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Playing the Save Game

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Multi-site Demo Game: High Council' started by Octavian X, Jul 21, 2003.

  1. Octavian X

    Octavian X is not a pipe.

    Jan 11, 2002
    deceiving people with images
    Frankly, the last two turns threads have been rather disappointing. The following procedure is to be used when you recieve the game.

    Please remember that the game is played with v. 1.21f of PTW.

    First, check #civfanatics. Inform all Fanatikese Citizens that the save game is here. If a higher ranking official is around, allow them to play.

    Gather in the secure chatroom at #demogame_CFC_MSDG. Try to take actions according to the opionions found on the fourm, and of those in the chat.

    When you've done everything, take screenshots of the following items:
    ALL city screens
    ALL advisory screens
    The F11 screen
    The Map (most viewable with one screen - don't worry about making a larger world map).
    The scoreboard

    All shots should be .jpgs. The scoreboard should be a .gif.

    Save all the shots with the following names, and upload them to the approiate folder on the secure server.
    Name				Example			Upload to folder:
    cities: year-cityname.jpg	1000bc-shenling.jpg	graphics\domestic
    domestic: year-dom.jpg		1000bc-dom.jpg		graphics\domestic
    trade: year-tra.jpg		1000bc-tra.jpg		graphics\trade
    military: year-mil.jpg		1000bc-mil.jpg		graphics\military
    foreign affairs: year-for.jpg	1000bc-for.jpg		graphics\foreign
    culture: year-cul.jpg		1000bc-cul.jpg		graphics\culture
    science: year-sci.jpg		1000bc-sci.jpg		graphics\science
    F11: year-stats.jpg		1000bc-stats.jpg	graphics\stats
    Map: year-map.jpg		1000bc-map.jpg		graphics\map
    scores: _scores.gif		_scores.gif		graphics
    For the FTP part, connect to www.rampsonline.com
    username: cfcadmin
    password: h7dmj0

    The following requires knowledge of basic html/javascript. Please contact me for more additional help is needed.

    Out of the main folder, download the files index_menu.html and msdg_gamedate.js.

    Edit index_menu.html to include a log of what happened during the turn. Place your entry on top.
    This is an example:
    <p class="news_hdg">1000 BC - Turn 81 (<i>by Octavian X</i>)</p>
    <p><b>The Invasion Continues!</b> Our brave horseman, damaged from his last battle, has spotted yet another GCA Swordsman heading for the capital. The horseman is going back to Shen Ling for repairs, so the swordsman dropped out of site. See the military page for info on the sword's location.</p>
    <p>As requested by the Governor, the two workers are back next to Jiang Mapi, guarded by an elite warrior. They will begin irrigating next turn.</p>

    In the msdg_gamedate.js, edit the var msdg_gamedate line, placing the correct date at the end. If the year was 1000 B.C., it would be entered as such:
    var msdg_gamedate = -1000

    I recommend the Windows Notepad be used to edit the above files.

    Re-upload the updated html and javascript files. That will completely update the secure site at www.rampsonline.com/_CFCMSDG.

    Now, back in the save game, press enter. Save the game as MaoofFanatikouyear.sav (ex. MaoofFanatikou1000BC.sav)

    Using the html mail server at civfanatics.net, compose a message. Click the addresses button - the full list of names to which the save needs to be sent will come up. Select all (and ensure that a carbon copy goes to mongoose), attach the file, and send that game on her way.

    Post that the save has been sent at U.N. forum and a new thread here, and you're done.


    If, for some reason you are unable to take all the screenshots need, get at least one of the map. Along with it, post a DETAILED LOG of your actions. By this, I mean, the EXACT ORDER that you moved everything. This way, your actions may be hopefully re-created, or, at least, we will know what happened.
  2. Hygro

    Hygro soundcloud.com/hygro/

    Dec 1, 2002
    but there's one thing I have liked about the last two saves:

    we haven't had to go to the other sight just to view a summary

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