[BTS] Need help with the early game

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Jun 1, 2019
I have just started playing BtS after having quit playing it for an uber long time. i consider myself a lot smarter than I was then, but have problems getting going with the early game. I have played four games, so far. I was playing on a standard size continents map on noble difficulty. The first game I retired from because I could tell I was going nowhere. The other three games one of the AI civilizations declared war on me and kicked my butt, royally, I would greatly appreciate any help with the early game.
One thing the previous guide doesn't cover is diplomacy, here is a comprehensive guide of some ways on which the different AIs work : https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/civ-illustrated-1-know-your-enemy.478563/

But at a medium difficulty level the main thing is to grow your empire and economy fast (see Fippy's guide) and then you can get good relations with the AI (up to +4 for "fair trade") by just giving them techs once you are ahead enough, or give them expensive techs for cheap techs. Open borders, long term exchange of resources and of course favorite civic or shared religion also improve relations. You can't be friends with everyone but want to not be hated by powerful or particularly war inclined AIs. The warmongers can usually be bribed to attack someone else by giving them a tech or gold, it might be a good way to ensure they don't plot war against you.

Oh and it wasn't obvious to me when I started playing again, but if an AI asks you to give something (either friendly or threateningly), either way it forces peace between you for 10 turns. Same if you ask them for a gift or tribute and they accept.

The BUG (or BUFFY) mod helps a lot with diplomacy and with everything else really, it shows a lot of information that is often more hidden - tedious to find out.
Upload some of your saves and I'll play along. Upload them at turn 0, 5, etc whichever critical points you want feedback. I'm not amazing or anything, but it would be fun to learn together.
Think you were last here 2021. You should be beating Noble if you get the basics at start right. Aim for 3 cities by 2000bc or so. Get first city to size 3. Worker first. Improve food resources first. Cities with 2-4 tiles between them. Scout around capital. Barbs are not an issue on Noble till much later.

Settle new cities with food in the inner ring.
Without looking at your save, I would wager a bet that you are not expanding fast enough, building enough workers, and using said workers correctly. Don't be afraid to steal some workers too. You can basically farm workers off a Noble AI. Barely secondary to that is whipping and chopping. BW should be among your first 3 or 4 techs, at most.

As Gumbo said, Noble is really very easy once you get a few basic concepts down. Post a save, including turn 0, and we will help you along.

Focus early more on food and chops than mines.
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