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nice start


Dec 8, 2007
Rolled this little beauty. Zara/normal speed/standard size/fractal/monarch/no huts, events. Not a huge challenge but fun nevertheless. Enjoy.


  • Gwynnja BC-4000.CivBeyondSwordSave
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rofl...when I loaded...2 golds BFC, pigs, marble... thinking yeah really nice... then settled in place and right at the borders 2 more gold :-D, wheat down there for more food...

the only thing that worries me there is too much options how to go in ancient era... Oracle is tempting, but strong rexx with those golds should be big option too...
That's about the easiest start I've ever seen! :eek:

Spoiler :

I've built SH (1920BC) and Oracled (1200BC) Civil service, while having 3 cities (Ivory/Horse/copper/cow) and (floodplains heaven), a religion and a GP for the shrine in 15 turns. Switched to Bureau and Caste (never touched slavery), Free missionary on the way to neigbour. High happy cap, lots of food to overcome temporary health problems and great cities! If I Run 3-4 scientists in the cow-fp-fp city, I think I'd have an academy pre 1 AD! Still massive amounts of good land to expand into, just incredible!

I'm not gonna play this out, but thanks for sharing, i had great fun!
I've played this game out until 1150 AD. This is probably one of the easiest starts I've ever had.

Spoiler :
Rushed Peter with swords, had 11 cities by 1 AD (Peter made 5 for me very quickly). With Peter gone it was a simple matter of blocking pacal out of our section of the world to give us more land with more city spots than I know what to do with. Haven't gotten lib yet, researching chemistry for my steel slingshot but no one is even close in research to me. This map with a FIN leader would just be plain unfair.
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