNT – FurBomb abandoned by TNT!

    118 – 2 New towns founded: "Monkey Fodder" and "Psaria Pylos"

    119 – Engineering learned from TNT! (we pay 150 gold now, 40 gold per turn for 5 turns)

    119 – New town of "The Two Rivers" is founded

    120 – KISS's golden age begins

    120 – MIA wisemen discover the secret of Theology! Work begins on Education.

    120 – 2 new towns founded: "Rollah Coasta" and "Tha She Blows"

    Term 6b Summary:
    The closing years of Term 6 brought several major developments that would forever alter the course of MIA history. Peace deals were signed, wars broke out, and economic and settler expansion took off at a dizzying pace.

    One of the largest developments came when the KISS diplomacy roller-coaster finally ended with the signing of a massive 50 year peace deal and border agreement. After many ups and downs and seemingly endless haggling, KISS and MIA finally put their signatures on an agreement that would lock in peace till turn 166 and finally settle the border on the Green Continent. While some MIA warmongers were left disappointed, the final border deal was significantly in MIA's favor, and the combination of peace and a safe border fueled a massive burst of settlement and library building.

    Just 2 short turns after peace with KISS became official, the reason for KISS's willingness to accept a non-advantageous border agreement became clear… when KISS launched a surprise attack on our semi-secret ally – TNT.
    KISS managed to catch TNT with their forces concentrated in the south, and their pants down in the North. Hopes for joint research between MIA and TNT quickly began to go down the drain as TNT abandoned cities and fled before the advancing KISS army.

    However – just 1 turn into the war, MIA began generous gold payment to TNT… that would total 350 gold over 6 turns… this would hopefully help TNT rush the necessary defenses to begin to turn the tide against KISS. TNT showed their appreciation by finally passing along the secret of Engineering.

    As all the international and diplomatic machinations continued at a frantic pace, in the background, the MIA empire was furiously building libraries and settlers at an astounding rate. Science began to soar, support costs were held in check by the growing number of cities, and Athens secretly began work on a massive project to enhance commerce known as "The Colossus." MIA enjoyed the dominant position in total population, land area, (and before the KISS golden age skewed the numbers) in GNP, Mfg. Goods, and Productivity.

    As the sun set on term 6, the sun was just rising on the MIA empire…

    MIA Core (turn 120):

    MIA border deal with KISS (and our settlement plan):

    MIA Stats before KISS's golden age (turn 119)
  12. General_W

    General_W Councilor & Merlot Noble

    Aug 8, 2005
    Washington State (GMT -8)
    MIA Imperial News

    Turns: 121-130

    122 – Colossus Completed in Athens!!

    123 – Two new towns founded – "Rhodes" and "Phi Beta Kappa"

    124 – Furs for Gems trade with TNT is completed. People rejoice

    124 – 5th and final payment of 40 Gold made to TNT – to help war effort against KISS

    125 – MIA takes the lead in Victory points!

    126 – Education Discovered! Work begins on Universities

    126 – First KISS town is settled on the Battle Island

    126 – New town of "Kurtz" Founded in our northern jungle.

    127 – Athens completes world's first University!

    129 – Town of "Ivory Tower" founded.

    130 – First Knight rolls off the production line

    130 – New town of "Olympus Camp" founded by our North-Eastern Mountain

    Term 7a Summary:
    The beginning of term 7 saw the completion of the Colossus in Athens, the first signs of the dismantling of the TNT Iron Republic, and disturbing signs of cooperation between KISS and the Doughnuts.

    Internationally, the biggest development was KISS's continued invasion and settlement of 2 towns right next to TNT on the Battle Island. MIA threw 200 gold at TNT to help them rush defenses and to drain KISS's resources fighting overseas. Fierce negotiations began with the Dntus, to try to persuade them to stay out of the KISS-TNT fight – to allow TNT to do maximum damage to KISS. The situation began to spin out of control as the Nuts and KISS signed tech-swap agreements and traded workers… making it apparent that the world was aligning into KISS/Nuts vs. MIA/TNT – an ugly prospect given that even with our help, TNT looked destined to do poorly against the mighty KISS armies. TNT urged MIA to launch a preemptive attack on the Dnuts, but MIA resisted, frantically trying to keep our options open so that we didn't end up on the losing end of a KISS/Nuts vs. MIA world war.

    On the domestic front – MIA continued to found towns and build workers at a hectic pace. Our economic lead continued to expand at a prodigious rate, Science and Economy soared, Athens became an amazing powerhouse – leveraging the +1 commerce bonus from the Colossus on each tile with its library, market, and university. MIA finally passed KISS to obtain the lead in Victory points – but in the shadows of all these Domestic advancements the first rumblings of the MIA military began to be built.

    The Colossus in Athens:

    Athens with University and Colossus:

    Palace Expanded:

    Settlement Plan (version 2.5) initiated on turn 129:

    KISS on the Battle Isle:
  13. General_W

    General_W Councilor & Merlot Noble

    Aug 8, 2005
    Washington State (GMT -8)
    MIA Imperial News

    Turns: 131-140

    131 – Banking Discovered!

    132 – New town of "Deep Vault" Founded.

    133 – KISS and Nuts still trading technology and luxuries

    134 – "Sunshine Spa" Founded in desert region

    135 – WAR! Dnuts attack TNT and seize TNT's gems town.

    135 – Invention Discovered!

    135 – "Dadia Refuge" town founded in North-Western jungle.

    136 – MIA diplomats scramble to work out a new deal with Dnuts.

    136 – New town established on the border with KISS – "Northern Easel"

    136 - Settler and Landing Party sets sail for the Battle Isle

    137 – Town of "Old Lagoon" founded in cleared marsh area.

    138 – "Shadow Mt." founded in the foothills of our North-Eastern mountain.

    138 – Greek Settler, "Ambassador" lands on the Battle Island.

    139 – TNT loses first major town… Grenadopolis destroyed by KISS.

    139 – Astronomy Discovered!

    139 – Town of "Tree House" established

    140 – KISS golden age comes to end!

    140 – MIA diplomats still struggling to reach an agreement with the Dnuts on an alliance against KISS.

    Term 7b Summary:
    The most dramatic occurrence at the end of term 7 was the entrance of the Doughnut Empire into war against TNT. In the first major setback for the MIA diplomacy department, the Dnuts could not be persuaded to stay out of the KISS-TNT war. With the entrance of Doughnutia into the war, TNT's doom is all but assured. Dnuts began to quickly gobble up the lightly defended southern TNT towns while KISS continued to rampage through TNT's northern towns.
    The nightmare scenario of a KISS/Nuts alliance against MIA after the demolition of TNT began to keep MIA ministers awake at night.

    Determined to prevent this from happening, MIA kicked into full diplomacy mode to persuade the Nutters to cast their lot in with MIA against the KISS threat. Dnuts were continually slow and slippery in their responses, and as term 7 closed out, there was hope for a deal with the Dnuts, but nothing concrete.

    Domestically, MIA founded a record numbers of towns, discovered 3 technologies at the rate of 1 every 4 turns, and expanded our worker army up to an amazing 73 workers (just over 1.6 workers per town!) all with no signs of slowing down. More Knight Factories (towns dedicated to producing Knights) came online, and MIA began to build it's muscle for the coming war – hopefully just against KISS, but against the Dnuts if necessary.

    Original Battle Island Settlement Plan:

    The Dismantling of TNT:
    (KISS razing in the North, Dnut captures in the South)

    MIA filling up the last of our land… and worker army improving almost every tile:
  14. General_W

    General_W Councilor & Merlot Noble

    Aug 8, 2005
    Washington State (GMT -8)
    MIA Imperial News

    Turns: 141-150

    141 – Secret of Gunpowder learned from Dnuts! We have saltpeter! (Traded them Astronomy)

    141 – TNT continues to lose towns at a rapid rate

    142 – " Eureka Stockade" founded on the Battle Island!

    143 – World stunned as Dnuts complete the Pyramids!

    143 – Town of "Gathering Storm" is founded.

    143 – Pre-build for Newton's University starts in Athens.

    144 - "United Against the Storm" peace and trading agreement signed with the Doughnuts.

    145 – First Embassy established with TNT – used to spy for Dnuts :evil: and make tidy profit for the Foreign Ministry.

    145 – We discover Chemistry! (Trade it to the Dnuts for 720 gold!)

    145 – New town of "Swamp Sheppard" is founded.

    148 – Dnuts give us gems- Get a Great Leader from battles with TNT.

    148 – Knight factories (and KISS losses to TNT) finally bring us to "Average" in strength to KISS

    149 – We discover the secret of Physics!

    150 – Dnuts now control the most land in the world. (25% to MIA's 24%)

    Term 8a Summary:
    The MIA Foreign Ministry came roaring back into top form with the negotiation of an enormous deal with the Dnuts that should lock KISS out into the cold on tech trading and alliance building for next major stage of the game. MIA immediately benefits by trading for Gunpowder, Gems, and 720 gold… with more trades and gold in the works.
    TNT is on their very last leg, and it's obvious it's only a matter of time. Betting begins in the Athens gambling halls on how many years TNT has left.

    Domestically, MIA is now secured in her position as undisputed technology leader, and is practically guaranteed to enter the Industrial Age many years before our nearest rival and certainly before our treaty with KISS expires. Plotting begins for when, how, and with what to destroy KISS once our peace treaty ends.

    Page 1 & 3 of the Landmark Deal with the Dnuts:

    Farewell to TNT: :sad: down to 3 towns on turn 150:

    Snapshot of MIA internal numbers on turn 149:
  15. General_W

    General_W Councilor & Merlot Noble

    Aug 8, 2005
    Washington State (GMT -8)
    MIA Imperial News

    Turns: 151-160

    152 – Banking sold to Dnuts for 1,400 gold

    153 – Secret of Magnetism is unlocked

    154 – Final town settled on our continent. Named, "Manifest Destiny" - Settlement plan initiated on turn 129 is completed. MIA now has 50 towns and cities.

    156 – Knowledge of Metallurgy received from Dnuts. Sent them Physics in trade.

    156 – MIA sailors discover the "Holy RM" !

    157 – MIA formulates the Theory of Gravity and becomes the first Civ to enter the Industrial Age!

    157 – Burst of extra scientific activity bestows knowledge of Medicine – many upset it wasn't something "more useful"

    157 – Betrayal and Backstabbing of the Dnuts becomes clear! (Violating our treaty by trading technology with KISS)

    158 – MIA is now LAST in land area, due to rapid KISS and Nut expansion.

    159 – KISS builds Leonardo's Workshop!

    159 – MIA now has 100 workers!!

    160 – Our growing "Future Cavalry" army reaches 28 Knights and 4 horsemen.

    Term 8b Summary:
    Internationally, the close of term 8 was remarkable for the wild swing in our relationship with the Dnuts. Initially, all was proceeding beautifully, and we were trading technology and money and both sides were prospering nicely.

    Then everything went sideways when our keen International Observers noticed our technology was finding it's way into the hands of the KISS. Even though this was a blatant shredding of our treaty (so newly signed, the ink was barley dry) – we couldn't prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that KISS didn't just steal the technology – and besides, as MIA was on the cusp of war with KISS, we really didn't need a second front. After brief and impassioned debate about attacking the backstabber Dnuts instead of KISS, cooler heads prevailed and the decision was made to ignore the treachery of the Nuts and proceed with war planning against KISS.

    Domestically, it was a time of completion and transition. Our landmark settlement plan to fully utilize every available tile (final draft completed on turn 129) was successfully completed… and the total number of MIA towns and cities came to rest at the nice round number of 50.
    Also, we reached, and then passed, our longtime goal of having 2 workers for every town… when we completed our 100th worker! Shortly after that, the Domestic Ministry was pleased to announce that EVERY tile that could be improved, was now fully improved.
    But despite all this massive domestic growth, behind the scenes, MIA was rapidly militarizing in preparation for the ending of our 1,000 monkeys treaty with KISS on turn 167. Only 1 new civilian build was ordered, and as civilian builds in-progress completed, they were almost universally turned into military builds. The close of term 8 saw MIA begin to beat her plowshares into swords.

    View of the Holy RM: A sign of RIK's favor on MIA?

    We enter the Industrial Age:

    The completed MIA settlement and improvement of our Land:
  16. General_W

    General_W Councilor & Merlot Noble

    Aug 8, 2005
    Washington State (GMT -8)
    MIA Imperial News

    Turns: 161-170

    161 – TNT treasury evacuated to Athens for safekeeping. (44 gold)

    162 – We discover Steam Power! Mass Rail-Roading begins

    162 – Treachery of the Dnuts continues, MIA forced to research Military Tradition on our own.

    163 – Newtown's University Opens in Athens! Golden Age Begins!

    163 – Farewell to TNT. Many refuges welcomed into MIA citizenship.

    165 – Core Rail Network is completed. All major, border, and coastal towns on line. No land is more than 2 tiles from a rail!

    166 – Scientists announce discovery of Military Tradition!

    166 – Upgrade Knights and Horsemen to Cavalry – Army now contains 45 Cavalry and 10 cannons! We are now "Strong" compared to all nations.

    167 – WAR declared on KISS

    167 – President Chamnix hailed as war hero! Initial attack proclaimed "Wildly Successful!"

    168 – Leonardo's Workshop Captured by conquering MIA forces.

    168 – KISS totally expunged from the Green Continent. MIA declares Victory!

    169 – Massive settlement program begins to fill in KISS lands. Largest KISS cities depopulated for resettlement in new locations – intermittent riots put down by Military garrisons.

    170 – We discover Nationalism!

    Term 9a Summary:
    The beginning of term 9 finally witnessed the climactic war between KISS and MIA that has been building since KISS discovered Republic and canceled our peace deal on turn 84.

    MIA's fierce diplomacy, international machinations, and relentless avoidance of war and focus on domestic buildup finally came to an end. In a perfectly executed synergy of events, MIA acquired Steam Power, used it's 100+ workers to almost instantly rail every strategic tile, Completed Newton's University boosting science and sparking a Golden Age, upgraded and built a massive force of 45+ Cavalry and 10+cannons, and then blitzed into the soft underbelly of KISS as part of their forces were deployed overseas.
    The war went spectacularly better than anyone expected. The combination of workers laying rails deep into KISS territory and 3 move Cavalry forces was more than the outnumbered and outclassed KISS units could hope to stop. With remarkably minimal casualties, MIA swept KISS off the Green continent in just 2 turns, and even secured Leonardo's Workshop before KISS could burn it to the ground.

    Even as the war was ending, MIA was already switching back into a heavy domestic development focus. The powerhouse of Athens (now pouring out an unbelievable number of beakers due to the sweet combo of a palace, Colossus, library, University, and Newton's University) began work on another science wonder (Copernicus) and a new settlement plan was developed to ICS the whole of KISS lands and produce a massive specialist farm network to continue to power MIA ahead in technology.

    With the KISS menace effectively finished – eyes now turned to the rapidly growing and expanding Dnut empire that offered shelter to the refugee KISS nation on the Battle Island.

    Secure on our fortress continent, MIA began to lay plans for the final invasion and destruction of those that stand between MIA and the final glory of total world domination.

    Newton's University Opens in Athens

    The Devastated KISS lands after MIA's opening move of the war:

    The Capture of Simpleton… and Leo's Workshop:

    The Settlement Plan for former KISS lands:

    Turn 170 Power Curve:

    The News:

    Battle Log for turn 1 of the War:
    Spoiler Complete Battle Log sent to KISS :

    Battle of Senilityville:

    3/4 cav (after cannon hit) vs. 4/4 musket -> 4/4 musket, cav dead.
    ¾ cav (after cannon hit) vs. 4/4 musket -> 3/5 musket, cav dead.
    4/4 cav (cannon missed) vs. 4/4 musket -> 2/4 musket, ¼ cav.
    3/4 cav (after longbow hit) vs. 3/5 musket->2/5 musket, ¼ cav.
    4/4 cav (longbow missed) vs. 4/4 cav ->4/4 MIA cav, KISS cav dead.
    4/4 cav vs. 4/4 cav ->2/4 MIA cav, KISS cav dead.
    4/4 cav vs. 4/4 cav-> 2/4 MIA cav, KISS cav dead.
    4/4 cav vs. 4/4 cav->2/4 MIA cav, KISS cav dead.
    4/4 cav vs. 4/4 cav -> ¾ KISS cav, MIA cav dead.
    4/4 cav vs. 4/4 cav ->3/4 MIA cav, KISS cav dead.
    4/4 cav vs. ¾ cav-> 2/5 KISS cav, MIA cav dead.
    4/4 cav vs. 2/4 musket-> 3/5 cav, musket dead.
    4/4 cav vs. 2/5 musket-> 2/4 cav, musket dead.
    4/4 cav vs. 4/4 MDI->3/4 MDI, ¼ cav.
    4/4 cav vs. 4/4 MDI->2/4 MDI, ¼ cav.
    4/4 cav vs. 4/4 MDI ->2/4 MDI, ¼ cav.
    4/4 cav vs. 4/4 MDI->4/4 cav, MDI dead.
    4/4 cav vs. ¾ MDI->4/4 cav, MDI dead.
    4/4 cav vs. 2/5 cav -> 1/5 KISS cav, MIA cav dead.
    4/4 cav vs. 2/4 MDI -> ¾ cav, MDI dead.
    4/4 cav vs. 2/4 MDI -> 4/4 cav, MDI dead.
    4/4 cav vs. 4/4 longbow -> ¼ longbow, cav dead.
    4/4 cav vs. 4/4 longbow->4/4 longbow, ¼ cav
    4/4 cav vs. 4/4 longbow->3/4 cav, longbow dead.
    4/4 cav vs. 1/5 cav -> ¾ MIA cav, KISS cav dead.
    5/5 knight vs. ¼ longbow -> 5/5 knight, longbow dead.

    MIA captures Senilityville with 3 cannons and liberates 16 gold.

    Battle of Swampland:

    Cool cannon bombs Swampland – miss.
    Cool cannon bombs Swampland – miss.
    Cool cannon bombs Swampland – destroys the walls of Swampland!
    Cannon bombs Swampland – 4/4 musket to ¾.
    Cannon bombs Swampland – ¾ musket to 2/4.
    Cannon bombs Swampland – 2/4 musket to ¼.
    4/4 MDI vs. ¼ musket -> 4/4 MDI, musket dead.

    MIA capture Swampland and liberates 16 gold.

    Battle of Fortress of Stupidity:

    4/4 cavalry vs. 4/4 cavalry -> KISS cav ¾, MIA cav dead.
    4/4 cav vs. ¾ cav -> MIA cav ¾, KISS cav dead.

    MIA captures the Fortress of Stupidity and liberates 17 gold.

    “Battle” of Cretinograph:

    4/4 cavalry walks into the undefended town of Cretinograph and liberates 25 gold.

    “Battle” of Village D’Idiota:

    4/4 cavalry walks into the undefended town of Village D’Idiota and liberates 26 gold.

    Battle of Cypress Creek:

    4/4 cav vs. 4/4 musket -> ¾ musket, cav dead.
    4/4 cav vs. ¾ musket -> ¼ cav, musket dead.

    MIA captures Cypress Creek and liberates 17 gold.

    4/4 cav captures worker Scruffy and another worker SW of Cypress Creek.
    4/4 cav destroys the saltpeter colony.
    4/4 cav captures a settler gaining 2 slaves.

    Battle of Wilde Side:

    3/4 cav (after cannon hits) vs. 4/4 musket -> ¾ musket, cav dead.
    4/4 cav vs. ¾ musket -> ¾ cav, musket dead.

    MIA captures Wilde Side with 1 cannon and liberates 17 gold.

    Battle for the barricade N-NW of Senilityville:

    2/3 MDI (after cannon hits) vs. 4/4 musket -> 4/4 musket, MDI dead.
    3/3 MDI vs. 4/4 musket -> 3/5 musket, MDI dead.
    3/3 MDI vs. 3/5 musket -> 1/5 musket, MDI dead.
    4/4 MDI vs. 4/4 cavalry -> 2/4 cavalry, MDI dead.
    4/4 MDI vs. 4/4 cavalry -> 4/4 MDI, ¼ cavalry.
    4/4 MDI vs. 2/4 cavalry -> 2/4 MDI, ¼ cavalry.
    4/4 MDI vs. 1/5 musket -> ¾ MDI, musket dead.

    MIA captures 1 cannon.

    Cool cannon destroys the barricade.

    On tile north of the former barricade:

    4/4 MDI vs. ¼ cavalry -> 2/5 cavalry, MDI dead.
    4/4 MDI vs. 2/5 cavalry -> 2/5 cavalry, MDI dead.
    4/4 Cavalry vs. 2/5 cavalry -> 4/4 MIA cav, KISS cav dead.
    4/4 cavalry vs. ¼ cavalry -> 3/5 MIA cav, KISS cav dead.

    “Battle” of Dunderhead:

    4/4 cav walks into the undefended town of Dunderhead and liberates 27 gold.

    Battle of DuMass:

    4/4 cav vs. 4/4 cav -> ¼ KISS cav, MIA cav dead.
    4/4 cav vs. 4/4 cav -> 4/4 MIA cav, KISS cav dead.
    4/4 cav vs. ¼ cav -> 4/4 MIA cav, KISS cav dead.

    MIA captures DuMass and liberates some amount of gold (forgot to write it down before closing that box).

    “Battle” of Jungle Boogie:

    4/4 cav walks into the undefended town of Jungle Boogie liberating 18 gold and autorazing it.

    4/4 cav captures a worker SW of Fortress of Stupidity.

    On mountain S of Senilityville:

    Cannon bombs pikeman ->3/4
    Cannon bombs pikeman ->miss
    Cannon bombs pikeman -> miss
    Cannon bombs pikeman -> 2/4
    Cannon bombs pikeman -> miss
    Cannon bombs pikeman ->1/4
    Cannon bombs at fortress and misses.
    4/4 cav vs. ¼ pikeman -> 4/4 cav, pikeman dead.

    5 workers captured.

    Battle Log for turn 2 of the War:
    Spoiler Battle Log sent to KISS :

    Near Eureka Stronghold:

    4/4 MDI vs. 4/4 GS -> 4/4 MDI, ¼ GS.

    “Battle” of Dresden

    ¼ cavalry walks into the unguarded town of Dresden liberating 11 gold.

    “Battle” of Gilfach

    ¼ cavalry walks into the unguarded town of Dresden liberating 17 gold.

    “Battle” of SKWTD

    ¼ cavalry walks into the unguarded town of SKWTD liberating 17 gold.

    “Battle” of Dionysus

    ¼ cavalry walks into the unguarded town of Dionysus liberating 12 gold.

    “Battle” of Stoogeville

    ¼ cavalry walks into the unguarded town of Stoogeville liberating 17 gold.

    “Battle” of Paradise Hotel

    ¼ cavalry walks into the unguarded town of Paradise Hotel liberating 12 gold.

    “Battle” of Knucklehead

    ¼ cavalry walks into the unguarded town of Knucklehead liberating 18 gold.

    “Battle” of Frozen Lake

    2/4 cavalry walks into the unguarded town of Knucklehead liberating 18 gold.

    “Battle” of Devil’s Soul

    2/4 cavalry walks into the unguarded town of Knucklehead liberating 18 gold.

    “Battle” of Jesterton

    2/4 cavalry walks into the unguarded town of Knucklehead liberating 19 gold.

    “Battle” of Simpleton

    2/4 cavalry walks into the unguarded town of Simpleton liberating 19 gold, 1 cannon, and Leo’s Workshop.

    Battle of Polecat

    ¼ Cavalry captures cannon NE of Polecat.
    Cannon fires at pikeman in Polecat – misses.
    3/4 cavalry (after cannon hits) vs. 4/4 pikeman -> 2/4 cav, pikeman dead.
    ¾ cavalry (after cannon hits) vs. 4/4 longbow -> ¾ cav, longbow dead.
    4/4 cavalry vs. 4/4 longbow -> 4/4 cav, longbow dead.

    We capture Polecat and liberate 19 gold and 2 cannons.

    Battle of Ignoramus

    4/4 cavalry vs. 4/4 musket -> 4/4 musket, ¼ cavalry.
    4/4 cavalry vs. 4/4 musket -> 3/5 cavalry, musket dead.

    We capture Ignoramus and liberate 20 gold.

    “Battle” of Crackhead

    ¾ cavalry walks into the undefended town of Crackhead liberating 20 gold.

    Battle of Nincompoopicity

    4/4 cavalry vs. 4/4 pikeman -> 4/4 pikeman, ¼ cavalry
    4/4 cavalry vs. 4/4 pikeman ->1/4 cavalry, pikeman dead.

    We capture Nincompoopicity and 14 gold.

    Battle of Apefish

    4/4 cav vs. 4/4 cav -> MIA cav 2/4, KISS cav dead.

    We capture Apefish and 14 gold.

    On the forest E of Effing Whomping Rower:

    Cool cannons bomb longbow – miss, hit, miss, miss.
    MIA cannons bomb longbow – hit, hit.
    4/5 knight (after cannon hits) vs. ¼ longbow -> 4/5 knight, longbow dead.

    Battle for Effing Whomping Rower.

    Cool cannon fires at EWR – destroys walls.
    4/4 cavalry vs. 4/4 musket -> ¾ musket, ¼ cavalry.
    4/4 cavalry vs. ¾ musket -> ¼ cavalry, musket dead.
    4/4 cavalry vs. 4/4 cavalry -> 2/4 MIA cavalry, KISS cavalry dead.
    4/4 cavalry vs. ¾ cavalry ->4/4 MIA cavalry, KISS cavalry dead.

    We capture Effing Whomping Rower with 15 gold.

    Mountain SE of Effing Whomping Rower:

    Cannons bomb 4/4 pikeman – hit, miss, miss, miss, hit, miss, miss, miss, hit.

    N of SKWTD:

    Cannons bomb 4/4 musket – miss, hit, miss, hit.
    KISS cannon hits.

    Back to mountain SE of Effing Whomping Rower:

    4/4 MDI vs. ¼ pikeman ->4/4 MDI, pikeman dead, 2 workers captured.

    Back to N of SKWTD:

    4/4 MDI vs. ¼ musket ->2/4 MDI, musket dead.

    2/4 MDI captures worker 3N of Senilityville.
    ¾ MDI captures 3 workers NW of SKWTD.
    4/4 hoplite captures 3 workers N of Dresden.
    4/4 hoplite captures worker N-NE of SKWTD.
    4/4 hoplite captures worker E-SE of SKWTD.
    4/4 hoplite captures worker W-SW of Polecat.
    ¼ cavalry emancipates a TNT slave and captures a worker W-W of Nincompoopicity.
    ¼ cavalry captures 2 workers W of Nincompoopicity.
    ¼ cavalry captures worker SW of Nincompoopicity.
    ¾ cavalry captures 4 cannons SE of Dionysus and a worker NW of Apefish.
    4/4 hoplite captures a worker S of the former Cyprus Creek.

    Tile W of Crackhead:

    Cool cannons fire at 4/4 MDI – hit, hit.
    3/4 cavalry (after cannon hits) vs. 2/4 MDI -> ¾ cavalry, MDI dead, 3 cannons captured.

    SE of Polecat:

    Cool cannons fire at 4/4 MDI – hit, hit, hit.
    3/5 cav vs. ¼ MDI -> 2/5 cav, MDI dead.

    3/5 cav captures workers SW and NE of Stoogeville.
    4/4 cav captures 2 workers W of Paradise Hotel.
    4/4 cav capture workers N and N-N of Knucklehead.

    On the former DuMass:

    4/4 cav vs. 4/4 MDI -> 2/4 cav, MDI dead.

    4/4 cav captures 3 workers NE-NE of Polecat and 1 NE-N of Polecat.

    Captured a worker E-NE of Apefish.
  17. General_W

    General_W Councilor & Merlot Noble

    Aug 8, 2005
    Washington State (GMT -8)
    MIA Imperial News

    Turns: 171-180

    171 – KISS Government Collapses into Anarchy

    173 – MIA now has over 100 towns!

    173 – Pirates begin to threaten MIA shipping

    174 – MIA truly industrializes with the discover of Industrialism

    175 – First MIA factory completes in Meleagerville

    175 – Dnuts open spying agency in Athens – disguised as an embassy. Panic begins

    176 – Dnut Spy Shop closed – "War" declared.

    178 – Copernicus' Observatory completed in Athens! Science soars!

    178 – A Bright Idea! MIA discovers Electricity!

    179 – First case of pollution strikes – cleaned up immediately.

    180 – End of an Era as longtime President Chamnix retires.

    Term 9b Summary:
    Term 9 ended pretty quietly with only minor skirmishes around MIA's outpost on the Battle Island – Eureka Stockade.

    KISS units made several attempts to wipe out our lone city on the Battle Island (with ROP help from the Dnuts) but we beat them back both times. KISS withdrew, doubtless to gather enough strength to smash the tiny outpost – but for now, the Dnuts and the KISS must endure the shame of having a greek city on their land with nothing they can do about it.

    Technology continued to advance at top speed, with Industrialism and Electricity pushing MIA's industrial capacity ever higher. Science got a further boost with the completion of Copernicus' Observatory… the combo of Colossus, Newton U, and Copernicus allows the glorious capital of Athens to churn out 136 beakers per turn at just 50% science!

    Just when the MIA diplomacy corp thought they had nothing left to do, tensions flared when the Doughnuts opened an embassy in Athens. This was a very thinly veiled way to begin spying out MIA strength, and as many believed, a prelude to stealing MIA technology as way to catch-up from their hopelessly behind position. When MIA used the Nut embassy to counter-spy, we discovered them running 100% economy – which only made sense if they were giving up on researching and planning a steal attempt. Since MIA was free of any treaty obligations to the Nuts, WAR was declared, as it was the only way to shut down the embassy. This promoted a lot of hand-wringing in the UN, but ultimately the validity of our move was upheld.

    Term 9 ended on a bittersweet note with the retirement of President Chamnix, after serving a record 6 terms and guiding the Empire of MIA through her most difficult hours.

    173 – Pirates!

    178 – Copernicus' Observatory

    180 – Core

    180 – All MIA Towns
  18. General_W

    General_W Councilor & Merlot Noble

    Aug 8, 2005
    Washington State (GMT -8)
    MIA Imperial News

    Turns: 181-190

    181 – Pitched Naval battles – MIA wins some, loses some…

    181 – Battle Island outpost of "Eureka Stockade" is abandoned to prevent it from falling into enemy hands.

    182 – Pirates set research of Scientific Method back 1 turn! :mad:

    183 – Scientists learn the secret of Scientific Method – finally learn what they're doing!

    183 – Analysts say MIA's Golden age is now at an end. :sad:

    186 – General_W wing added to Presidential Palace… it's nearly complete now.

    187 – Economists rejoice over discover of the Corporation

    187 – Military Advisors warn that the Dnut military has grown to Average with us!

    189 – Last MIA town is settled on the Green Continent – christened "Final Glory" – MIA now has 119 cities.

    Term 10a Summary:
    Term 10 got off to a quiet start. General_W returned to the President's office after a 6 term absence to find the job of managing MIA had become a massive undertaking. MIA was now in control of 137 workers and 59 slaves – who were quickly seeing to the total improvement of all MIA land.

    The most notable occurrence during the first half of Term 10 was the constant battles with the KISS and Dnut funded pirates that constantly raided our coastlines. In a spectacular victory for the Pirates, they set back our 4 turn research pattern by 1 turn! This was accomplished by forcing a citizen off a fish tile with a pirate. MIA vows to never again allow their beaker totals to cut it so close as to fall victim to missing a technology by 2 beakers. It turns out not to be the end of the world as MIA rakes in a ton of cash on the next turn by turning science down to 0% and just keeping a couple scientists at work.

    MIA also completed stuffing new cities on every available space in the conquered KISS lands, and the Empire's domination is complete over the Green Continent. Everything is breaking MIA's way… but a big surprise was just around the corner…

    186 – Nearly Completed Palace

    187 – MIA Core
  19. General_W

    General_W Councilor & Merlot Noble

    Aug 8, 2005
    Washington State (GMT -8)
    MIA Imperial News

    Turns: 191-200

    191 – MIA formulates the Theory of Evolution! Science explodes with the discovery of Replaceable Parts, Refining, & Steel!

    191 – Dnuts complete Sun Tzu's Art of War

    191 – Dnuts land invasion force of 40 units on MIA land near Rhodes – MIA repositions military, essentially ignores them.

    192 – Dnuts Advance on Ithaca, MIA bombs them with Artillery for 32 hit points.

    193 – Dnuts Massive attack on Ithaca is repulsed! Dnuts lose 21 Infantry! MIA's losses total 19 units.

    193 – Dnuts send reinforcements for the Invasion – Stack now has 30 Infantry, 24 Cavalry, 6 bombard units, and 4 misc.

    193 – MIA counter-attack kills 21 Infantry, 13 Cavalry, and 1 guerrilla with only 19 MIA Cavalry lost.

    193 – First bit of War Weariness strikes MIA – Luxury spending increased to 20%

    194 – Dnuts limp away with their few surviving injured units.

    194 – Army of 206 workers has now cleared ALL swampland from MIA's continent.

    195 – MIA discovers secret of Combustion!

    196 – MIA starts major forestry operations to chop Bombers (pre-builds)

    199 – MIA takes to the skies! Scientists discover the secret of Flight! Work begins on the Omega Bomber Fleet.

    Term 10b Summary:
    The last half of Term 10 started with a Bang!
    On turn 191, MIA discovered the secret of Replaceable Parts, and on the same turn completed the Theory of Evolution and picked Refining and Steel as our free techs. Our already enormous technology lead became nearly insurmountable.

    But that wasn't the only big news on turn 191 – The Dnuts also launched a massive invasion on MIA's continent. Our military strategists calculated that we were facing nearly the entire Dnut army. We pounded them relentlessly with our Artillery as they moved next to our Coastal town of Ithaca. When their attack finally came on turn 193, it was a bloodbath for both sides, with the Dnuts losing 21 units to MIA's 19.
    But unfortunately for the Dnuts, MIA was waiting with 60+ Cavalry to finally offer a proper "welcome" to our uninvited visitors.

    MIA's counter-attack on turn 193 was vicious, and we decimated the Dnut stack with a nearly 2-to-1 Killing ratio. The Dnuts lost 35 units (and the rest were wounded) at the cost of just 19 MIA cavalry.

    The surviving Dnuts units limped home to the Battle Island… to dig in and prepare for the inevitable future invasion of their land.

    MIA meanwhile, began crafting plans for just such an invasion… but unlike the Dnuts, our first wave of attackers wouldn't come from the sea, but from the Air.
    Bomber pre-builds were started in all available MIA towns and our massive 200+ worker army began planting and chopping forests to boost shields into those towns. By the time Flight was discovered on turn 199, MIA was well on it's way to producing the "Omega Bomber Squadron" – the giant hammer MIA would use to pound the final nails in the coffins of our enemies.

    191 – Dnuts Invade!

    192 – Turn 2 of the Invasion

    196 – Mass Chopping Operations in the Northwest

    199 – Flight

    200 – Core
  20. General_W

    General_W Councilor & Merlot Noble

    Aug 8, 2005
    Washington State (GMT -8)
    MIA Imperial News

    Turns: 201-208

    201 – First kill with a Bomber – Dnut Galleon sent to the bottom.

    202 – Round-the-clock bombing of KISS and Dnut cities and units begins.

    203 – Mass Production Discovered.

    206 – MIA tests cleaning out a whole city with Bombers – Success! Invasion plans proceed.

    207 – Amphibious Warfare Discovered. Marines rush completed.

    208 – Omega Turn. Kiss eliminated. Dnuts Eviscerated.

    208 - MIA now Controls 94% of World Population and 85% of the world Land = Victory!

    Term Omega Summary:
    Well – this term was short and very very sweet.
    Chamnix returned to power as President after the brief caretaker government of General_W gladly stepped aside. Chamnix ran the last few turns with only minimal input as the plan was pretty well decided. All that was left was to execute the final stage… something Chamnix had proved himself more than capable of doing.

    MIA maximized gold production while picking up Mass Production and then Amphibious Warfare. With all the specialist farms (former KISS towns) MIA was able to get these last techs at 20% and 10% science, respectively. All the gold we accumulated went straight into amassing an enormous fleet of bombers that relentlessly pounded KISS and the Dnuts.

    Then, on turn 208, Bombers emptied a coastal town from each of our enemies, a Marine captured it, then we unloaded our hoards of Cavalry into these towns and used the Nut and KISS rail networks against them… capturing every KISS town and almost every Dnut town.
    MIA blew past the 66% land requirements and achieved a resounding victory at 94% world population and 85% world land area.

    MIA is now, truly, the Eternal Empire – standing astride the world like the Colossus stands over Athens harbor.

    207 – Map pre-invasion

    208 – Final Map via Military Advisor

    208 – Final Victory Screen

    Defeated Rivals:

    If you'd like - you can catch a video summary of this whole thread here:

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