Jan 17, 2002
Phoenix, AZ
Interesting idea. Since you say you're not going to play this, I'll kick off the first 20 turns...

Edit: That's a dead link you have there to the start file. Let me know if you want me to restart with the parameters you've listed above...
Jan 17, 2002
Phoenix, AZ
(1) 4000BC
Nice start! Next to a river, next to the sea. We can grow straight to size 12 without an aquaduct, and go for Colossus and other maritime wonders too. I move the worker one square NW to see if there is a better site, but settle where standing.
Steveopolis is formed. Future leaders can rename this as they wish!! A warrior is ordered.
I select The Wheel as our initial research project. We are more likely to have horses in these lands than iron. Science to 90% to get it in 8 turns at break even.

(2) 3950BC
Our worker begins roading the area.

(3) 3900BC
(4) 3850BC
(5) 3800BC
First road segment complete. Worker is moving towards grasslands with bonus shields.

(6) 3750BC
(7) 3700BC
(8) 3650BC
(9) 3600BC
(10) 3550BC
We learn the secrets of the Wheel. Ceremonial Burial in 4 turns at 90% and break-even.

(11) 3500BC
Our borders expand. Damn, red borders are sighted to the North. And we won't get horses until our culture hits 1000.
We complete a warrior, start another.

(12) 3450BC
Our warrior scouts North, to contact the red-border-people.

(13) 3400BC
(14) 3350BC
We meet a strange people who call themselves "Babylonians". They offer to trade Warrior Code for the Wheel and 4 gold from our coffers. I accept.
Our mystics figure out a new way to dispose of dead people. Alphabet is started next.

(15) 3300BC
(16) 3250BC
Second warrior built. He heads South.
We get our first mine completed.

(17) 3200BC
(18) 3150BC
(19) 3100BC
Third warrior completes his training.
First goody hut spotted by our Northern warrior.
Dyes are spotted to the South of the city by our other warrior.

(20) 3050BC
Oh joy. Angry warriors from the goody hut.

We're on Chieftan level, so we get (I think) four content people before running into disorder problems. Above this we will require military police and a temple. Allow the city to grow to the point of disorder, then shift citizens around to halt growth until the next "happy" building is completed.


Nov 7, 2001
Readyland, MI
Preturn: In a OCC we are most likely to win with a culture of 20,000. We have 3 warriors out exploring for huts and other civs so I switch our production to temple to get our culture started. The sooner it is built, the sooner we get the 1,000 year culture doubling bonus. I also dropped the science rate to 70%, we will still finish alphabet in 2 turns, but now we are making 1gpt.
(1) 3000BC-Our brave warrior defeats all 3 barbs undamaged and becomes elite!! Green borders are sighted to our southwest. Science rate is dropped another 20% to gain another gold on our last turn of research of alphabet. Our worker starts another mine.
(2) 2950BC-Alphabet is discovered. I decide to beeline towards literature so we can go for the Great Library. Turn science rate back up to 100%, 7 turns until writing, no income.
(3) 2900BC-warrior exploring
(4) 2850BC-worker completes mine.
(5) 2800BC-worker starts road.
(6) 2750BC-
(7) 2710BC-worker completes road, starts mine. Western warrior sees a goody hut.
(8) 2670BC-We learn Mysticism from the goody hut! Turn science rate down to earn a gold on the last turn of research. The green borders belong to Greece, they know nothing that we don't and don't have enough to buy anything we know.
(9) 2630BC-Learn writing, head for literature, will take 9 turns with no income. Our southern warrior finds a goody hut.
(10) 2590BC-worker completes mine, heads toward next square to mine. Our northern warrior finds a goody hut!
(11) 2550BC-worker starts next mine.
(12) 2510BC-Temple is completed, start spearman for garrison. Northern warrior finds a settler in the goody hut. Guess I will have it head back towards our city to add population. But he is a long way from home and I am not going to waste the exploring of the warrior by providing escort. Our southern warrior has better luck and learns Pottery. Due to the temple we are now losing 2 gpt, I turn science rate down to 90%, it increases remaining research time from 5 to 6 turns but gets us down to losing 1 gpt. Our treasury is 11 so we should be OK.
(12) 2470BC-
(13) 2430BC-worker completes mine.
(14) 2390BC-
(15) 2350BC-complete spearman, start Colossus. Drop science rate for last 2 turns of research.
(16) 2310BC-our northern warrior finds a goody hut. Our western warrior finds a goody hut. And guess what, our southern warrior finds a goody hut :)
(17) 2270BC-Discover writing, start Polytheism. Leave science rate so that we are breaking even, 15 turns of research. Northern goody hut gives us a warrior. Western goody hut gives us another settler. Usually I would love settlers, but not in a OCC!! Southern goody hut gives us 25 gold. Not one tech! And I have to drop the science rate because we are now losing 2 gpt due to the extra 2 units we now have. We are still losing 1 gpt for 18 turns but we can burn that 25 gold we just got. I look at our production opportunities and decide to change to library. It will give us 3 culture and will be done in 4 turns. The wonders available to us range from 3 to 6 culture but will require 27 to 56 turns. The library will get doubled to 6 culture before we will complete any of those plus we will begin earning culture in just 4 turns.
(18) 2230BC-worker clears forest, starts mine.
(19) 2190BC-
(20) 2150BC-Complete library early due to the forest clearing, decide to go for The Colssus. It gives 3 culture and is done in 29 turns. The other wonders will take much longer. The Great Library is not looking so great because the Babs and Greeks are not yet ahead of us in techs. It does give 6 culture but will take 58 turns. This early in the game the 1,000 year doubling of culture is important. The Great Library will also probably be available when we complete the Colossus, but keep an eye out for the other civs to start it, we may want to change if they do.

Both of the known civs only have one city, that won't last long. The warriors are still exploring. The one we found in the goody hut is trailing a settler back to our city. He is intended to be additional garrison for happiness purposes. We are running on the edge of happiness. At chieftain we get four content citizens plus we get one more due to the temple. We will be growing to size five next turn so any additional growth will require additional garrison, entertainment tax or luxuries.
I decided against trading for iron working that the Greeks know as they wanted three of our techs or comm with the Babs for it. I didn't want to give up that many techs at this point. We want them dumb so they can't build wonders before us. Some reason I didn't want to trade communications with them. The AI is very aggressive in trading techs amongst themselves and again this will threaten our ability to build the wonders.
Good luck to the next leader.

Erik Mesoy

Core Tester / Intern
Mar 25, 2002
Oslo, Norway

This is my first time at any SG, so I will play now. OK?

Cya in 24 hours or whatever.:goodjob:

Erik Mesoy

Core Tester / Intern
Mar 25, 2002
Oslo, Norway
Inherited Turn: CHange colossus to Worker. We can have him rejoin the city later.
2110: MMOW. Irritating. We cannot get over the 10shield threshold without a shortage, as 10shields/turn loses 1 to corruption. Drat.
2070: Build Worker, start colossus again. I disband the northern warrior to save 1 gold per turn.
2030: I make the settler join the city. Everyone is content, at no growth we get colossus in 20! Decide to grow to 7.
Note: On chieftain you get 4 content ppl, so 2 MP and temple should allow 7 content ppl.
1950:(5) The greeks have founded Sparta. We make contact with India across the lower right land bridge.
1910: The indians appear to know Poly, as research time drops to 4 turns. Trade him our Writing for his Iron Working. Gandhi does not know Pottery or Masonry or Wheel. B-A-C-K-W-A-R-D! Say it with me now!
1870:I fire all the animators. Road to Babylon started.
1750:(10)Discover Polytheism, go for Monarchy. :king:
1675:(13)I join a worker to the city. COlossus in 8.
1600:(16)I join a settler to the city and set some luxury rates. Less income is prefereable to later colossus.
10% luxury gives the city 2 happy, 2 unhappy, 5 content. +5 gold per turn, colossus in 5. :goodjob:
1550:(18) We now have a road to babylon.
1500: I save the game. The next player will get colossus. I dont know wether we need the GL, Gardens will give more happy ppl and maybe a faster GL... I say go for Gardens and THEN the great library.
A greek warrior is trying to contact india, but our 2 warriors down there are blocking him.
I hope i didnt make you look idiotic with my "Grow to size 9" move when you said size 6 for content ppl. :crazyeye:
We have no iron anywhere nearby, it seems.
We are running 5 gpt, Monarchy in 7 or so.
You may want to MicroManage the workers.


Aug 26, 2001
Mountain View, California, USA
The 'nice start' was the work of 20 restarts :rolleyes:.Joshnsnaz , this is an open game , anyone can play , but not 2 times in a row , and also you must wait for two ppl to play before you play again (in this game) .

PS :If anyone doese'nt know , OCC is One City Challenge


Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate!!!
Aug 15, 2001
??? If this is a one city challange, where did the settler come from?


Mar 31, 2002
Originally posted by aneeshm


0.5) builds colossus. Goes for great library next
1) warriors look south
3) worker builds mine
3.5) We make an agreement with Ham/Babylon 5 gold and Indian contact for wines. Ham/Bayblon now gracious
5.5) (i think) We discover monarchy. Choose mapmaking(6t). Makes revolution.s
6) city now in C.D. Worker mine finished. Looks for more. Anarchy over in 4 turns? Warriors not finding much
7) not much discovery.
9.5?) Chooses Monarchy. Anarchy over.
10) Civil Disorder over.
10.25) Al/Greece want Literature and 12 gold i accept
12.5) We discover Map Making. Look into Maths now(4t),
14?) trade maps. Look beyond India
16) North
17.5) We learn Mathematics then go for construction
18) Warriors head north
20?) The Leader takes a rest
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