Nov 7, 2001
Readyland, MI
Preturn: Change production to Copernicus, same amount of culture in 22 less turns.
(1) 1530AD-
(2) 1535AD-
(3) 1540AD-
(4) 1545AD-Cancel RoP and MPP with India. The last thing I want is for India to drag us into a war. I decide to wait to trade for India's iron until after Cops is done, 5 turns. They want 2 techs, wm and some gold. We can make up for some of this by selling the 2 techs to the other civs. And hopefully this will get the other civs to Steam Power some time in the near future.
(5) 1550AD-
(6) 1555AD-The Greeks start Sun Tzu's.
(7) 1560AD-
(8) 1565AD-
(9) 1570AD-Complete Atomic Theory, start Replaceable Parts. Copernicus's completed. Well, India's demands for iron have changed a bit, they now want Theory of Gravity, wm, 320 gold and 1 gpt. I decide it is worth it to be able to build a factory and accept the deal. Well, so much for making some back by selling the tech to the other civs, they both offer 1 gold. I decide to take it as it will only help our relations. Everyone is gracious towards us. We may be able to get a diplomatic win before the culture win. Production of a factory begins in Smallsvilla.
(10) 1575AD-
(11) 1580AD-
(12) 1585AD-
(13) 1590AD-
(14) 1595AD-
(15) 1600AD-
(16) 1605AD-
(17) 1610AD-
(18) 1615AD-Replaceable Parts discovered, The Corporation started. We have no rubber source, all other civs have at least one, although they don't know it yet.
(19) 1620AD-
(20) 1625AD-

Factory will finish in 3 turns. We should build a worker so we can start building rails as soon as we can trade for some coal. The other civs are catching up and may be researching Steam Power at this point. Hospital, and Theory of Evolution would be my suggestions after that. TofE will hopefully keep us ahead in tech. We are probably going to have to trade techs for iron and coal so we can build rails. If we continue to keep our opponents happy and can build the United Nations we have a chance at a diplo win. But we will probably get a culture win first as we are less than 78 turns away and it will be even less than that since we have some culture doubling soon to come. As long as we stay out of trouble we have this one in the bag.


Apr 8, 2002
At my work
Hey, what happened with this one?

I want to watch;) this game.


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Mar 10, 2002
Hey, I needed a break from Exams ;)

Young Octavian seizes the throne of Persia and declares that he is to be called Emperor Caesar_Augustus! "HAHAHAHA," he boasts, "The Glorious Persian Empire is mine! Persepolis, Susa, Babylon, all of those rich cities are mine!!!"

A loyal Persian immortal clears his throat, "Ummm, my lord, the Empire isn't exactly an empire anymore . . . we only have one city. And its name isn't Persepolis, Susa, or Babylon, it's . . . ahh . . . it's called Stevevilla."

Caesar's jaw drops. "WHAT?!?! Dammit, no wonder Marc Antony didn't put up a fuss when I told him he could have Rome, for I was going to seize the throne of Persia! And Stevevilla?!?! What kind of freaking name is that! We shall re-name this great city, with all of its wonders, ROME!"

And so began the reign of Caesar_ Augustus the Disappointed.

Ok, quick look around the game and I've noticed that none of the other civs have electricity, which also means they don't have Scientific Method and that ToE is OURS. So we have some time before we need to build that wonder. Although there may be a cascade later because all of the other civs are building Sun Tzu's and Leo's.

1) 1630AD: Move Science to 90%, we lose -8 gpt but we will get Corporation in two turns now. We only have 27 gold anyways . . .

2) 1635AD: Those damn Babylonian Knights fortified on our borders make me nervous . . . "SEND OUT THE LEGIONS! THEY WILL FEEL THE WRATH OF ROME!!!" rants Caesar_Augustus while curled up in a fetal position upon his throne. His foreign advisor calmly reminds him that A) This is Persia, we have Immortals not Legions B) We have 3 stout groups of Riflemen who could easily handle the Knight. B) The Babs are our gracious friends. "Oh, of course," says Caesar_Augustus firmly while straightening himself up on the throne. "Carry on!"
-Move Science back a notch, -3 gpt and Corp next turn.

3) 1640AD: Start research on Refining - always better to know where the oil in the game is before researching the useless steel tech. "HAHAHAHA! I WILL BE THE OIL SULTAN OF THE WORLD!" cries out Caesar. He notices that his throne room is empty and grumbles to himself.
Factory completed, begin work on a worker. I plan on Irrigating a couple of shieldless grass squares to gain pop faster once we build our hospital; once we top off we can always change them back to mines. I thought we could also re-forest our borders tiles if no coal pops up in a trade - taking off 2 movement points off of invading armies is very useful (as if anyone is going to attack us though). Science to 60%

4) 1645AD: F2 reveals that Gandhi has coal! We give him our World map + Industrialization for Coal, Military Tradition, 72 Gold, and 1 gpt. Worker starts to modernize our countryside. Start building a hospital (Outside the throne room, the Persian advisors hear Caesar_Augustus ranting inside: "BUT WHAT ABOUT THOSE DAMN KNIGHTS! BUILD SOME OF THESE NEWFANGLED CAVALRY UNITS!!!" The advisors double check to see if the trone room door is locked from the outside.

5) 1650 AD: Worker continues to lay railroad.

6) 1655 AD: Railroad railroad . . .

7) 1660 AD: Leo's completed by Greeks - Babs to Sufferage.

8) 1665 AD: Nada

9) 1670 AD: Hmmm, our Iron for 1 gpt deal has run out, but Gandhi hasn't revoked it! "Foolish Gandhi! Just another slave of the Roman Empire," Caesar_Augustus exults.

10) 1675 AD: Zero

11) 1680 AD: Oops, Gandhi cancels the deal. Must have been meditating for a few years and didn't notice. No prob, we give Sanitation and Corp for Coal and 26 gp.

-Set Slider to 50% Sci, Refining in 2

12) 1685 AD: Hospital finished. Caesar_Augustus' head snaps up and he shouts, "AT LAST! CAVALRY HERE WE COME!" However, the advisors convince the Immortals to lock him away for good and start work on a granary. "You can't do this! I'm the damn Emperor!" whines Caesar_Augustus. Someone must have forgot to tell him that this was a democracy. Oh well.

13) 1690 AD: Refining is ours, go for Electronics so we can build a Hydro Plant (geez, at this rate we could build the Hoover Dam and still be fine).

14) 1695 AD: With Granary due in 1 turn, I re-organize our tiles to maximize food/trade, which only gives us +5 gold but hey ;)

15) 1700 AD: Borders shrink to Sparta in the South-West; we lose our horses and Babylon (who we had been trading them to) drops to Polite. Hmmm, I may trade away our only source of Dyes in a few turns - we don't need luxuries (especially with Shakespeare's). I'll wait til someone gets a nice lump sum of gold we can take.

-Babylon wants to trade his map for our map and Sanitation. "OFF WITH HAMMURABI'S HEAD!" yells Caesar_Augustus from his jail cell. The advisors respectfully decline; he stays Polite.

-Granary done; ToE in 19 turns. Re-optimize for production.

16) 1705 AD: Trade Dyes to Babylon for 105 Gold and 4 gpt. Greece didn't have enough dough, and India, although having 2 resources that we need (coal + iron) already had dyes. Need for oil is a ways off, so if we still have the dyes then we can use that for a trade. We will always be ahead in tech though, so no need to use it for that.

17) 1710 AD: City core is all railed. Boost science to 70%, breaking even. Worker begins to rail the other squares within our cultural borders.

18) 1715 AD: Zilch

19) 1720 AD: nada

20) 1725 AD Slider to 60%, gpt +5. However, I did screw up my turn count so I played a few more than I should have.

21) 1730 AD: Everyone has Electricity now, they're one step from Scientific Method and ToE. No sweat though. I trade our World Maps for 2 gold total - why not.

-In the year 1730 AD, the puppet emperor Caesar_Augustus passes away. He leaves behind a detailed plan which explains in great detail how to invade Babylon, and then cross the sea and re-take Rome from Antony and Cleopatra. "Who the heck are Antony and Cleopatra?" asks one of the advisors. "No doubt just figments of his imagination," replies another. They toss his plan into the fire and begin to discuss what strategies the next ruler should employ . . .

Persia 1730 Ad .ZIP


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Mar 10, 2002

There's our 'empire.'

Well, the game is easily in hand. Our Culture is at 14833, so a cultural victory isn't that far off. With our research rate on Cheiftain however, we may even get a diplomacy victory before that.

Not having that 3 tile buffer with Sparta is bothersome, but only really a problem if someone was annoyed or at war with us. But everyone is gracious, everyone loves us, and this game is a cakewalk.

After ToE completes, maybe go for the marketplace and then Hydro Plant (or even Hoover just to piss the AI off, but that may be overkill - may be better to save a few wonders as placeholders for the UN - we NEED the UN, because if the game actually lasts until Fission and we don't build it, we lose).

If this were higher difficulty I'd say start pumping some artillery, but hey, this game is one big lovefest, nothing to worry about.

Once the worker finshes railing everything (which is VERY good for moving about artillery/other units if a war should break out), make him sleep for the occasional pollution cleanup, or add him back to the city.

BTW, those forts surrounding the city are a BAD idea. If anyone were to invade, a counter-attack would be much harder to pull off. Plus, we don;'t have the resources to man all of those forts AND protect the city. Much better to stack arty and infantry if we ever have to go to war, and then ride our rails around blasting everything that comes near us to bits.

Also, ToE is due in 11, and Electronics in 2. Make sure the next tech gets finished in 8 or less turns, so we don't lose those research turns to the ToE tech bonus (our research won't carry over).


Mar 31, 2002
P) Renames town ???
1) Greeks talk. MPP & ROP for MPP, ROP and 2GPT good. I'll accept.
2) worker sent for work (by the way I'm building forts within a city range of 2)
3) We learn electrnics go for steel (9 turns)
4) more work for the worker. Superior Liking Awed Very Enjoyed for its nick. (and no I'm not saying S.L.A.V.E)
5) coal lost
6) not really anything
7) Indians talk TM for RP and TM. Sure but just this time. Worker works.
8) nothing
9) nothing really
10) w0rk
11) we learn steel. Go for radio. ToE is done. We learn Radio (...). Switch to combustion. Ack we learn combustion! Ah well then FLIGHT! Go for Hydro plant (phew) Iron now! Argh!
12) work for worker he never goes on strike!
13) nothing
14) more work
15) Babylon/Babylon makes Sun Tzu. Indians switch to US more work
16) completes Hydro Plant goes for intellegence agency ;) Greeks building US
17) more work
18) nothing
19) Learn Flight! Go more Mass Production. The colossus obsolete more work
20) R-e-t-i-r-e


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Mar 10, 2002
joshnsnaz, just read your report and wanted to ask you some things. Not trying to be overly critical, just trying to get some dialogue going about this game and trying to find out the reasoning behind some of your moves.

1) Why would you EVER accept a MPP when everyone is gracious with us? If we were threatened by a big superpower, then maybe I could understand. However, now if Greece goes to war over some stupid reason, we get dragged into it. In a OCC, the goal is to AVOID war at any cost; nothing will hurt more than to be dragged into a useless conflict.

2) Building forts is a bad idea. Later on, should we be at war and the enemy has armor, OFFENCE becomes the best defence, not fortifying in forts waiting for the tanks to crush us. Should enemy tanks ever roll into our territory, we should bombard the crap out of them with artillery, and then finish them off when they hit 1 hp. If they're sitting in the forts that we built them, it'll make it that much harder to counter-attack. Plus, we don't have the manpower to garrison any forts, let alone all of them. Hopefully the next player will cancel the worker's construction. I actually considered pillaging the forts around the city during my turn, but we would have lost valuable food/shields/trade while waiting for workers to re-build it.

3) Why did you pick flight before Mass Production? Since we had the Colossus we should have left Flight as the very last tech we researched for this age, so that we could enjoy its bonus for as long as possible. Flight offers us nothing advantageous either, while Mass Production leads to Motorized Transport, MUCH more useful.

4) Why are you building an Intelligence Agency?
A) If you try to plant a spy and get caught, our reputation will take a hit, or, ever worse, we could be drawn into an unwanted war.
B) We will never have the money to use any of the spy options.

IMO, building an Intelligence Agency is a waste of precious shields, and it's a course of action that may draw us into war. War = not good, especially when we're this close to victory.

Perhaps you see things differently (please enlighten me as to why if you do), but in a OCC I view it as priority #1 to avoid wars at ALL COSTS. That's why I don't understand the logic behind accepting MPPs and building the war causing wonder (AKA Intelligence agency).

What do you think?


Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate!!!
Aug 15, 2001
My time for 20 turns.

Let's close out a open game (Maybe)


Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate!!!
Aug 15, 2001
Preturn - Cancel the fort insanity.
Kill the MPP - Why in the world does a single city game have this?????????
Communism is useless for a occ game - switch to Mass Production.
Switch to Universal suffrage - a lot more culture per turn.

I don't understand why we never build a coluseum :confused:

1798 AD - Start research on Tanks.
1802 AD - Complete Universal suffrage - start Colosseum.

1804 AD - AI cascades to Smith's. One lousy worker to clean pollution :mad:
1808 AD - Finish Colosseum, start great wall - quickest source of culture.
1816 AD - Complete the Great Wall - start Magellan's.
1818 AD - Start research on fission - standard rocketry for free.
Palace expansion - nice pretty shruberry.

Summary - Next person ends the game.
How about someelse play this tonight -
to many open games at the moment -
let us close one


Feb 20, 2001
Congrats to all who came before me and there were many![party] [party]

1822: Mag. Voyage in 5 turns Culture at 18826

1824: Fission in 15 turns, (-5gpt), Babs want Atomic Theory, refuse the become annoyed - that may have been a mistake. Quickly give Atomic Theory for Wine and incense, Trade with greece combustion for rubber and horses

1826: Fissionin 14, Upgrade riflemen to infantry, Mag. in 3

1828: More of the same culture at 19147 +107 per turn

1830: Mag. Voyage completed (+110 culture/turn) start Great Lighthouse - 6 turns

1832-1842: Watch the culture climb

1844: Cultural Victory!!


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