Mt1 Glorious Athens

Aristotle will use the Colossus for defense!
Anyway, in my previous OCC-AW games, I only build 3-4 spears (with Greece, 2-3 is probably enough) and later I upgrade to rifles. I may build 3-4 cats/trebs. And I get KT and tons of crusaders. That's about what we need.
Why not rush pyramid now, and build GLib from scratch? Pyramid gives 4 cpt, and at least a free granary ...
mastertyguy said:
The GLib costs more and gives more culture, IIRC.

They cost the same 400 shields. GLib gives 6 cpt, yes, but pyramid will be built by some AI soon, while we have a lot of time to build GLib ...
mastertyguy said:
Who cares about the Pyramids? We'll have one city!

But how to win 20K without as many ancient wonders as possible?
mastertyguy said:
We'll have lots of other wonders... anyway, do what you want! It's your turn!

Emm? Still my turn? It's turn 53 now ... How do you want to seperate turns? :crazyeye:
I played several more turns. Aristotle rushed pyramid. Iron working is done, iron is just on the hill our worker is roading! A warrior and a hoplite is defending Athens, looks our GA will come.
Isn't it your turn now, masteryguy? :)


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Seems that we need several more hoplites, otherwise we won't have enough tiles to support more citizens.


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1475: GA starts
1425: finish hoplite, start sword, get elite hoplite
1375: encounter egypt, declare war
1350: discover myst, start poly, finish sword, start lib
1250: finish lib, start Glib
950: end GA
Here is my save, in 900
Preflight, 900 BC (84):
We are playing AW OCC and we are not paying for units: 1 worker, 1 sword, 2 hoplites ...
We are sieged by 1 Egypt archer, 1 Babylon bowman, 1 Mongol archer and 1 Mongol warrior.
Math is due in 1 turn.
We are producing 9 spt, 0 (!) fpt, and have 147 shields in box. GLib is due in 29 turns. How about changing it to MoM so that we can build some more units?

730 BC (91): We build MoM. Begins sword.

670 BC (94): Hire another worker.

450 BC (105): We know monarchy. Revolt ... 2 turns.

410 BC (107): We become a monarchy government. Starts GLib. No AI knows literature. Shut off research. We'd better irrigate several tiles to make the free granary useful. We have 2 workers, 2 swords, and 6 hoplites. An elite hoplite can do wonder: enemy swords will not attck his tile.


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OK, no real turnlog, but anyway, nothing really happened.
On the first turn, I setted sci to 90% and changed to MM. I discovered both MM and Construction on this shift, and I killed tons of AI units, not losing one.
So, then ...? Did you finish? There is no save posted.
Preflight, 50 AD (130):
What, Athens still has only 5 citizens, and is at 0 fpt?
We have 2 workers, 2 swords, 6 hoplites. GLib is due in 9 turns.
Why the heck are we researching Code of Laws, since everybody else has known it? I shut down research.
Why our workers go to clear a faraway jungle tile, not improving tiles near city center?

190 AD (137):
Meet Korea. Since GLib is due in 2 turns, no trade and declare war.

230 AD (139):
GLib -> Hanging Garden. IT: Sumer completes HG. :crazyeye:

250 AD (140): HG becomes a hoplite.

270 AD (142): Egypt enters MA.

290 AD (144) IT: We lose a hoplite but get a MGL Pyrrhus.

310 AD (146): Pyrrhus rushes a colosseum after finishing temple.

350 AD (150): Learning Currency from GLib, we enter MA. And to be hilarious, El-Amarna is flipped to us! :lol: I accept it, you can disband it right now. Our free tech is Monotheism. Research is still off, with hope to lean Feudalism from GLib, then go for Chivalry and Knight Templar.


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