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Organized trait


Sep 9, 2007
What are your opinions on the organized trait? I love to build a financial powerhouse civilization with a huge army. I have played my past few games with Darius as my leader. But, I cant decide between Darius, Pacal, or Elizabeth. I cant decide if I want to stick to organized, or go with expansive/philisophical. I play a conquest game on Immortal difficulty. Any suggestions?
Org is great trait, one of my favourites.
trying my luck with non-fin civs lately, and Org is just as powerful as fin imo, but while fin`s boosts is most noticeable early, Org is later on.

Elizabeth`s traits are abit contradictary imo, the phil invites to have some focus on specialists economy, while fin does cottageeconomy, but maybe thats just me.
that makes sense about Elizabeth. I guess the only thing i would take advantage of is the 100% great person growth. I would use financial as a way to keep my economy up, build a parthanon, and try to pump out as many great people from wonders as possible. I usually use my great people to skip a tech.
Organized is one of the best traits in the game. And it gets better the higher the difficulty setting is. The cheap buildings are also pretty much required in most cities except for the lighthouse.
Organized is best for warmongering, it lets you run expensive civics for cheap and you only really notice it if you have huge empires otherwise the trait is a complete waste with a smaller sized empire, one of the best things about financial is the cheap courthouses.

Organized is for higher levels and if your too nubbie to use financial right :p
It's my second favorite trait. I'm a peacemonger, so I usually use low-maintenance civics, and thus prefer Financial. Still, being able to expand much faster early on due to the cheap courthouses is almost as good as the extra money.
I'm a huge fan of organized whenever I'm going for a domination victory. It will save you lots of money if you use expensive civics, and being able to build courthouses quickly will really help after you've already got several cities set up.
Organised used to be my favourite, and it deffo is an excellent trait: behind-the-scenes saving of cash! More money is always excellent. I find it's kind of a no-brainer though, as to an extent it allows you to forget about money concerns, as long as you get those cheap courthouses in. It makes the game a lot easier, and that's the reason I never play as anyone Financial anymore.

At least with a trait like Spiritual it is strong, but you have to make an effort to employ it for it to be maximally effective.

Organised is quite powerful --> lower upkeep = more money. Plus you get bonuses when building factories and courthouses as well which are great boasts. It's best if you're playing a warmonger though. At immortal, playing Darius (Fin/Org) will help a lot as it means more money allowing you to catch up with the AI in tech. (if you play right you may be able to be at 90 or 100% research the entire game).
Cheers. Is the Bowman nay good for Offensive warmongering? Never played as Ham
I use it as an anti barb unit so I can defend a city and take out any wandering axeman that seek to pillage my countyside.
Cheers. Is the Bowman nay good for Offensive warmongering? Never played as Ham

Not really, since the AI always loads up on archers. In multiplayer, Bowman rush can be very effective, since you can have several bowmen out the door before your nearest opponent gets anything better than warriors.
Cheap courthouses are amazing and definitely help to expand without breaking the bank. Cheap civics isn't too shabby either (especially with high upkeep mideval civics like feudalism and organized religion). Cheap lighthouses (and factories, but that's really late in the game) are icing on the cake.
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