October 2020 Update - Patch Notes Discussion


May 10, 2003
  • Reduced the number of Spaceports an AI builds.

AI fixes are always welcome, but that one...:eek: I had already given up hope for this! :love:

Hmm, maybe I was a bit too fast with the praise...
Spoiler :


Anyone else having seen the AI still doing this with the current patch?


Jul 13, 2016
Yeah this "no spying" thing on allies is a no-go for me. I appreciate what Firaxis wants to do, but rather than lock spies out completely they should have a set of more diplomatic missions that spies can use on allies.
  • Study Technology (Campus): works like steal tech boost, but maybe with a lower chance of success. Causes grievances on failure.
  • Recruit Partisans and Breach dam are axed for allies entirely. Instead at the Diplomatic Quarter: Consult with Allies - generates envoys on success. Slows envoy generation for X turns on failure.
  • Learn Local Traditions (Theater Square): Removes Loyalty Pressure on your cities from this city for X turns and generates GWAM points. On failure, slightly increases the Loyalty pressure from this city.
  • Steal Spaceship Plans (Spaceport): Provides a production boost to any spaceport projects you are currently running on success. Failure generates grievances.
  • Gain Sources and Listening Post remain the same.
  • Foment unrest and neutralize governor also disabled.
  • i;m not sure of a good alternative for the Industrial Zone mission.
  • International Commercial Talks (Commercial Hub): Provides you with gold on success but the other power with gold on failure.

It just seems like there needs to be a better fix than just disallowing any sort of agent activity. Yes spies are pretty exploitable currently, but that doesn't mean we should cut the whole feature out for allies.
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