need help w/ conquest


Jun 25, 2007
Saladin's Arabian Empire
im playing as mehmed II on a standard fractal map with many civs. i have ceaser on my border, and its about the 1700's. i have a realtively samll empire (5 cities) tht r heavily defended. Ceaser DoWed me, and i built up my stack. unfortunately, the city on my border is on a hill and impossible to take with my soldiers. wat do i do in that case?
you obviously cant take a city thats impossible to take.. usually enough colleteral damage weapons should be able to take out pretty much anything with enough backup. Offence is better than defence.
i had trebs hammer the city but it even at zero defence it was hard to take.

i just wanna find a way to take it.
btw: my stack is made of janisseries & macemen
Try hitting Gunpowder or something and get a couple muskets in there to rile up the defense while your stack takes down the rest of his lands...
he have jannisarries. Enough janisarries and trebs should take the city easily enough(suicide the trebs in first then follow up with jannisarries.
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