Poly just went down

Lefty Scaevola

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Oct 24, 2000
San Antonio TX USA
:( back so surfing with just one hand, well. Lefty only has one hand anyway.
I put a round of drinks on the bar here for the you Poly refugess, but mind your manners boys; Chris, Horse, and Corn now all have access to the banning control panel.
I'll take a Kamikaze
Yup, back up now. I was getting the 404/dns error earlier.
Poly is down is like saying the sky is blue. ;) Although CFC has been having problems of late!:eek:
Pily is currently on a server located in Greece, and the internet infrastructure is a little sparse. Their recent (since the beginning of the year) little blips appear to originate in the web infrastructure there rather than the server.
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