PH2201: The Persian People's Front: Crack Suicide Squad

ok, played, report incoming, but finally got babs to take peace in year 73 or 74 for 30some civics per turn.

i need a drink.
so, in the little bit of orders i had left in year 67, i just moved units into cities where possible, and away from green boys.

on the IBT, greek units were targeted and eliminated, leaving us ok.

y68: healing units, and more praying

y69: lighthouse done, dropping our deficit in half which is nice (it got cut to -6 gpt by the end :D )
Look at these guys:

y70: our queen can't gen'l anymore, so our daughter takes over for her. nice.

y71-y74: this was mostly keeping units in cities, attacking when i could, repairing walls. I also secretly moved some units circumspectly to What's That where Bab's had been focusing.

sorry for the photo dump, but i was literally up against the screen with our empire, fingers crossed so. we didn't lose a city, have peace, and need to build up.

i didn't choose a law before as I wanted to appoint an ambassador so that we could make the truce.


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Babs has a LOT of units. The AI seems like they cycle units in and out if wounded and they can heal nearby so that might have saved us. Also, they have a strong affinity for units over cities. wonder if you could "kite" an AI army around a bit, if needed, having them pursue a mounted unit rather than focus down a nearby city.

the empire needs help. we need a some basic improvement techs, as well as basic improvements. science is a must as well. specialists could help w this.
Looks like I'm up. Got it, will be a day or two before I play.
I think if we focus on building a more units and improving our cities a bit i think. anyone else have a tip for the Great n Powerful Oz before he begins to resurrect our empire, phoenix style? or a correction to my thoughts?
I think you need to focus research on advanced units so you can upgrade what you have as well as produce new units.
I think you need to focus research on advanced units so you can upgrade what you have as well as produce new units.
yeah, we're desperate for bulbs; hiring the specialists we can should help out with that a bit
Having a quick check around before starting, I notice that our daughter and heir is a Cannibal but her three sons are not. I start to become slightly worried about them.

I'm even more worried now.

Stuff happens and as we're not at war I start the healing process for our troops.

Just thankful it wasn't me. A ceremonial feast is held in his honour. Best not to ask what was on the menu.

I'm guessing we don't want to jump back into another war

So I died and only got third on the events banner. Disappointed

And I pocket a favour

I hand it over but haven't chosen production in the capital will leave that for wiser heads than mine.


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I think I’m next? Unfortunately we have a stomach bug going around the family. Probably going to be Sunday until I can play. Can someone switch with me? Or do we just want to wait
well, w the way PiR plays, it won't make much difference since hsi turns will be ready to go in a few mins, so maybe we can do a skip just to keep our momentum going a bit, if that's alright.

jguy >> skip till sunday
pholkh > on deck
ozb >
Sorry for the delay, we ended up having a family-wide bout with covid. It kept us down for a few rounds, but we ended up holding on for a technical victory. I'm grabbing the save now, going to attempt to make a bad situation worse...I mean salvage things.
Well this isn't as bad as what I was expecting! We're at peace with everyone (including all the tribals?), we don't appear to have lost any territory, we still have a few military units ("much stronger" than Egypt!), we're 1 point away from third place, and Egypt is paying us in tribute (unfortunately in gold instead of flesh, but that will do for now). Guess I get to be a peace time emperor and repair things.

First things first, are all of our towns following Cannibalism? Nope! Told Parsa to build a disciple. I took all of our cities building military and had them start working on economic improvement instead - repair where applicable, archive, etc.

Second off, are all of our families following Cannibalism? Nope! We don't have enough civics to convert them though :( Next time a city frees up, we'll do a project or something for a quick infusion of hammers. Since apparently you need hammers to convert someone to Cannibalism. Tenderize them.

I put our Matriarch to work influencing fellow cannibals who somehow don't like us as much. Hoping she sweetens things up.

The head of the non-Cannibal family seeks a bribe. The dirty dog...but I'll play their games for now.

Apparently the family head of the heresy family is frugal?? With that discipline? Regardless, we get a difficult event. +2 discipline (+40 gold/turn), which would be nice with how quickly we're burning money. Or 20% cheaper improvements, since we're in peace time building mode. I decide to go with the money - unlikely we're going to get another huge discipline bonus anytime soon.

An opportunity too good to pass comes up:



The Egyptians are so destitute, they are literally letting improvements expire. At least things aren't that bad for us!
Our heathen husband comes to us with a proposal: let him be a chancellor (deposing a fellow Cannibal), or he'll throw a hissy fit. I guess he's sleeping on the couch tonight.

Our husband is pretty useless stat-wise. So I elect to imprison him. Hopefully this doesn't come back to bite us.

Babylon presents us with an offer we cannot refuse - the other option being war. Goodbye, fair silk.

And just like that, we find ourselves in third place! Moving up the ladder!
I spent my turns primarily focus on economic and religious recovery. We still don't have all of our families/cities converted, but the pieces are falling into play. We got some really good events that gave us a bunch of discipline, allowing us to turn our -190 gold/turn economy into +76 gold/turn. Yuuuuuuuuge bigly victory!

We're a long way from being able to even think about fighting Greece or Babylon. Just gotta focus on keeping them happy. But Egypt/Assyria are targets we could potentially start thinking about soon (assuming they don't have a pesky national alliance with a big dog...)

PiR or pholkh > either of you have time?
ozb > other just played
jguy > just played


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nice turns, and glad everyone's a-ok at your house. I think PiR's OOP for the week, so I've got it, though will probably play tomorrow.
Gosh i like the music in this game.

also, my youngest has It again, and i'm feeling a little chesty so i think the save's contaminated.

we are at the training cap of 2k so i spent some of it on promo's for us, mostly for taking our archers. I double checked my rules, and we don't have to win by conquest, so that's good at least, though I'd like to. I don't have a whole lot of exp playing tall games in OW, but I think that's what we'll need to focus on a bit, at least to try and get in a position to challenge on of the other 3 (i think egypt will be gone shortly).


and apparently, that was his final exam:

not sure if he passed or failed.

a new gov:

also, these vandals are jewish; let's kill them and take their cities. i'm going to move our units thataway, but won't declare until we talk about it. there may be a downside i don't see.

:( but i found this later:

and remembered when posting this that they don't build actual cities and we can't build settlers. :cry:

I started a stonecutter in parsa as we get bulbs w every one, but then swapped to an axe; we should be able to finish that legacy ambition soon (i also started a slinger in our rider city just in case we don't have the right family members for the axeman).

we have no wood produciton :(

also, i feel like this game punishes rapid early expansion pretty harshly; or else i'm not doing it right

i put an archive in What's That to try and help our science a bit more.

Our boy is really upset:

and i stopped at this:

i can't decide. Labor force for slavery adn more orders would be great, but we don't really need them ATM. roads, though, are good for connections.
Polis for asking greece to DoW on someone (babs), but also walls for def and discontentment and hamlets for $$. Free UU! And the Spymaster! long, but could be worth it if we can put someone v good in that spot.
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