New sub-forum for Civ7?


Aahh the gold old days...
Dec 26, 2008
All of this was field back in days
Heyy! I roamed this forum so much 10 years ago. It feels good to be back. I came here looking for discussion and speculation for Civ7, but am seeing nothing, so i'm asking if it's possible to inaugurate a new sub-forum for Civ7 related topics (mainly news, rumors, commenting on what you'd like to see in the game).

Civ3 was released in 2001, Civ4 in 2005, Civ5 in 2010, Civ6 in 2016 (on my birthday!), and now Firaxis has announced an anthology of Civ6, probably signaling that the game dev cycle is complete, and that Civ7 will probably launch next year, early 2023 at most.
Welcome back to CFC. :wavey:

Civ7 has not been announced nor has there been anything but rumors concerning the project. Until it is announced, we will not create a separate forum for it.

For whatever speculation you may want to enjoy, you can find it in the Ideas and Suggestions forum.
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