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May 18, 2014
I've always thought the steam workshop handles a lot of stuff well. New Leaders, new civs, great scenarios, fixes, and plain old good stuff. I think with all this, it's safe to say there's no good policy editor. Yeah, they edit the existing ones, but I'd really like new ideas. That's what running a civilization is all about, right?;) Well, ya know, I've had ideas about this for a while. The closest thing is Community call to power, which looks great but I can't get to work on my computer. Plus, I think the rest of civ is really good the way it is,(with a few mods), so a complete overhaul isn't really necessary. Well, being who I am, i have huge ideas for stuff, so I'll cut it down to a few simple things. You might ask why I didn't make a mod myself. Answer, the Modbuddy doesn't work on my computer. So, if there's anyone who's a mod maker looking for something to make, here's a few suggestions:
Widen policy types- with Civ V, there's two types of policies, Ideologies and social policies. An implementation of more types would be great. Here's a few ideas: Economy-free market/capitalist? Controlled market? Mercantilist? Governments: democracy? Communist? Fascist? Despotism? Monarchy? Autocracy? Oligarchy? Foreign policy: this should be editable, able to be open to some countries and closed to others, neutral for some, too. Political: Liberal? Conservative? Socialist? Religious extremist? Anarchist? Populist? Libertarianism? Environmentalism?

Anyway these are my ideas, I think it could make for a good mod. I'd love to see it made.

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Oct 19, 2010
The Kingdom of New Zealand
I am working on a mod that introduces a Government mechanic, alongside a State Religion mechanic. It's not exactly what you're asking, but it does add the depth to political structure that you might be interested in.


Howardianism High-Priest
Nov 27, 2013
I am working on a Government Expanded with local Governors, official corruption, crime ratings, punishment methods (death penalty, life in prison, parole, etc - as well as building that 'scare' the population into behaving), population 'power' - if you didn't chose to be a dictator - which means Guilds can go into strike and probably something akin to Social Policies (I haven't reached this point to start pondering however) with their own UI to control all these new mechanics.
Unfortunately, most of it will be focused on my Total Conversion mod, which means probably incompatible with anything else. :(


Ancient Alien
Dec 15, 2010
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Many of your suggestions where implented in CCTP time ago.
Due compatibility removed, but will return in the near future, i mean the next update.
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