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[BNW] NEW Community Challenge Game series - Game 1 - Spain

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Strategy & Tips' started by consentient, Dec 15, 2017.

  1. raider980

    raider980 Warlord

    Sep 27, 2010
    Turn 305 Science Victory. Was a good one!

    Spoiler SV :

    I didn't realize that this was kind of set up for conquoring so I ended up playing friendly and went for an SV. Catherine was just being too nice and we were best buddies the entire game. And there was so much room to expand that I just couldn't resist building lots of my own cities. I considered going to war with William because he took the choice spots by the long desert river but he was being friendly too.

    Everyone hated Harold for the whole game so that helped. I did go to war with him at the request of William and took one of his cities he had conquored. And I went to war with Carthage at one point because:

    Spain SV Dido.jpg

    Seriously Dido. Really?

    We only stayed at war for a short amount of time because she was pilliaging my work boats and trade routes. Plus she was busy fighting Catherine too.

    After that it was a short ride to victory. I prefer wide play and so this was great fun. Wide with Order makes lots of science so I was able to win fairly easily. The two things that helped the most I think were Harold being the bad guy so everyone fought with him. And Catherine being friends the whole game and also picking Order too. She had a lot of tourism so if she would've picked something else I'd have been in a bit of trouble happiness wise.

    Here's the end shot.
    Spain SV end.jpg
  2. Grendeldef

    Grendeldef Trancerelic

    Apr 30, 2012
    Ended up with T179 dom with few extra rules. I wasn't planning anything in particular but after noticing ~T20 that this was on Immortal I made few.

    - no world wonders and didn't build any. NC, AG, WG & CM for the locals.
    - no interaction with city states so I didn't clear any barb camps, no worker steals, no TRs with them, no spreading religion, return workers or anything of the sort apart from accidental ones like getting a lux they wanted which unfortunately resulted allied Mogadishu ~T165
    . no DoWs, only Hiawatha, William & Dido offered one
    - pacifistic start so capping no capitals before T100 - ended up being extremely lazy in that respect and only DoWed Cathy before T100 and that just for one worker and some giggles. Also this approach means no defensive building which almost cost me a city near the end by Kabul and I had to buy few units with money
    - no Unis so obviously Sci VC wasn't on the books - ended up not teching Theology either so no Education hence the crappy Sci rate and didn't even get to the Industrial but neither did anyone else

    Moved to nearby hill so settled on T1. Found Sri Pada 1st, bought a settler &settled 2nd city by it. Also got Grand Mesa first but was way later. Actually bought 2 workers, stole one from Cathy and build the rest until post T100.
    First to get religion late 20s so Tithe & Pagodas, the 2nd Prophet after a Missionary because the lazy bstrd didn't manage to make himself known within 5 turns but still got Holy Warriors

    5C Liberty, then Honor left side first and last policy on Exploration because it didn't help me at all.

    T100 took Moscow to start finally the playing part. DoWed the Dutch soon after that as well as Morocco. T129 Marrakech & T132 Amsterdam after which half the armies met on doorsteps of Denmark. I had planned to settle a city 4 tiles from Copenhagen and bomb my way there but since time clouds memory I thought I do that with a Conquistador only to be reminded that that would only work on another continent and I didn't have a settler available so screw that. Took a while as I only had 1 ranged XB at start but 3 on T152 when Copenhagen fell with GW.
    After that took the last city from Morocco which origally was a Mayan city so nicely located by Palenque. DoWed Pacal which resulted a slight handicap as he allied with Belgrad while my main bunch was passing through and Ormus but as the war only took 4 for T161 Palenque turns it wasn't much of a deal after all. Finally managed to bribe Dido to attack Hiawatha so they very politely cleared up their surplus units before I got to DoW Dido T167 and Hiawatha 2 turns later. After 2 GG bombs Onondaga T176 and 2 more GG bombs Carthage T179 conveniently by a Conquistador.

    By far the hardest part was moving units to the West - I had gazillion workers building that endless road but without it this would've taken a bit longer.

    Immortal AI poses no threat though the largish map helped in that, too. It also is extremely lazy exploring anything so I got my last continental ruin ~T90 and there're still 2 NWs somewhere hiding.
    I also had a plan to get rid of other Holy cities without Piety but that fell short by Carthage as I had to use a prophet twice for Copenhagen and the next one was still on his way.

    In the end 247bpt, 171cpt, 116fpt, 23 happiness, 3,2k G as there was nothing to spend it on, 20 XBows and 8 Conquistadors amongst other things. I took SSs while capping but I need to get a new Dropbox account or something similar as the previous one is long gone due to inactivity.

    Tedious at times but good fun in general and so much more fun with a shared map than going solo.
  3. poxpower

    poxpower Prince

    May 2, 2016
    t152 sacred sites.
    Bleh. Pretty bad honestly. Had a great start but again juts stopped settling cities too soon. You'd think 16 cities is enough BUT IT'S NEVER ENOUGH. MORE ARE NEEDED. EVER MORE CITIES.

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