Missile Cruiser Question


Oct 20, 2007
Ok, help an idiot out here :D Missile Crusiers can carry 4 missiles. Which missiles are we talking about here? Guided? Tactical Nukes? ICBMs? Im under the impression it would be Guided Missiles. Would seem to make sense. Maybe not. But the bigger question is: _HOW_?? do you arm them on the MC's??? I figured it would be just like rebasing aircraft or tactical nukes (or guided missiles for that matter) to your other cities, or like rebasing aircraft to aircraft carriers--make a carrier, send a plane to rebase on it, and thats it. Doesnt seem to be that way with Missile Cruisers. Anyone else having this problem? Anyone able to provide some advice? The manual and civliopedia arent much help. Sorry if this has already been discussed. Thanks in advance. :goodjob:
You have to load them like ground units in a city...put the ship in the city, select the Missiles you want to load and then hit the 'load' button.
Uncle_Joe is right!, and about the type of missiles you can load on a Cruiser (or a submarine), in 3.13 both (tactical nukes and conventional) are allowed.

I like to name my Nuclear subs with an additional "SSBN" (besides their name), and I allways keep one of these SSBNs on the North and South poles.
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