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Natural Wonders brainstorming

Discussion in 'Rhye's and Fall - Dawn of Civilization' started by Steb, Aug 2, 2019.

  1. Force44

    Force44 Prince

    Dec 8, 2015
    The Low Countries
    Question: When is a natural anomaly too small to qualify as a wonder?

    I am thinking of this in regards to possible natural wonders that were sacrificed in the real world. For example the fresh water Dolphins in the Yangtze-river in China that went extinct after the construction of the Three Gorges Dam. (The loss of nature and culture was a big concern before and during construction but nature and culture were ultimatel sacrificed for the perceived benefits in economy and security)

    A similar thing (albeit on a much smaller scale) happened in the Netherlands with the construction of the Zuiderzeeworks (which changed a salt inland sea into a freshwater lake). This project could have been (but wasn't due to econic restrictions) extended further into the Waddenzee, which by now is the nations least small (no big things fit in a country as small as the Netherlands) nature preserve.
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  2. Leoreth

    Leoreth 心の怪盗団 Moderator

    Aug 23, 2009
    Thinking some more about Great Explorers. I think it works well both ways to tie them into colonial expansion more. Everyone (even players, but especially AIs) need more help and impetus to colonise, and historically exploration and colonialism often went hand in hand, so it makes sense. We already had the idea that they could boost colonial cities, but besides that:
    - they could just move into a Native city and immediately flip it to you
    - instead of requiring the Trading Company building, they could be what starts the Trading Company conqueror event. I already wanted to generalise this ability to all civs that have historical overseas territory and this could help with that
    - they could call a special Congress where civs could only claim to acquire or found cities in colonial areas that happens outside of the usual congress intervals

    Lastly, I would also like to change colony maintenance at some point. Overseas city below a certain amount of population and/or development (like buildings) could be treated as "colonies", which do not cost distance maintenance but instead colony maintenance. Colony maintenance exists as a mechanic in BtS, where it is incurred by having overseas vassals (this is already disabled by RFC), but it could be easily retooled to a city based maintenance that does not scale with distance, making far flung colonial empires more sustainable.

    In such a context, I could also let Great Explorers build Colonial Administrations, that work like Administrative Centers but instead lower surrounding colony maintenance.
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  3. Cacaso

    Cacaso Chieftain

    Apr 9, 2020
    the unit expeditionary (explorer update) could be related to a safari mechanic, so that the Civilizations could send their expeditionaries to regions not yet colonized as sub-Saharan Africa, Amazon, outback, Siberia / Greenland / North of Canada, to try to hunt animals like rhinoceros, jaguar, alligator, leopard, polar bear, elk (invisible and that do not attack other units besides the expeditionary), for each type of animal that he managed to capture would win a promotion that if he returned to a city with national wonder " National Zoo "would fill the slots of animals by earning bonuses like happiness, culture, one time GPP and generating unhappiness in other civs back in the race for NW exploration and zoo" We envy the _______ for advancing more in exploration "(that would be a way to avoid excess happiness, except for one, all civs with the technology required to build the national zoo would be suffering 1, 2 or 3 of unhappiness because of exploration). This mechanic would be interesting with the NW, so that the expeditionaries would have something to do while trying to locate the NW, they are not just walking around the map. For each animal capture, the civ earns one (or two) more points for the Great Explorer count.

    Other animals like zebra, giraffe, hippopotamus, buffalo, kangaroo ... could enter these zoo animals too.

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