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[Civ2] Old Mad Max scenario addon


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Sep 24, 2016
While doing my preservation work I found a cool full world map apocalypse Mad Max scenario by Patrick Williams in the Apolyton backups a while back which was a nice surprise as Mad Max was one of my Apocalypse scenario search categories. However sadly it had zero custom graphics.

So much like when I found & fixed up the old Warcraft scenario last year I couldn't resist deciding for no good logical reason (since no one would be playing this these days haha) other than the fact I'm quickly going to mention it in my video series, to give it a very quick terrain overhaul using existing easily accessible materials I'd either found in other desert scenarios or made myself.

I added:
  • A Title.gif I took from original Mad Max films.
  • Desert shorelines, mountains and hills from Nick Smith's Desert Storm scenario.
  • Deserts and burnt forests from the Microprose CiC Apocalypse scenario.
  • Ruins from the Microprose FW Master of Magic Jr scenario.
  • Burnt out swamps & jungles (with a slight recolouring to match the deserts) from my Terminator Future War Remaster scenario.
  • Added some slight recolouring to tundra and snow to match the deserts.
  • Made default desert graphics the new plains and default plains graphics the new grasslands and made some slight colour adjustments to both to better blend.
It's a rush job so it's far from perfect (eg land to shoreline rastering/dithering sucks). Also hasn't got custom units still as the scenario uses the full Civ2 lineup so it needs a lot of replacements which would change this from a quick job to a long job haha. Cities could use some treatment too now that I think of it but oh well lol.

Have updated the copy I preserved on CFC with the changes:

Original appearance (no terrain files, just uses Civ 2 defaults):

New terrain:
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