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    Jul 14, 2008
    On a freshly booted machine, the game launches just fine. After spending some time here on the forums or elsewhere (I use Firefox 3 almost exclusively), the game will launch, but hang on a black screen with the rotating globe icon. Solution: open Task Manager, kill the app and relaunch the game. This will almost always get me to the game menu so that I can start or load a game.

    Occasionally a new game will hang at the initial autosave. Solution: launch Task Manager, kill the app, relaunch, load the initial autosave. In the seven to ten times this has happened, I've never had this save come up corrupted so whatever is going on is happening between the save and control being handed off to the player.

    This is in contrast to Civ4 and BTS (don't do Warlords, but I've got it) where the game very occasionally hangs at loading Python and it may take a complete reboot before it will go past that.

    Based on this behavior and that of Civ4 & BTS, I'm guessing that there's a conflict somewhere, but I can't see where it might be unless the whole engine just doesn't play well on Vista. It's not a game-killer since it's never crashed or hung once it's actually running and I have control, but it's sometimes an annoyance to get it started and any help in getting rid of that annoyance would be greatly appreciated.

    System specs:
    Intel Core2Duo E4600 2.42GHz
    4 GB RAM (DDR3)
    2 x GeForce 8600 (SLI) (driver v. - 5/2/08)
    Vista Ultimate (32-bit) w/SP1 (DirectX10 with one .dll from DX9 for compatibility in a different game stored in that game's directory)
    about 100 GB free on a 250GB drive (cleaned and defragged weekly)
    Civ IV: Colonization (digital download version)

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