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Need Help To Save Game :)


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Feb 18, 2002
Ok, Playing as Babylonians, on regent, large world, 2013 AD...and

I'm doing "ok", but I'm 3rd, behind Russia, and England.

Scores are:

England: 2324
Russia: 2126
Babylon: 1840

All three of our armies are equal in size (roughly). Land area is in decreasing order:


I don't think I could conquer enough territory to change the ordering, as we're all on different continents.

Techs are taking me about 8 turns per, and I can't build all Spaceship components, and probably won't get to launch by 2050.

Any ideas on how to "win" this game, or is it too late, and am I screwed? :(
1.) Space Victory is Possible,

You do have enough time, if you have about 8 good production cities. Build the Apollo Prgm ASAP and then get the other techs ASAP (about 24 turns). That puts you at 2037. It can take as fast as 6-8 turns to build the 2 biggest components (engines and casing I think), You also can start these relatively early and they should be built in you cities with the most shield production. The last componenet, Plan Party Louge, is relatively cheap and should only take about 4 turns. With 8 good cities you should be able to complete the ship before 2050.

The other issue here is rival civs beating you to it. A great strategy is to ICBM the capital (when then are about 3 turns away from launching) and rush in you troops the destroy the capital, this will destroy the ship. Calvary/ Mod Armor will do well here with thier speed.

2.) Diplomatic Victory is Possible,

Suck up, big time, offer tech, luxuries and old strategic resources (ie; IRON and SALTPETER). Build the UN and hope to hell you are elected.

Nb; these two options are mutually exclusive, you do not have time to swith to another once you start down the chosen road. Nuking a capital and asking for a vote won't jive.

Hope this helps,

i agree with Sentinali. if you haven't been to bad you shoud try the diplomatic otherwise go for cultural if you have lot of money and a change to do it

or as he say the space victory, but that may be hard
The UN victory if you want it easy
Spaceship if you want a fun exciting game.;)
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