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PAE Stories

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Ancient Europe' started by pie_at, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. Hornakhtyotef

    Hornakhtyotef Chieftain

    Jul 9, 2014
    Spoiler Part 11 :

    The Greeks have this rare grain: rye. I send a trade cart to buy it and to make an attempt to local cultivation.

    This is what I feared the most. The Gauls DoWed us. I bribe Ambiotrix's mortal foe: Minos the Greek.

    A Greek archer is making a lucky blockade, impeding the Gaulish march towards my city. Consequently, the SoD retreated because AI stoopid.
    And it turned out the Gauls redirected their SoD towards the closest Greek city.

    I self-tech "Road Maps". Now, the map will remain static/discovered. It is good for the CPU.

    Theology tech.

    The Gaulish SoD was kind of frozen next to the Greek city for the artillery to complete its job.
    I brought my SoD to demolish the Gaulish SoD.

    The Germans (few cities) decided they renounced their allegiance towards Babylonia...for reasons.
    Also, something interesting occurred at the Greek city of Sparta.

    It dawned on my we have passed 200 BC, which means whoever founded Judaism is risking to have
    the holy city revolting each turn. And it happened. I redirected one of my soldier scout towards the Jewish
    holy city. I met Solomon of the Hebrews. I have an idea.

    Here it goes. This is why the player should NEVER let cities go unhealthy. My capital got caught by a severe plague and it spread from there.

    Nice positive event. I got "Fermentation" tech, allowing me to get more ways to increase my city health level.

    Tetrabiblos wonder built...guess who...the Babylonians.

    I negotiated with the Greeks for them to make peace with the Hebrews.

    Obviously, my shot to the Tetrabiblos has been gunned down by the Babylonians turns ago.

    Here is my idea what to do with the Hebrews. I want to invade "Sparta" - the holy city for Judaism - and raze it to deny this very developed city from the Greeks.

    The plague has done so much damages to my core cities. Hence, never let cities go unhealthy, even by 1 :yuck:.

    I got a nice positive event providing nearly +5000 :science:. That's a pretty relevant event for its impact.

    I am catching up to Babylonia and Greece for military power.

    The key to late success in PAE is to find any method to increase the :health: level. So, I got for Soap tech.

  2. brettschmitt

    brettschmitt Chieftain

    Feb 1, 2019
    Hi Horn... still nice to read you experience in PAE.

    And I know that I'm not the only one who is curious.
    There are at least two other friends, who'd like to see you dominating the world :)

    A few more Return/Enter hits were nice, though... hart to read without a little space between the pics...

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