PH2201: The Persian People's Front: Crack Suicide Squad

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I'm back! Well played! And yeah, the tribes are not interesting. We don't have much use for their city sites. Unless we want to deny them to the AI.

I hope everyone feels better from that virus, I still feel it 6 weeks later. :(
I loaded up the game and was confronted by this

I trawled back through the thread and I think pholk's last pic was meant to be this.

i can't decide. Labor force for slavery adn more orders would be great, but we don't really need them ATM. roads, though, are good for connections.
Polis for asking greece to DoW on someone (babs), but also walls for def and discontentment and hamlets for $$. Free UU! And the Spymaster! long, but could be worth it if we can put someone v good in that spot.

Any thoughts?
Those are tough choices. I would have gone polis for the walls, considering Greece and Babylon, and hamlet.
this was also my thought. extra money is nice, esp if we have a gov or leader who can buy improvements. also the -1 discontent per turn for family-defended walls; i learned the value of that the hard way in my last game. but it seems to be 2-1.5 in favor of the UU (if you haven't played yet anyway)
We can’t survive a defensive war against the bigger opponents. And against the smaller ones we can afford to be aggressive. From an offensive perspective, UU or roads seem more sensible to me.
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Good news people, we're not going to come last

I was very disappointed that there wasn't a fourth option. Eat him

Wedding Bells

I start a mission to convert our heir, seems a good thing to do.

And he converts and we build stuff

And that's about all she wrote. What is our move here? Take on Babylonia? Greece?


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good turns. i think, at least near term, we should worry about getting everything in order on the homefront before we go anywhere else just yet.

@PiR are you able to play?

pholk >>
Oz >> just played
PiR >> UP NOW ??
jguy >> on deck
Wow this has changed a lot.
Our son becomes governor of Iunet.
Ourself will marry the Achaemenid family because it has lots of troops.
4 intercessions


spread religion to Greece capital Pella
I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do so I completed an ambition and started building more troops. Was the strategy to boost science?

Couple of Bab settlers crossed our land to go west. I guess we should convert and conquer those 2 cities. Babs seem to be the weaker nation, but still stronger than us.

This promotion provides a lot of vision, that's a big advantage:

Still haven't converted our own city Khito!

Kish and Eshunna, border cities from Bab, are converted.

This is Ukraine in January, we're only there for peacekeeping and flesheating but will we end up like Putin?

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