My UHV Gallery in DOC 1.17


Nov 27, 2021
As new map is on its progress and current 1.17 version being a stable release before it, I feel it's time to review the UHV gameplay of each current civilization. All my records will be noted here, including gameplay strategies, analysis of goals, screenshots and so on.

The general direction is:
* Note and analyze important steps of a UHV gameplay, providing a feasible approach to understand and finish your UHV goal. As there's always multiple approaches to win, I'll mainly focus on the approach that I use, but also put some necessary comment on other approaches.
* Play historically. I'm exploring the gameplay potential that a civilization could reach in its ideal-historical manner. For example, destroy Rome and hold a Mediterranean empire as Carthage, unify the Orthodox patriarchate as Byzantium, build the largest colonial empire as Britain, or surviving China from 2070 BC to 2020 AD with its leading position. I'll try to complete these additional goals that are in their historical manner, but was not fully realized in their real history.
* Maximal, but not minimal. That's the difference between my notes and a standard UHV guide. The latter one is to provide a approach that one could win even with the worst situation and luck. Since I'm trying to reach the largest historical potential of a UHV gameplay, some luck is necessary, like reloading the scenario for a better start. So it's not sure that you could copy the strategy and apply it to your own gameplay. I'll discuss whether my strategy will work or not in a general probability, and possible alternatives if the luck doesn't bless you.

The general structure is:
* Analyzing the goals. The focus is on the trade-off between multiple goals. For example, how to keep a balance between buildings and troops, development and conquest, technology and cash, etc.
* Notes on major steps. That are the important choices on war target, building decision, great people selection, etc.
* Galleries. That is the overview of the empire in its victory turn. Mainly the map. Others like demography will be shown if there's something interesting.

You are welcomed to give any comments on my gameplay, on the situation of the empire at victory, on alternative goals and approaches to win, and so on.
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