MRG's Random Game of Randomness

Sounds good to me as well. Sorry for late reply. School is busy (both as a teacher and student) and I had covid last week so had a lot of catching up to do.
Preflight: Sell ivory to Korea for 473g and to Egypt for 238g and 5gpt. What did we do to make Egypt furious, btw?
Buy silks from America for Steel.
Sumeria is willing to pay 64g and 6gpt for a RoP. Nice to have someone polite towards us.
Sell Egypt Electronics for 15gpt.

We can now set lux to 10%. I join 1-2 handful workers to cities. At 80% science we now make -166gpt and finish Mass Production in 4 turns.

I cancel the RoP with Portugal. They have a few units in our territory, but unfortunately I cannot say "leave or declare" this turn, they are furious and would probably declare... But with the furs soon to be retaken, we will be at 0% lux anyway, so no need for their WH.

I declare war! Shell the two Infs and one Rifle in our territory and then attack them with 5 Guerillas. 3-2
Shell Zamora. It is protected by a Rifle and two Muskets. Taken with 3 Cavs at no losses, we spawn another MGL who forms another Army. Leave it empty for now. If we really need it, I can fill it with Cavs, otherwise I wait till we have Tanks.

I now sign Egypt up against Portugal for Combustion (we also get Fascism in that deal), and America for horses. Sumeria is willing to join for 163g. Not that they will do much, but at least they won't join the other side. So everyone is now at war with Portugal!

Two Cav Armies take New Karakorum, 8-2. Unfortunately not yet connected. I move two more Cav Armies and a few dozen Cavs to NK, so we can perhaps take the harbour in S~ao Mamede next turn. But it's protected by an Inf.

The remaining Artillery shells the stack near New Hovd. It's more than enough to redline everyone, so I decide to attack with Guerillas, killing 2 Inf, 6 Rifles, a musket and a Longbow at no losses. 18-2.

Our Inf Army is on its way to pillage the rubber by Rio Janeiro.

Switch most of the builds in Spain to Workers and Settlers.

For some reason, I can now reduce lux to 0%?!? Why? Did we still have WH from Portugal from the past? The furs in New Karakorum are definitely not connected to our trade network yet.

I think, this was the longest pre-flight of my life... :D

T261, 1355AD: We lose the observing LB at Alicante, 18-3. The Portuguese attack our Cav Armie in New Karakorum with an Inf, but it only makes a scratch, 19-3. More fighting going on somewhere, and the Koreans retreat from Alicante?! The way would now be free to take it, but I've moved all Cavs and Armies to NK last turn, and the road to NK will finish only next turn... In any case, I prepare a road to Alicante now, too.

Well, we repeat the game of last turn: our Arties red-line a stack of 10 Infs and Rifles and then our Guerillas defeat them at one loss. 29-4.

Don't attack Sao Mamede this turn, I wait for the Artillery.

T262, 1360AD: The Koreans take Diu and attack Alicante. Alicante now only seems to be protected by a single 2/5 Inf. Good that I can complete roads now: our Artillery is in range to shell Alicante, discovering another 2/4 Inf, a Rifle and a Pike(!). Two Cav Armies defeat the Infs, two LB Armies the other units. 33-4. Alicante is ours, oil can be connected next turn. Three more Infs around Alicante are red-lined and defeated, 36-4.

For some reason, we need to increase lux to 10% this turn, but Mass Production finishes at 60% science, did someone else get it? Yep, Sumer now has it.

T263, 1365AD: MP finished, Motorized Transportation due in 6 turns at 100%. (Can set lux back to 0%, as furs are now connected.) But we will need some foreign funds to cover the deficit... Fortunately I connected a second source of coal, which we can sell to Korea now (could have done that already a turn earlier, but didn't see it and used that last Settler elsewhere...)

Hmm, I could buy MT from Korea for worldmap, furs, coal and 529gpt. That's way overpriced, considering that research would cost around 6000 beakers. But we have a number of cities making > 50spt, which could already produce 2-turn Tanks now instead of wasting their shields on Cavs?! Is that worth ~5400g (the difference to 6000b plus the 1400g we would get for furs and coal)?

First let's do the warfare... Shelling Sao Mamede, Cav Army defeats 3 Infs and takes it. 39-4.

Portugal has an MGL!

Well, not for long... We shell everything, defeat these units and take Lugo. 44-4.

The Inf Army pillages the first Portuguese rubber source.

Stopping now for a discussion: buy Motorized Transportation for around 10.000g and start producing Tanks now, or wait 6-7 turns to research it for ~6000b?


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If you can be reasonably sure that you can take most/all of Portugal with our Cavs and Cav-Armies before Korean Tanks interfere, then I'd say do that, and research Motors ourselves. We won't be in a position to attack Cleo until Henry is done for anyway, right?
Yeah it depends on how fast the Koreans can get tanks to the front. We need their world map so that we can assess how much they've railed. Need Egypt's world map too.

Korea will trade world maps for 6 gold

Egypt will trade world map for our world map.

Ok so trading world maps with those two shows a few places where rails are. Currently there are not enough rails between Korean cities that would allow Korean tanks to be anywhere near Portugal within a few turns. The Egyptians have a rail system between two cities only. Giza and Elphantine.

We can safely research MT ourselves and cause enough damage to Portugal before Korean tanks arrive.
I'd say that Korea's asking a bit too much and we could probably just research it ourselves without slowing down too much.
Yep, that's also what I feel, if I'm honest to myself: it wouldn't be wise to give our direct competitor Korea so much money... But the temptation to get my hands at Tank Armies during my turnset, was just too big... ;)
Ok, so I sell Korea coal and furs for worldmap and 1411g, sell Sumeria furs for 25gpt, set research on MT to 100% (due in 6 turns) and continue.

T264, 1370AD: Pillage second rubber source, ah, no: railway requires two pillages! Darn, hopefully the Cav will still be alive next turn...
Found new Tes and take Luanda, 46-4

Advancing towards Sagres and Rio Janeiro.

T265, 1375AD: Septum flips to Egypt.
Rio Janeiro taken, 48-4.
Another gems connected. Portugal's last rubber pillaged. Two stray units killed, 50-4

T266, 1380AD: a Pirate sails through our waters, a citizen of Ulaanbaatar dies :(
Take Sagres and a few stray units, lose one eGuerilla, spawn another MGL who forms an Army. 56-5.
Dyes are now connected! Sell dyes to Korea for 865g. Gems and ivory to Sumer for 25gpt and 34gpt.

T267, 1385AD: We lose an eGuerilla. I see the first Korean Tanks.
Coimbra, Guimaraes and Guarda captured. We lose 3 Cavs, as Guarda was out of reach of Artillery. 65-8

By hiring lots of scientists, I manage to finish MT next turn.

T268, 1390AD: MT finishes. Science to 0%. Interturn switch all military projects to Tank, the first three finish.
Sell coal to Egypt for 71gpt,

Lisbon captured, 70-8. Take Sao Paulo, 73-9. First three Tanks arrive in Spain and join the Army Ogodai. They have a clean win against an Inf in Evora. Cavs storm the rest of Evora. 76-9
Viseu is also stormed with Cavs, but at high losses. 78-16
Next are Goa, 80-17, and Lourenco, 82-17.

T269, 1395AD: We lose a Cav interturn, 78-17. Four more Tanks arrive in Spain, forming the second Tank Army.
Alcacer do Sal is taken, a few stray units elimintated, 84-17

Moving units and Settlers towards Oporto and Emerita.

T270, 1400AD: Another Tank Army filled. Emerita taken, 88-17, Oporto taken, 93-17, Ourice taken, 95-17, Castelo taken, 98-18.
Units moved in place for the coup-de-grace next turn.

Handover notes: Portugal is down to 4 cities, units and combat Settlers are in place to take all 4 of them next turn. I think we can then immediately continue with the war against Egypt. They only have Rifles, so it should be quicker than against Portugal. Just defend the border to Byzantium a bit and then hit hard from the Portuguese border.
We can fill a 4th Tank Army next turn. (Note that two of them so far only have 3 Tanks, I was a bit short of Tanks... But against red-lined Infs an Rifles, it was more than sufficient. You can fill the 4th Tank into them soon, and also rush the fifth Army, once enough Tanks are produced.)


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@MrRandomGuy, were/are you planning to take the next set?
Gonna be pretty busy until the 17th, so might be better if someone took this one and I'll go next.

From what I can see whoever takes this turnset needs to send a few units to defend old Bayz territory while going after Portugal. We're at the point where we only really need Korea to join us in the Egyptian war. If Egypt signs up the Americans or Sumerians (or both) against us it won't matter too much. Just gotta make sure once they do that we get the Koreans on our side.

We are also at the point where reputation can be broken to speed things up. Before breaking reputation, secure the Korean border with more troops to defend the original core cities.
I can take this set, then. It will probably take me a couple of days to play, but unless there are any specific concerns my aims/plans seem fairly straightforward. If Lanzelot's assessment pans out, Portugal will be done within the next 2 turns, then I'll probably need a couple of turns to heal, re-arm and redeploy before delivering the bad news to Cleo. This will break our Coal export, but I guess we don't care about trade-rep any more...? I'd prefer to MA with Wang directly after DoWing, though: not so much because I think we'll need his help, but just to reduce the likelihood of him backstabbing us by signing with Cleo. If Abe joins her, I'll sign an MA against him as well, but if Gil joins her, I think we'll be safe taking him on alone...
Does Sumeria still have an MPP with Korea?
Does Sumeria still have an MPP with Korea?
That is a very good question — but it will only become a consideration if Cleo does buy Gil into her fight.

And even then, defending our own territory will not activate an enemy's MPP, and our production and unit-numbers are (should be!) good enough that we could bomb/kill anything Gil landed near our core, or in former Spain/Byz/Portugal, without bringing Wang into that fight.

A Sumeria–Korea MPP would certainly be activated if I was to attack Sumeria directly but AFAIK we're not planning to do that yet — not before Egypt is conquered.

What I can't remember offhand is whether MPPs can be activated by battles taking place on neutral/ third-party territory. So if we find ourselves at war with Gil, just to be on the safe side, I would be sure to check the F4 screen first, and sign up Wang vs. Gil to break any existing MPP, before attacking anything which is both Sumerian and beyond our own borders/ on Egyptian soil.
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So... who's playing right now?
So... who's playing right now?
Oh, erm, sorry — I am!

With all the Worker-shuffling (and no Flintlock patch to stack Worker-moves or show me where the unchopped tiles are: CAII is so sloooow....) it's taken a while, though. I've been playing a couple of turns every couple of days, up to the end of turn 7 yesterday.

Short summary:

As expected, Henry shuffled off right at the start of my set, and we've been at war with Egypt pretty much ever since then — even got some WH, and kept our trade-rep intact, because Cleo refused to gerroff our land when I 'asked' her to! Since Wang had a bunch of fast armoured units in her land at that point, I did not (yet) invite him to the Cleo-bashing party (even though it would have been dirt-cheap), but Abe has been 'helping' us (mostly by presenting a weaker target than we do!), and the campaign has gone pretty well so far.

As of yesterday evening, we now own all of western Egypt, up to and including Thebes and all its Wonders (MoM, SunTzu, Shakes, Smiths), that last at the cost of 7 vCavs and a badly injured Cav-Army (that was, and most likely will be, the worst casualty-rate we'll suffer during this war) — though it will almost certainly flip back before we're done. I have been cash-rushing Settlers out of Spain, Portugal and Egypt when-/wherever it seemed most appropriate to do so, to fill in the gaps between the Egyptian conquests, and advance our borders to get our Arty in range of the next target(s). For now, rather than ICS-ing, I've been using the minimum number of Settlers to obtain the maximum number of new tiles: we can always backfill later, if it's still really necessary. I should have Cleo mostly gutted by the end of my set.

I also gained several more MGLs/Armies (4 generated, 1 built, plus the one Lanz left fortified near Asturias, which I freely admit I forgot all about!): I filled one with e*Cavs, and a second with e*Tanks, so we still have multiple spare, which I've left to be filled later, when it's time to storm Korea. At present, putting one of our still-relatively-scarce new vTanks into an Army seemed like a waste of both its blitz-attack and its MGL-generating potential; with the right approach-angle, our Cav-Armies can cross twice-popped Cultural borders and still have 2 attacks available within a single turn, and they have been plenty strong enough for killing Egyptian r+vRifles even without prior bombardment.

The only possible fly in the ointment is that Wang and Gil now both have Fission and are building the UN, so we may soon need to set them all at each others' throats...
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And now I'm done...
Spoiler (T)urn(L)og(D)ont(R)ead :
T 270, 1400 AD
Could sell off a few Banks + StockExes in Spain + Portugal, but there's no real need...
We lose our Incense! With no tech to sell him (damn, we gave him Motors/Tanks?), Gil now wants 71 GPT + Rubber to renew the deal! We can easily afford that, but jeez...
Henry + Abe kiss and make up
We can build Wall Street!

T 271, 1405 AD
Dalandzadgad 2 founded near Badajoz
Mandalgovi 2 founded between Lagos + Leiria
Cacela bombed and captured without loss
Leieria bombed and captured without loss
Lagos bombed and captured without loss
Braga is surrounded by Korean units (thanks to our ROP) and will fall to them next turn
Badajoz is surrounded by Jungle and our Cavs can't reach it this turn
RoPs with Wang + Cleo cancelled, to ensure that I can take Badajoz without interference
Spanish/Portuguese border-towns garrisoned with Infs/Rambos
Unused Tank-Armies + Artillery set up for the imminent DoW on Cleo
Still need troops in Byz, though (she has RoP with Wang): Infs drafted out of the Pop7 towns
Cleo boots our ... Settler?!
Wang burns down Braga!
Rio revolts!

T 272, 1410 AD
Badajoz bombed and captured without loss
Rio bombed and recaptured -- and that's the end of Henry!
More unit shuffling...
Multiple Settlers rushed in Spain+Portugal for filling gaps
Cleo told to vacate our territory. She refuses!
Jaen + Kahun bombed
Jaen autorazed, leaving behind 3 Trebs(Spanish)
Kahun captured
Tavir autorazed
Cav-stack activated to attack Asturias + Cadiz
Cadiz captured, 1 Cav lost
Asturias captured, 1 Cav lost, 1 promoted
Faro captured, 1 Cav promoted, Bank sold
Arty bomb, eCavs + vCavs mop up Egyptian Cav-stacks near Mandalgovi + Leiria, producing 2 MGLs and multiple promotions
e*Cavs loaded into 1 Army, other Army left empty for now
vCavs capture all now isolated/vulnerable Workers
Cleo has RoPs with Wang + Abe which we need to break to protect our Byzzie holdings
Wang wants only 14 GPT, but he has a lot of Tanks near Egyptian towns, so I don't want him to attack yet...
Abe wants only 8 GPT, so I sign him up immediately; unfortunately he is apparently still so far in deficit that I cannot get any GPT for our Dyes + Ivory
Now let's see which way everyone jumps...
Wang sends all(?) his visible units towards Diu: is he gearing up to attack us in east Spain...?
Cleo's ships flee north along the Portuguese coast, otherwise, I see no response

T 273, 1415 AD
Arty + Tanks + Infs + vCavs sent to garrison New Hovd, just in case...
Settlers sent to fill space in Portugal, and advance our border towards Egypt...
Cav-Armies capture Alexandria! Factory sold
New Mandalgovi captured! (poop)
Korea begins UN!

T 274, 1420 AD
Batshireet 2, Ulaangom 2 + Bayanhongor 2 founded, allowing...
El-Amarna bombed and captured, plus 2 Slaves
Mendes bombed and captured, plus 2 Slaves (1 vCav lost)
Asyut bombed and captured, plus 2 Slaves
Spare vCavs moved into resisting towns
More Settlers rushed out of foreign-majority towns
Mendes riots, because I forgot to switch on the Governor

T 275, 1425 AD
Cav-Armies + eCavs attack Lisht, and Kublai appears!
vCav captures Lisht, Army formed
Tank-Army + vTanks capture Giza, 1 Tank lost, XX Slaves captured
More Settlers rushed out of foreign-majority towns

T 276, 1430 AD
Memphis bombed and captured, Mongke appears!
Abydos captured
Switch most of our Spanish/Portuguese farms to building Arty (or Infs if Barracks) rather than Settlers
More Settlers rushed out of foreign-majority towns
Lisht defects! (Right after I rushed a Settler, naturally...)
Sumerians begin UN!

T 277, 1435 AD
Lisht bombed and recaptured, Ogodei appears!
Fortress-towns founded along Hills between our conquests and Egypt
Athribis bombed and captured
Cav-Armies move up to Thebes, and kill 3 vRifles
17 vCavs attack Thebes: 2 promoted, 8 retreat (5 redlined), 7 lost
7 eCavs follow up: no promotions, no losses -- and Thebes (SunTzu, ShakesTh, Smiths, MoM!) captured!
Cleo flees to Pi-Ramesses
With Barracks now everywhere, all boondock Arty-builds switched to Tanks
Palace expansion!

T 278, 1440 AD
Tank- + Cav-Armies capture Buto
More Settlers rushed
Settler moved into position near Pithom
Thebes evac'd and all incoming Cav-paths blocked (I hope)
Smyrna + Varna + Thebes captured! (Crap, there goes our WHappies...)

T 279, 1445 AD
Heliopolis captured
Pithom captured (plus Cannon + Arty)
Thebes recaptured
Worker-crews build Rails towards Septum
Septum captured
New Mandalgovi recaptured
Varna recaptured
Smyrna recaptured
Avaris captured
Egypt lands a lone Cav near Guimares!
Riots break out all over the core (WW?)
Sumerians begin Mahattan!
We lose our Silks!

T 280, 1550 AD
Holy crap there are lots of frowns now...
MassProd + Dyes + Ivory + Furs + 12 GPT gets us Abe's Silks (again)
Edfu captured
Buhen captured
Amorium captured
Heiraconplis (+1 Arty) captured

Egypt is gassed. We have cut Cleo's territory in half, and joined our borders with former Byz. But until she's completely done, we are still very vulnerable to flips, so don't leave any important units in any captured towns for longer than 1 interturn!

The next player should be able to take Pithom on their first turn with the Tanks and Cavs I left nearby, and Busiris and El-Ashmunin within the next couple of turns. By that time, all our Armies and eCavs and eTanks will be healed up and ready to roll over the rest of Cleo's domain.

Several Settlers are waiting in New Batshireet 2 (just NE of Avaris) for filling gaps in north(east) Egypt, and there are also 2 Settlers already in place to found towns along the Egyptian/ American/ Korean border.

It took me a while to get them organised, but there are now 5 Slave-gangs available to build 1-turn Rails through Egypt. Keep them guarded, though! (There should be anough Infs available once Pithom falls and we don't have to guard our rear).

Workers in former Spain and Portugal have been planting Forests on choppable tiles (per CAII) for most of my set: these can now (or soon) be chopped into the Tank-builds I set going.

I have done no research on my set, but it might be time to turn it back on (and switch the Specialist-farms from Taxmen to Geeks). In the meantime, we've amassed lots of gold in the treasury for rushing (more) Settlers and/or Tanks.

I have to apologise for the riots: I overlooked some potential Cav attack-paths via Korean tiles, and Cleo captured a few towns in former Byz, which tipped us into WW Level 2. Although I got all towns back immediately, I forgot to raise the LUX%-slider to pre-empt the riots over my ninth IBT, and we lost a turn of production across several core towns. I raised LUX% to 10% on my last turn, so the rioting should now stop.

Stupidly, I also just signed a new Silks-import deal with Abe (I sold him MassProd to reduce his asking-price) -- but since America was our next planned target, it might have been better to buy from Wang instead, so we don't break our trade-rep (unless we can 'persuade' Abe to DoW us...?).

That said, it may actually be better to DoW Korea, before he finishes building the UN, and sign up Gil and Abe for an MA. That way, if Wang builds the UN, no-one will vote for him, and if Gil builds it, Abe might even vote for us. It would certainly be a pity to lose this game Diplomatically!

Wang may save us the trouble of DOWing him, though: because the Koreans have been milling around Diu for most of my set. I think the assorted foot-units in northwest former-Egypt are also heading in that direction, but it's been hard to tell. Our nearby vRambos are basically following alongside them to discourage any sneak-attacks on our towns as they pass by...


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Could sell off a few Banks + StockExes in Spain + Portugal, but there's no real need...
Oops, I may have forgotten to mention that in my handover.... I kept those on purpose in case we might want to build the Wall Street.
That said, it may actually be better to DoW Korea, before he finishes building the UN, and sign up Gil and Abe for an MA.
But Korea will be a hard nut to crack... Not sure whether we want to open that can of worms... Unfortunately my CAII (using the 2016 version on Windows 11 now) cannot open the .sav for some reason. So I can't tell exactly, how many tiles we still need. But I still hope that the last gaps in Spain & Portugal, the remainder of Egypt and America will push us over the domination limit within the next 10 turns. We could check on the progress of the UN and see, how many turns we have left.

Oh, and we have a ton of gold sitting idle. Use it for rushing Armies and Tanks to speed up our progress. I think that America can be conquered even quicker than Egypt, so 10 turns to domination sounds like a reasonable estimation.
Luckily I can open the save in CRpMapStat, which says that we're 757 tiles away. That's more than America and Egypt's combined remaining tiles (671), but there's also plenty of unclaimed tiles to get us closer to the domination limit. Sumeria and Korea combine for 26.4% of the map, so we should be able to reach at least the tile limit without fighting them. I'm not sure about the population limit, though- Korea has 28% of the population on their own per F8 and Sumeria probably has around 10% or so.

Good news is, going by F4, they don't have an MPP anymore, so if we have to fight one we don't have to fight both of them.

On the UN- Sumeria's building it in Lagash, which looks pretty shield poor (10 of the 20 tiles in its BFC are floodplains, and the rest are mostly plains that Sumeria seems to have irrigated), so I'm guessing Pusan is the bigger threat to finish the UN first- we could easily investigate either or both cities with our big stack of gold to see how much time we have. It costs the AI 700 shields, but hard to see just from looking at those cities how many spt they're making.
I think it's been the longest since MRG took his turn, can you play now, MRG?
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