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Nobles' Club LXIX: Bismark of Germany

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Strategy & Tips' started by dalamb, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. enKage

    enKage Follower of Zoamelgustar

    Aug 21, 2010
    Łódź, PL
    What a start O_o
    Expansive + wheat + cheaper granary + fresh water + harbor + leaving two grasland forests + moai + ironworks + plainhills ----> healthy megaproduction capital, even without state property!

    wonderspamming, some GP settled (merchants for additional food)
    I think GL is a must for great merchants and Oracle for early forges (additional +1 happy for gold)

    Definitely will play this game later
  2. Lemon Merchant

    Lemon Merchant Hall Monitor Super Moderator

    Jun 27, 2008
    Red Sector A
    Nonsense! My citizens are very well medicated. :p
  3. TheMeInTeam

    TheMeInTeam Top Logic

    Jan 26, 2008

    1 AD

    Spoiler :

    Settled in place and opened ag ---> ah ----> BW. Lots of quality land, gems merit early IW, city spam:

    Wonders would have been a good idea but I was too lazy. I have #1 land easily which is usually a recipe for an instant W.

    Lib Times

    Spoiler :

    I went medieval on HC since he was weak. Unfortunately JC decided to war target me.

    JC would take 3 cities of mine, but I'd kick HC off the continent and turn around and re-take them all, furthering my land lead. Cottages pay off eventually.

    1927 Space

    Spoiler :

    With my slow (initial) pace and the world at war, nobody was even close.

    Internet was pointless. Launched a 12 turn ship and sat there.

  4. Capellan

    Capellan Is this thing on?

    Oct 2, 2007
    No problem. It's been fun to do, and the NC has been a strong contributor my own improvement in play - it's where I've applied the things I learned from the ALC threads and from TMIT's youtube videos. So if I can help someone else improve their game, that'd be cool.

    I'll post my Lib update in about 10-12 hours, probably. Have to deal with the whole "work" thing first. :)

    I think I will focus the update on my cities; where I placed them and what improvements I built in them, and why; as well as providing an outline of my tech progress and why I went the way I did.
  5. Archon_Wing

    Archon_Wing Vote for me or die

    Apr 3, 2005
    Yea, also

    Spoiler :
    The fresh water is a pretty good benefit plus there's a bunch of useless desert at the north. So south is a bit better. You also could fit another city along that river for easy connections.

    Spoiler wonders :
    I cried when I missed the statue of liberty by a few turns. :) :p Democracy's one of those techs I'm really slow to.
  6. dalamb

    dalamb Deity

    May 9, 2006
    Kingston, Ontario
    Spoiler :
    :eek: Sorry - thought I'd eyeballed the land properly. I'll take a closer look at the map to see what fooled me about it so I know what to look for next time.
  7. dualmaster

    dualmaster Emperor

    Jan 9, 2009
    Philadelphia, PA

    To 1 AD:
    Spoiler :

    Figured GLH would be the easy choice on this map so I teched towards it after getting ag/ah. Then I saw how much open land we had around so I built the Great Wall. Barbs were no problem. I manged to get two cities down below the gems that blocked HC to only 4 cities on the continent.

    I popped a Great Merchant and bulbed Metal Casting early for our discount forges and the Colossus. I pushed to Currency and CoL to for economic recovery. No one has Lit yet and I have marble, so I'll try to get the Great Library.

    Currently at 7 cities with room for a lot more. Next phase will focus on settling the land and whipping in infrastructure. Will kill HC later as he is a good trading partner and is building some wonders for me.

    Spoiler :

    To Liberalism:
    Spoiler :

    I've been settling cities - new coastal cities actually boost my economy right from the start with the trade routes. I currently have 14 cities.

    I got to Liberalism first with a bulb into education, took printing press as no one else had it. I still haven't met the other civs but caravels are building and will be out shortly. Planning to head toward Cav to take HC down fast.

    Spoiler :

    To 1832 Domination:
    Spoiler :

    HC only had 4 cities on the continent and some good wonders, so I built a few cav to take him down. He only had longbows (didn't even have iron for pikes :lol:)

    Spoiler :

    After finishing HC, I switched to State Property, spammed workshops, and then spammed military units. JC was actually teching pretty strong. I went to flight+AL+arty before taking him down. First time I've really had to use fighters and later bombers - they're a ton of fun.

    Spoiler :

    Stalin next:
    Spoiler :

    I had some sweet fleets going with a bunch of fighters that were demolishing all the coastal cities.

    Next it was on to Boudica where my Panzers started showing up. One even got to kill a tank of Boudi's. No one else had flight so my bombers were just wrecking everything. After Boudi capped it was on to Joao. That was a complete slaughter. Once he capped I was ready to stomp Khan but passed the dom limit for the victory.

    End screens:
    Spoiler :

  8. Capellan

    Capellan Is this thing on?

    Oct 2, 2007
    To Liberalism (circa 1500 AD). Noble-ish / Normal / No huts or events / Choose religions

    I'll split into two posts, because otherwise I'll hit the max pictures limit. First post is an overview of progress; second is a city by city tour of all the sites I've settled.

    Spoiler :

    My 1st priority in the ADs was:

    This is a very important tech when you have a large empire. It allows courthouses, which halve maintenance costs - sometimes a bigger boost to your economy than markets - and give you espionage points. It can be unlocked pretty early with Priesthood and Writing, though I took the longer route (Currency and Writing) in this game.

    I then headed for Aesthetics, Drama and Music. These are good trade bait. Being first to music also allows a free great artist, which can be useful if you're being culture-pressed, though that was not an issue here.

    Aesthetics gave me a wonder that's useful to deny the AI:

    I don't often build this, unless I have ivory. But Bremen was a production powerhouse, and I had the hammers.

    In fact, Bremen was such a powerhouse - and conveniently central on my continent - that I built something else I don't often build:

    Moving the capital didn't have much immediate impact, since it moved from the northern edge of my empire to the southern, but it is a long term investment: once I conquer Inca, I'll get reduced maintenance on them. I could have built the Forbidden Palace, of course, but I'd like to save that in case I need to build it on a foreign shore.

    After Music came in I researched for Optics while I built the Sistine Chapel - always a good thing to deny the AI, as Culture is the AI's best victory chance - and sent my ships exploring.

    By 1060 AD I'd found the other continent, and it was time to trade in Music. After all, I'd already claimed the main benefits of the tech. So I started with the most backward civ I knew and made the rounds.

    Trading for lowly techs like Archery and Polytheism is usually a no-no, but in a game where you're well out in front on tech rate overall, it can save a few turns. If you're pretty sure the AI won't have anything to offer in the future, it makes sense to take what you can get now.

    The only AI even close to me in tech was Huayna. Well, his time had always been limited.

    You can see some of my stack in the bottom of the shot. I started the war with about 10 trebs and 20 maces and xbows. I ended the war, after garrisoning the cities I'd captured, with about the same number of troops.

    Soon enough, the 4 Incan cities on the landmass were mine, and:

    (I traded for Feudalism with Boudica, IIRC. It was part of the great Music sale)

    I then researched Liberalism to within one turn, and checked the tech screen. No-one had paper, so I merrily researched my way to Democracy and Economics, while re-checking the tech screen regularly.

    As soon as I saw someone with "Can Research Liberalism", I popped Liberalism back in the queue:

    You may notice from that shot that I was in the middle of a Taj-fuelled Golden Age ... this was not an accident, because I wanted to do a big civics swap:

    My economy (as you will see in the next post) is cottage-based, so US and Emancipation were obvious choices. Free Speech also benefits you if you have towns. Free Market is simply the strongest option if you're going to get Corporations - and I have a GM and GE saved for them already. And Free Religion? Well, I had Islam and Confu in my borders thanks to Inca, and someone had just spread me Christianity as well, so I could get plenty of happiness from it.

    If you look to the left of that shot you'll see I'd started claiming island cities ... I have several of those. We'll talk about them, and all my other cities, in the next post.
  9. Capellan

    Capellan Is this thing on?

    Oct 2, 2007
    Tour of my cities as of 1500 AD. Hopefully of interest to Noble-Prince players. Likely to be tedious for those of higher skill than me :)

    Spoiler :

    My original capital, settled in place at the start of the game. It spent a long time at size 4, pumping workers and settlers, while working the wheat, cows, gold and a plains hill. Like most capitals, it's got a good mix of food, hammers and commerce tiles, and is pretty good at everything. I've built a lot of different buildings in it, and also made use of it as a unit pump for the Incan war. It's currently growing to fill all its tiles, and will cap out at 19 pop. I need to get a worker over to that island to put an improvement on that forest, but I've been too lazy thus far.

    My 2nd city, founded purely for the short term benefits of having a 13-hammer city in the 2000s BC. Its actually turned out to be competitive throughout the game. 50+ hammers is nothing to complain about, and it's helped me to three wonders.

    Founded to claim copper, Munich is something of a hybrid city, with some good hammer tiles but also a few cottages thrown in. If this was a real world, the people of Munich would probably have a bitter rivalry with Hamburg, because the latter city is just a bit better at everything. Once biology comes in, though, and those cottages hit town status, this should be a very nice hybrid.

    (City specialization is not one of my strong points, I admit).

    Cologne was founded, from day one, as my Moai site. My build order was basically granary, lighthouse, moai. It's been a useful secondary wonder site, grabbing Sankore and the Taj, while having lots of coast makes it a good commerce location, and growth is not an issue. I chose if for the Moai site because it had lots of water squares, two food sources (fish and corn), and a couple of hills to work for the hammers to build Moai. There's always a temptation to stick Moai somewhere that has almost no intrinsic production, but it usually takes too long to come out, then. Go for a site with as many water tiles as possible, sure, but make sure it also has two land-based hammer tiles. That's my advice.

    Commerce central. Riverside towns plus gold: that's what this site was all about. It's also turned out to be a very strong late game production site. My Academy went here, and Oxford University is currently assigned here. Wall Street probably won't go here though. You'll see why below, with Essen.

    The southern farm was to chain irrigate for a low food city to the south; the northern farms are the product of auto workers, but they're by no means a bad build. With biology in, I'll be able to run several merchants here.

    Another commerce site, carved out of the jungle. Gems plus riverside cottages, plus sugar and silk. This is likely to be my Wall Street city - once those cottages and hamlets reach village and town status, it will surpass Frankfurt as a commercial hub. The only reason it's not getting Oxford is that it would take a lot longer to build here - the few hammer tiles it has are new, as it has been all commerce before now.

    Dortmund: city of iron and stone. Because that's exactly why it was founded. Came in very handy for building the GLH and Pyramids. Weak on food, which is why it has windmills on most of the hills already, despite the best value from windmills not coming until you have replaceable parts (which I now do) and electricity (not yet). I poached the clam tile from Frankfurt to help this city grow in its early days, and never got around to giving it back. Dortmund needs it more.

    Founded to claim the gems, Stuttgart is another cottage site. I need to interrupt my autoworkers (I usually lose patience with the worker micro around 1000 AD ...) and get them to do something with that forest tile.

    Like a lot of commerce sites, Stuttgart is a bit weak on production. Universal Suffrage has helped that a bit, boosting hammers by almost 50%.

    Dusseldorf is a 'filler' city to grab marble. Filler though it may be, it's adding 40 :science: and a net 13 :gold: to the empire. Not bad for a site with no food resources and only one weak building resource. Still, there was a reason all those other cities got founded before this one! :)

    Why was Bremen, my current capital, founded so late? Well honestly, because I never expected to be allowed to expand that far, so I didn't dot map it :)

    It's not as strong as Berlin: too many plains for that. But it has solid mid-tier production and three potent wonders, plus - and this was the key thing - a central location on my landmass. Cutting distance costs was a good thing.

    Once biology comes in, Bremen's ten farms are going to let the city grow pretty darn big, too. Lots of specialists will call it home, and it will comfortably be able to work those plains workshops.

    Now this is a filler city, claimed purely to work the iron mine. But again: it's paying for itself in :gold: and giving me 25 :science:, so nothing to complain about. And if I am lucky, there will be oil in that desert.

    Now we get to my island cities, all of which were founded because: hey, intercontinental trade routes! And in this case, to claim sheep which I didn't have on my home landmass.

    Why is Duisburg where it is when 1N would be better? Because I am an idiot and put it 1S of where it should be. 1N would have claimed both fish, and was where I meant to go, but I wasn't paying attention when I hit the 'build city' button.

    I'm not sure why the city governer is running citizens. I'll have to correct that.

    Back to the mainland for another filler city. Why is there a cottage on the rice? Good question. I think someone wasn't paying attention again.

    More island city spamming. Dresden hasn't quite got its courthouse yet, so it is a bit in the red financially, but still contributing to research quite nicely. The site is fairly poor in production right now, but has the food to support workshops.

    So many unimproved tiles! Don't do this at home, kids. I have a galleon ready to ship a worker over there. I didn't build one locally because I want to make sure I get that Christian Monastery built, and the religion on my mainland, before I obsolete monasteries with Scientific Method (that tech is such a mixed blessing ...).

    Another site crying out for a worker. I'll quarry the stone, obviously. Undecided on the plains tiles ... maybe cottages since that way I will be able to work them all without running out of food.

    The final city I founded (I'm not going to bother discussing the Incan cities, since the AI placed those). This was founded purely for silver, since that's a happy resource I didn't have. There is a worker building the mine right now. This will never be a great city, but it will slowly grow as long as I don't actually work the silver, just use it for the happy boost. And after I rush-buy the courthouse in a turn or two, it will break even for :gold: while contributing 14 :science:. Not bad for a desolate rock of tundra with only silver to recommend it :)

  10. Benginal

    Benginal Emperor

    May 31, 2010

    Spoiler :
    Excellent write-up thus far. I've always been a fan of the detailed write-up. Things are looking good in your game too.

    I'd recommend jacking the difficulty level up to at least monarch. It will help you become a better player quickly by teaching you the hard way what things not to do.


    In general I'd say you should not work so many low yield tiles. The best way to think about it is how much is 2 food getting you. If you work a coastal tile that 2 food is getting you 2 gold or in the case of a plains farm it's only getting you 1 hammer, and you are working quite a few of both of these tiles. I'd rather run specialists which can give you better than 1 hammer or 2 gold for the same food cost and also give some GPP points. The only reason to work those farms is for the growth. But why do you want to grow? Acceptable answers are a whip-fest later or to maximize trade route income. Especially when it takes so long to grow, it's better to just run specialists.

    Berlin: You should always be working the gold. Slow growth provided by the coast is not worth it.

    Your cities are all very hybrid looking. This is okay, but not great. I'd build fewer cottages in your production cities. That's really the only thing I'd change. More farms allows more mines or workshops. Two or three towns is just a waste of space.


    Overall, you have too much infrastructure. City specialization is all about building a university in some cities and not others and a stable in some cities not others etc. Some buildings like forges, libraries, and courthouses are worth it in every city, but others are not.

    Instead of so much infrastructure build some units. You have a great tech lead and a production lead. Go take out some AIs. The game can be over in about 50 turns if you focus. Go get em.


    You took Replaceable Parts from Lib? Given all the AIs on other continents and the size of your coastal cities. Astro would probably have been a better selection.

    Plans for Future

    You should always have a goal. A pretty good goal for this game is to tech to Rifling and Military Tradition and build a bunch of cavalry. Put them on galleons and go take over a weak civ on the other continent. Then use that land base to take out the rest of the continent. Tech to physics while you're at it for blimps. If desired go Radio+Flight for bombers, although you should have no problem chain capping the rest of the world with just cavalry.

    Great job so far. :goodjob: Good luck on a strong finish.

  11. Capellan

    Capellan Is this thing on?

    Oct 2, 2007
    My default difficulty setting these days is Emperor (which I am still learning - just got my first Lib win in TES2). I played down deliberately on this map for the purposes of showing what higher-level play does on Noble.

    It was also a nice break from the sweaty tension of Emperor :)

    Spoiler :

    Absolutely I tend to hybridize my cities too much, and build too much infrastructure - especially when playing down a couple of levels and not needing to be choosey. I'm also bad about monitoring them - the city governer does as it will. I automate workers too much, as well. It's actually a wonder I got past Prince :)

    Replaceable Parts: someone on the other continent keeps using the AP to cancel deals with me. So Astro not as good as it would normally be. That AI is going to die.

    Oh, and I had some idea I was going to spam windmills on all my hills, but I got distracted and forgot :blush:

    Goals: It's definitely ROFLstomp time.
  12. Habitus

    Habitus Emperor

    Feb 28, 2011
    Well first attempt went badly due to me forgetting to spawn bust and losing my cities to barbarians lol. Going to have a 2nd attempt since I wasn't very far in and don't really have much pre-knowledge of the map. How do you turn events off, I prefer no huts + events if can and I got rid of huts :)
  13. Capellan

    Capellan Is this thing on?

    Oct 2, 2007
    Single Player / Custom Scenario / check the 'No Events' option

    Best to cover the top half of the screen with your hand while you're doing it, so you don't see the other Civs, and remember to check your difficulty setting :)
  14. A_Hamster

    A_Hamster Small Furry Animal

    Dec 20, 2007
    The main thing is to make history, not to write it. - Otto von Bismarck

    Coming late to the table ... Now to apply the advice I received in the Zara game: if I avoid repeating past mistakes, I can make completely new ones! ;)

    Haven't played Bismarck before, since Phi is my favorite trait, and so I played Frederich instead. Still, as a wonder-monger, I do like IND, and EXP looks like it will be important here. SIP for the Plains Hill and the hammer bonus, Worker-Warrior-Worker, and Ag->AH.
    (I may change to Worker-Worker-Warrior if things are safe enough.)

    @Capellan: I see you are deliberately playing tutorial games. Thank you. I'll look at them later, after I've caught up.
  15. A_Hamster

    A_Hamster Small Furry Animal

    Dec 20, 2007
    The secret of politics? Make a good treaty with Russia.- Otto von Bismarck

    A lovely game so far.
    Spoiler :
    Founded Das Kapital in 4000 BC. Popped Fishing from a hut on T6, a nice score!
    T19: BW started
    T22: Met Huanya Capac of Inca.
    T32: 2720 BC: Finish BW, start MYS, then planning to research TW.
    T42: 2320 BC: Founded Berlin to claim Oasis, Corn, Pig, Copper and Gold #2.
    T43: Find Inca far, far to the south. The continent is big enough for the both of us.
    Spoiler :

    T51: Founded Hamburg for Pig, Horse, and to protect Das Kapital. It also protects the road to Berlin.
    Spoiler :

    T57: Masonry completed, start Writing. Since there's lots of land and HC is far away, I'm going for economic techs, not military ones. I think I can keep the barbs in check with Warriors for now.
    T62: 1520 BC: Founded Munich to the east of Berlin to claim two sea resources and Silk. Now at 4 cities. Can run 50% research @ 11:science: pt and +3:gold:, or 70% @ 15:science: pt and -2:gold:. Run the deficit to get Writing sooner.
    T64: Writing, now starting IW.
    T67:HC offers OB, accepted. Judaism founded in ADL.
    T74: IW completed, Alphabet started.
    T76: 975 BC: Start GL. 62 gold in treasury, running a -3:gold: deficit, will finish Alphabet in 9 turns. Even without Stone, Das Kapital can build the Pyramids in 20 turns.
    Spoiler :
    This is the sort of game I like, a leisurely builder's game. I'll need to build more cities, and I will do so after the GL is finished. Need to claim Iron, and I'll collect the stone at the same time. Want the marble, but I'm leary of venturing so far south since I have a bad habit of overextending in city placement. Still, there's the G-Library forthcoming and I really want that. There is one galley exploring the NE waters since I can see another coastline. General plan, REX with other cities, Das Kapital builds. Probably emphasize econ techs over military ones.
    Germany's Cities.
    Spoiler :

    The World as I know it
    Spoiler :

  16. A_Hamster

    A_Hamster Small Furry Animal

    Dec 20, 2007
    A statesman... must wait until he hears the steps of God sounding through events, then leap up and grasp the hem of His garment. - Otto von Bismarck
    Spoiler :
    If Herr Bismarck meant one should seize the initiative at the key moment, I have failed of that. However, Germany is quietly expanding and building Wonders and has been successful at it.

    Some highlights.
    T83: GLh finished in Das Kapital. Next turn Alphabet was completed.
    T91: Met Gaius Julius Caesar's fishing boat on my east coast. Traded Writing for Polytheism.
    TC93: JC offers open borders, accepted. Trade Math for Archery and Mono: JC now at Pleased.
    T101: Pyramids built. Waiting to switch to REP since I'm trying to found a religion with CoL.
    T105: Found Confucianism in Berlin. Switch to REP. Do not adopt a religion just yet, since JC is still Pleased, and HC is getting difficult (he won't trade techs, even at Cautious). HC will demand Math in seven turns, and I refuse, dropping him to Annoyed. He's far away, and I'm stronger. According to the "History of the World" update, he is also the weakest, so I can flout him for now.
    T116: G-Engineer born in Das Kapital. Not sure what to do with him.
    T133: Researched Aesthetics, starting Lit. (Planning to build GL in Munich). Das Kapital completes the HG, and starts the Colossus. (Whee! Wonders!)
    T135: Whipped Courthouse in Berlin for overflow into the SP.

    Some questions: What should be done with the forests? I won't have CS for a bit so irrigation is out, and I don't want to cut them prematurely if they can be used for better infrastructure later. By the same token, I don't want to leave "bunkers" for potential enemies, not that barbs or HC have been a problem.

    The Great Engineer can bulb Machinery, or I can research Theology next and then use him to get the AP in Berlin, increasing its chances of birthing a GP for the Shrine. Suggestions?

    What is the optimum tech path to Space from here?

    General plan: Expand more, to make sure HC doesn't get any of these jungle resources. Colonize that island that has sheep for more health. Try to avoid getting too focused on Wonder-building that I forget to do the previous. Oh, I'm sending a missionary and Spy to HC. Once it gets there, I'll adopt Confucianism.

    The World 500 AD
    Spoiler :

    German Cities 500 AD
    Spoiler :

    Northern Germany 500 AD
    Spoiler :

    Southern Germany 500 AD
    Spoiler :

    Eastern Germany 500 AD
    Spoiler :

  17. Nicol.Bolas

    Nicol.Bolas Prince

    Mar 12, 2008
    Spoiler :
    I commenced this on prince/ normal
    Spoiler: BC 4000-AD 1000
    any advice on my opening is welcome

    I) After scout SW, I SIP
    worker, war, war, settler, SH, war, settler, worker iirc
    AG, AH, BW, Myst, Monoth. (at this point I was suspecting an isolated start)
    II) build also GW, since after initial scouting I decided for REX
    III) I wanted to start settling backward, later, when I found bottleneck of Hyuana, I raced down there
    IV) I managed to build also GL, Partheon, SZ, SP is fot he GPP, since munich will be farm. I managed pyramids for SP economy
    V) after rex I had deficit at 0% slider, so started cottaging and running specialist economy
    VI) now I am building up force to take over Inca
    VII) I found my own religion, since I didn´t want to end without one, and I will take over both HC and JC anyway
    VIII) since I settled a GS early, I hope to steal some techs from capac as well, maybe when he has one city left or something

    suspecting isolated start
    Spoiler :

    chairot race to block him
    Spoiler :

    overview of the Reich at AD 1000
    Spoiler :

    Spoiler :

    Spoiler :

    also why the same AI over and over? isn't the random also bugged like it was in civ 3? I keep meeting the same civs in my random games and here in NC as well

    a hamster, dont spoil and dont triple post.
    ie i didnt know there is russia, now i know it.
  18. Capellan

    Capellan Is this thing on?

    Oct 2, 2007
    Noble/Normal/No events or huts/Choose Religions
    Domination win 1840 AD

    Spoiler :

    I was now teching along strongly, well ahead of the AIs. I got to Steam Power, only to discover that despite the size of my empire, I had no coal.

    A quick glance around showed two sources in Rome's territory. Nominally #2 in power, Julius was still garrisoning his cities with Praetorians. So I headed for Assembly Line while building up cash and a fleet of frigates and galleons. I figured I'd declare on him once I'd upgraded all my CR2 Maces to infantry.

    Julius had other plans:

    Which saved me any diplo hit from the declaration, at least, thought I think it would have been minor.

    Not sure what prompted the declaration. Think it may have been close borders with Huayna, as they shared an island off the SW coast of Rome's main landmass. Certainly that's where he attacked: I never saw a unit headed my way at all.

    Thus I stuck with my plan, though I mass-upgraded my mace stack imemdiately as a protective measure.

    As I continued teching, and kickstarted the military machine that was Bremen (an infantry every turn, without fail), I attended to other matters:

    I'd had an engineer waiting to found Mining Inc for some time. I dropped it in Essen because of the nearly complete Wall Street, and queued up some executives to follow. The first one went to Bremen, of course :)

    Two turns later, Sci Meth came in. Did I haved oil? Yep: in the desert near Hamburg (as I'd suspected many centuries earlier) and:

    Turns out that ice junker for silver was an even better idea that I realised. :)

    I upgraded all my island city garrisons to Infantry, you notice. I wanted to make it at least a little difficult for JC if he did come after them. As it was, the only sign of the war was his capturing the Incan city that I suspect started the whole war.

    A few turns after that, I used another GE to give a boost to the military production that was slowly gearing up in all my cities:

    You'll notice from the inset minimap that I'd started my assault into Roman lands. I hit his NW city - which was closest to me, and incidentally had coal, though that mattered less now I had oil - amphibiously, after using my destroyers to bombard. I lost one Infantry (at 74% odds), but otherwise captured the city painlessly.

    Rome's landmass was kind of a large circle at its core, with peninsulas and islands jutting off to the north and west. I therefore swept onwards with this first stack, landing them on the NW edge of the core region. I stripped that city of defences with my fleet, then sailed back to start home, leaving a stack of inf and cannon to deal with his core.

    As I was doing this, Kublai Khan came to me with an unusual request:

    Mansa does this a lot. The Khan? Not so much. I said yes. A foothold on the other continent couldn't hurt, in the circumstances.

    It's unusual for the AI to ask protection of someone as distant as I was, but Mongolia ended up settling that island to the NW of Berlin (I never bothered, since it lacked resources) so we shared a border and had good relations.

    The corporatisation of Germany continued:

    Mining Inc + Sushi is very powerful. I'll show the impacts in the summary at the end. Essen's build queue now became alternating executives, as did Munich's, a short time later.

    I checked the tech situation:

    Yeah. Not much to worry about there :)

    The rest of the 17th century was occupied with the war on Rome. There would be no quarter for the man who dared declare on me. My main stack did a circuit around his core. I'd blast his city defenses with cannon, then air strike with airships - they have good range, so I could hit any of his core cities from the first core city I took - then sweep the defenders with CR Infantry before finishing the last guy with an unpromoted Infantry. After I had the city, the unpromoted guy got CG2 (or CG3, after I settled 2 GGs in Bremen).

    Rome's outlying cities fell to small battle groups. I'd fill a single transport with Inf and a Machinegun, then take it and two destroyers to the city. Bombard once, unload troops. Bombard a second time. Air Strike if if was a turn the main stack was moving between targets. Storm the city.

    While this as going on, I got flight and started building airports and carriers. I used the airports to airlift executives to the Roman cities. The hammer boost from Mining Inc gave me the Forbidden Palace over there in very short order, and the border pops from Sid's Sushi rapidly claimed the land.

    When I captured the Incan city that started all this, I kept it. If Huayna can't look after his things, he doesn't deserve to have them.

    By 1828 AD, I had a fleet of 2 battleships, 10 destroyers, 10 fully-laden transports (mostly Inf and Marines) and 6 fully-laden carriers.

    Stalin, meanwhile, had 4 island cities garrisoned with longbows.

    The equation was simple.

    (Notice that Rome is solidly white - go Sushi!)

    I blitzed his 4 cities in 3 turns, and the Russian decided to be reasonable:

    The fleet swept on toward the other continent, while panzers were airlifted to Russian cities, and bombers droned across the ocean to join them.

    My fleet arrived in Portugal:

    Four cities later (three coastal ones stormed by Marines, and one inland city taken by airlifted panzers):

    Which meant:

    So, a runaway win, capping four civs (one voluntarily, and the last two within 10 turns), and annihilating a fifth. Only Boudica has her freedom as the game ends. It wouldn't last :)

    Some notable cities I wanted to mention:

    My capital was a production monster. 338 hammers, even including some overflow from the turn before, is enormous. Oh, and the HE was here (probably redundantly), so I was regularly seeing over 400 hammers when building units.

    My corporate HQ, still churning out executives (as you can see in the bottom left). A financial monster, and not too shabby on the old production, either. The 260 hammers shown here includes overflow, but it was strong enough to give me an executive every turn, without fail, which is really all you need from your Wall Street city.

    Now, a couple of cities that show the power of Corporations:

    This city was the one that started the war with Rome. It was 97% Incan and 3% Roman when I captured it in the late 1700s. In 1840 AD, it is already 45% German. Give it a couple more turns, and German culture will be in the majority. That's the cultural and growth power of Sid's Sushi at work.

    Here's another example:

    A junker ice city I founded solely for silver (though I lucked out and got oil, too). Drop both Sushi and Mining Inc in there, and you've got56 :hammers: a turn. That's partly due to the raw hammers of Mining Inc, and partly due to the food from Sushi allowing you to work the hammer tiles and still grow. This city could ultimately get to 24 pop, assuming no change in Sushi resources, and a couple more health and happiness buildings. So it would be working every tile available, and running 6 specialists.

    OK, enough city tour. Here are a few other quick stats:

    Kills, showing the dominant tech level of my enemies was medieval. Less than 20 gunpowder units, compared to well over 100 melee, archery and pre-cannon siege.

    My score:

    Which is the 3rd highest I've ever achieved and easily the highest Noble score I've ever got.

    The final tech situation:

    And finally, a look at the raw numbers that the corps were pulling in:

    16 :food:, 19 :hammers: and 62 :culture: per turn for having both corps. That's an enormous boost. Sure, there's a cost: 25-30 :gold: per city. But if you look at the gold coming into Essen, above, you'll quickly see how much that cost can be offset by founding your corporate HQs in your Wall Street city.

    I hope this has been useful for Noble / Prince players. I shall now go back to seeing if I can eke out my first win on Emperor in TES2 :D

    Hamster's Bismarck quote isn't meant as a spoiler. It's just what Bismarck said.

    Spoiler for if Russia is present:

    Spoiler :

    Russia is in the game, but Hamster doesn't know that.
  19. A_Hamster

    A_Hamster Small Furry Animal

    Dec 20, 2007
    A journalist is a person who has mistaken their calling. - Otto von Bismarck
    Spoiler :
    Other than the occasional barb galley, the game is a peaceful one. The continent shared with the Inca is getting full, with Germany having the larger portion. Incan cultural pressure in the south calls for a cultural counter-attack. GE#2 was used to build the Sistine Chapel in Frankfurt, and now Versailles is being built there as well.
    Spoiler :

    Two caravels are voyaging in opposite directions: the one headed west has encountered a people called the "Mongols" led by one "Kublai Khan". We have not opened trade relations with them. Hopefully new, empty lands will be found for Germany to colonize. The homeland, while rich, could use further resources to maintain and increase its prosperity.
    Spoiler :

    Added three cities, Dortmund, Stuttgart, and Dusseldorf, the last two on what I call Sheep Island. There's a arctic island with Silver, but with only Silver and no food that is low priority.
    Spoiler :

    To date, three GEs have popped. The first built the AP, the second the Sistine Chapel, and the third is in Munich, waiting. Munich finally popped a GS on turn 178 which was used for an Academy (at long last)! There is also a GA that will be used for a Golden Age soon: he came from winning the Music race.

    My intended course is that of further peaceful development, with overseas exploration to find potential colony sites. After the lengthy warfare I engaged in as Zara, a peaceful builder's game is what I need. I'm thinking of a Space Race victory, which is why I want overseas colonies in case there is no Aluminum or Uranium in the fatherland.

    Still, my military has been somewhat neglected, so I do need to garrison the cities with LBs, and not the stray Warrior from ages past. Also a centralized reserve of Horse Archers would also make me feel better about the military situation.

    Tech path: Currently I am researching Philosophy in the hopes of getting Ankhor Wat, however, an AI may be building AW right now since I founded the 7th religion, Taoism with Divine Right. No matter, Berlin will finish a Taoist Temple in two turns and then start SM, which it can build in 9 turns, and that is the one I really want. U of Sankore will be finished in Munich next turn. Education should be my next tech, then Printing Press. Gotta start thinking about Liberalism!
  20. VoiceOfUnreason

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    Dec 5, 2005
    Comments on: The secret of politics? Make a good treaty with Russia

    1) Wow, that placement of Hamburg is miserable. As a rule, second city should go to a location that (a) aids your further expansion and (b) claims workable tiles. H. is neither of these.

    2) @ Turn 76, you have your capital and three very small cities... and they are all constructing infrastructure ?!?!?! Turn on resource bubble so you can see the rest of the food tiles! Then drop more cities near them.

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