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New mine (wooden mine tower) - 17/7/2006


Ut tensio sic vis
Oct 1, 2005
By the Magtogoek
This is another version of a mine tower I did some months ago (to see other variants, look in my sig under the popheads or mine links). This one is using my wooden mine tower with a little house I borrowed from Firaxis. :mischief: Hope you like it.


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Yes, I like it :)
Yeah, I like it a lot. I might try to do something similar for Civ4 soon. Goodjob.
I really like it!

Is it possible to do era-specific improvement graphics? I kinda thought one could do that with fortresses, so can it be done with mines too? This would be sweet for the Industrial age, but it would be a tad out of place in say the Ancient era.
No :(

That's why mines are so varied and have a certain theme, because they have to fit various scenarios. Most of the mines like this (or like mine, or like any mine that represents the industry of a certain time) don't work good on a 4000 BC - 2050 AD game though, as you can't make that change. :(
But it still could be useful for scenarios in modern age-onwards...
good stuff.
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