Patch v3.13 change list

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Colony maintenance capped at twice the distance maintenance

Very pleased about this!

Any launched Spaceships automatically arrive on Alpha Centauri when game is over and extended play is selected

Like this as well and everything else that was done. Thanks a bunch!
<3 you Firaxis
Holy Crap! That looks well worth the wait. Thank you for the update. I appreciate the hard work that you guys do.
most look great to me, yay!

"Can't vote on a winner if one team already has all the votes necessary to win". i guess that means that the religious victory/UN diplomatic victory options don't show up at all if one team has that many votes? so if you want to win that way you'd have to get rid of pop somehow? huge change out of nowhere, or i'm out of the loop, or both *giggle*.

yay for unlimited corporate execs! now if we could just get more missionaries on larger maps... ;)
Very nice

Actually, Colony Maintenance capped at 2* Distance makes the forbidden Palace + Versailes useful for maintaining overseas colonies.

I like the "must have someone else voting for you to get a dipo win."

That makes it not a pure Domination Shortcut

Auto Corporate spread should now work (and hopefully a domestic corp will be worth spamming Domestically now... and maybe even a foreign one every once in a while)

Blitz available to ships should make naval battles a bit more Interesting.
Sounds good, I am confused by this part though...

Fixed bug where the Three Gorges Damn would give power unhealthiness to all cities
Fixed bug where new cities would not get power unhealthiness from the Three Gorges Dam
Fixed bug where cities with just hudro/nuclear plants would not get unhealthiness

Is the unhealthiness intended or not? Maybe I am reading this wrong...
Great work Firaxis (as ever) !
*cancels all events scheduled for next 2 weeks* guys have been busy!
Love the changes as well as the bugfixes...Customs Houses were already great, they're going to be monsters now!

The only thing missing from my wishlist is mounted units being able to flank earlier-are siege, but that's a minor quibble

Also, when you say poison water is fixed, is that 8 unhealthiness for 8 turns at all speeds, or is it still scaled to a lesser extent according to the different-sized food boxes (eg 10 for 10 turns on epic etc)?
Cities no longer auto-liberate on conquest except from a vassal to a master

Glad to see that one. One of the cities I conquered last game auto liberated to Alexander pushing him over 50% of my land. The ungrateful SOB declared war on me the next turn.

Vassals no longer have resources unavailable for trade

This one is great as well. For some reason my vassals don't like me. I was starting to wonder why I was allowing them to stay alive to bask in my glory if they weren't going to allow me to pillage their economies. :cool:
Blitz available for ships can't wait for my destroyers to take on AI sod made up of out dated Galleons!
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