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Please only post in this thread if you are making an official selection for your team.

Keep any commentary to this thread.

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This thread will be opened for teams to place their official civ/leader choices on 5 June 2012 at 12.01am UTC. Until that time, please continue to discuss your civ/leader preferences in your team forums.

This thread is now open for official team votes on civ/leader selection.

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Snake pick with unrestricted leaders and no duplicate civs/leaders is the preferred option of the majority.

Here is how it works: the first team (WePlayCiv) will have up to 24 hours to make their official choice on either civ OR leader. As soon as they have made their official choice, the next team ( will have up to 24 hours to make their official choice. The process will continue down the list of teams as they make their first choice, then in reverse order as teams choose their other item (out of leader OR civ).

The only limitation is that you are not permitted to choose an item (either civ or leader) which has already been selected by a team before you. For instance, if a team before you has chosen the Aztecs for their civ, you cannot choose the Aztecs. (Note that you may still choose Montezuma - provided that no other team has selected him yet - because the leader is not related to the civ.)

Please note that teams do not have to use the full 24 hours to make their decisions - indeed they are encouraged to choose as quickly as possible. It is advisable to have a prepared list of alternative civs/leaders on your team forum in case someone picks the civ or leader you were hoping to pick, so that you do not need much time to deliberate if your top preference gets taken by someone else.

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Teams will make their choices in the following order:

(Choose one option out of either civ or leader)
1. Team WePlayCiv
2. Team
3. Team Apolyton
4. Team Spanish Apolyton
5. Team Civfanatics
6. Team CivPlayers
7. Team Realms Beyond
8. Team UniversCivilization
9. Team Civfr
(Choose remaining item out of civ or leader)
10. Team Civfr
11. Team UniversCivilization
12. Team Realms Beyond
13. Team CivPlayers
14. Team Civfanatics
15. Team Spanish Apolyton
16. Team Apolyton
17. Team
18. Team WePlayCiv

Note that the only team which will choose civ and leader simultaneously is Team Civfr. Everyone else must only select one item out of civ OR leader for each official choice.

Final picks:

Team WePlayCiv (Ragnar of Native America)
Team (Isabella of Inca)
Team Apolyton (Elizabeth of Ottoman)
Team Spanish Apolyton (Boadicea of Zulu)
Team Civfanatics (Mansa of India)
Team CivPlayers (Darius of Aztec)
Team Realms Beyond (Pacal of Egypt)
Team UniversCivilization (Mehmed of Holy Rome)
Team Civfr (Willem of Maya)
1. Team WePlayCiv chooses Ragnar as leader for our first pick.

Sorry for the delay being even longer than anticipated, folks. A funny thing happened on the way to in the forum...

(Team RB picks Pacal)
First pick for Team UniversCiv :
Holy Roman Empire
Second pick for Team UniversCiv :
Mehmet II (EXP/ORG)

After several days of calm, civil and statesmanlylike discussion, and well reasoned debate...

We decided...



To do a coin toss...

And this guy won...

Well, actually it was this guy...

Don't know who that is? It's this guy...

Now Look at your leader... now at ours... now back to your leader... Now back to ours... Sadly your leader is not ours... and look...

He's on a Horse ;)

Still confused? OK, how bout' this?...



Thanks to all teams for your patience.:D
Hi! to help Caleron I need leaders of each civ to register at and post here the nick used to do so.
I had this players assigned as leaders of theirs civs

LordParkin Realms Beyond
Kloreep WePlayCiv
Manolo Spanish Apolyton
Filon Civplayers
2metraninja CivFanatics

the reamining civ i need at least one user to register at to assign as leader of each civ

Leaders can add new co-leaders at this option at your game panel at the "usefull-Leaders" option at the toolbar


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