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Everyone, can we try to get a little faster with turns? It seems like Phylom is being slow right now, but I know we're all guilty (including me!) This game is going to take forever and life happens... but if we can speed it up, we will get to more action quicker! Thanks everyone.
The Phoenician tribes had been eyeing the glorious township of Jayakarta for over a millennia since they had first spotted it, but they had never felt confident in a full raid of the town. Both civilizations had had minor skirmishes with each other but for the most part had kept to themselves. The Javanese people had no interest in grabbing land from the Phoenicians to the north, whose land was mostly swamp and empty forest. No riches were to be had. But as they say, a cornered mouse roars like a lion. The poor have nothing to lose, and the desperate will do anything to get what they want. And so the Phoenicians attacked the Javanese in 2680 BC.

The Phoenicians had come mustering a sizeable army to defeat their millenium-old nemesis, but were surprised to find not only a small force defending the garrison, but also that their foes...were ill-equipped. Their short spears could not do much against the Phoenician's superior armour and shortswords, and not only that, but the Phoenicians had archery techniques over the Javanese. How could the very civilization they were intimidated by not have any strong archery units among their ranks? Aided with archer support, the Phoenicians massacred the Javanese troops, and the town of Jayakarta surrendered in under a week.

From the looks of it, some of the main guard went out of the city just that month in search of game and supplies, just to the Phoenician's luck. Even if the enemy was still out there in the wilderness, it did not matter to the Phoenicians. They would wait for their return and make quick work of them, should they choose to attack. Although they wanted the city, the Phoenicians had no interest in committing genocide on the Javanese. They had important knowledge of fishing and sailing, and knew how to harvest black pearls on the coast, which the Phoenicians had no knowledge about. Assimilation was their ultimate motive, not genocide.

And so, upon taking over the city,the Phoenicians overtime learnt the Javanese language, and over the course of a few centuries, the Phoenician and Javanese language would merge to form a new one, and the city of Jayakarta would be renamed, based off of the abundance of pearls and their beauty: Gaib Ninim. (Gaib=Divine in Javanese, Ninim=Pearls in Hebrew,hebrew seems to be the closest language to the ancient Phoenician language, from what I gather.)
The Fleet of Diodotos
The ancient legends of Armenian folklore tell of a time where the sun would move slower and slower across the sky, time seemingly almost coming to a halt. According to the legends, a great hero named Diodotos lived in the land of Armenia at this time. Like many heroes, Diodotos was a restless sort, and he grew increasingly bored as the days seemed to pass slower and slower. Now, it is said that Diodotos was son of the sun, and one day, he raised his arms towards his father in the sky and declared that he would fetch his father the two fastest horses in all the world so that the old man would not have to make the long and arduous journey across the heavens on foot every single day. Instead, Diodotos promised, the Sky-Father would have a majestic chariot to ride in. Thus, Diodotos told his men to fashion nine mighty ships to take him across the sea to the fertile fields of Khion, where the fastest mares and stallions were known to dwell. When the boats were ready, they set sail north to unknown lands.

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For many days they travelled under the ambling sun before reaching Khion. The lands of Khion were lush and fertile. Fruits were weighing down every single branch on the trees. But the land was not uninhabited. Diodotos found a proud people living there. It is said that they carried there hunting weapons everywhere they went and their food was nourishing and greasy. This strange people called their city... Woy-segh-ton? Washington? and they were particularly proud of a great pole they had raised on which they had hoisted a cloth adorned with stars and primitive patterns. They were also great riders and word of the arrival of Diodotos quickly spread throughout the land. However, Diodotos was keen to seize some horses as gifts for his aging father, and he bid his men take their spears and follow him towards the town of Woy-segh-ton. As his men came closer, they saw that the settlement was unguarded. The men of the town had left for somewhere else and left their children, women and elderly without protection. Diodotos grinned. Could it really be this easy?

Screenshot 36.png

(to be continued)


While many aspects of the legend of Diodotos seem fantastical, scientists believe it may have a grain of truth in it. Around 2700 BC, great changes were taking place in Armenian society. The Armenian heartland was growing more and more crowded and people, especially younger sons who did not stand to inherit their father's cattle, were starting to look for new regions to settle. This may have contributed to the story of Diodotos. However the stuff about time passing slowly is impossible and must be made up.
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Love the stories guys!! We should be doing more of that, especially since this game is going to literally take ages... ;)
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