Pred - 03: Demigod everything random

Presad it wasn't that hard tbh...

RNG and attacking with archers rather than defending...

Try it out yourself...
Will play tonight and keep build military, so we are strong after the 20 turn peace expires. Do we want some cats as well?
Short log as I just build units and 1 city.
trade HB for poly and 3 gold with Mayans
Get math and 36 gold for poly from vikings
change Naking to cat.
Change Bejing to settler, we're at max unit support and need a more, can settle on the tobacco to prevent flip.
found Tsintao->cat
Peace traeaty runs out.

The stack can still be moved, declare then mov in. Unless team disagrees. The Vikings tarted building the GW during my turns, so we must hurry a bit. Take the 3 cities in the west for now, when things go well we might take the entire islnad in one turn. According to the military advisor we are strong.
Cities are optimised , 3 building archers 2 (without rax) building cats.
pre-flight: we only have one cat, changed production in Beijing, Shanghai, & Canton to cat; changed production in Tsingtao from cat (16 turns) to worker.

declare war on Vikings, move stack into their territory

i - Vikings bring 2 archers into our territory

825 BC - @ Bergen

cat misses, arhcer def spear, 2 archers lose to spears, archer def spear, Bergen captured

use scientists in Bergen to starve & help research

i - Shanghai - cat - cat; Nanking - cat - harbor

800 BC waiting for units to heal & cats to catch up before moving further into Viking territory

i - Beijing - cat - cat

775 - biding my time

i - discover literature, research currency

750 - no trades yet, not able to get construction, want to wait to see if some better trades develop

i - Shanghai - cat - archer, Canton - cat - archer

3 archers moved into our territory

730 - wipe out archers

i - Tsingtao - worker - granary

710 - minor skirmish as our stack makes its way toward the next city

i - Vikings want to talk, wont offer enough for peace, i tell them to get lost

Beijing - cat - archer

690 - reorganizing stack after minor skirmish

i - Shanghai - archer - worker

670 - finally pull off some trades though i still i am not satisfied with what i get:

Persia: Lit for CoL & 59 G
America: Lit for 115 G

made trades at this time mainly to deficit research on currency

650 - finally have stack next to Reykjavik

i - Beijing - archer - harbor; Shanghai - worker - settler; Canton - archer - harbor; Nanking - harbor - galley

630 - attack Reykjavik

1 cat hits, 4 cats miss
archer loses to spear
archer def spear
archer def archer
archer def spear
Reykjavik captured

some thoughts: Reyjavik is settled on top of wheat, although I kept it for now to help with units support & to use one citizen as a scientist, when Shanghai completes its settler then we should prolly abandon Reykjavik & resettle on one of the jungles next to it.

harbor builds will allow some of our cities to grow past 3-4 citizens while we work on getting irrigation to our homeland once Trondheim is captured, & working the coastal squares will greatly help our economy, but perhaps other players have other ideas?

clearing forest next to Tsingtao to help granary build and to finally get osme good 2 food tiles to work for some of our cites, our cities are settled so closely that with good mm several 3 different cities can work grass surrounding Tsingtao

the last turn is nowhere near completed, i saved after capturing Reykjavik, some units have moves left, & since adding that city the slider might be adjusted. also, before advancing to Trondheim, there are a couple cats fortified below Bergen which can easily be moved up and added to our stack.

i think we shold take out Trondheim, then go for the city with the gems, if the other city on our island is made the capitol after those cites are captured then we should take it to, otherwise maybe we can get it in peace talks. we shold definitely take the whole island at this time, the Vikings have cities settled on other islands.

Long term I am leaning towards republic, we have 3 luxuries once we take the whole continent. eventually we will have to import resources to build a better army & take other islands, if we decide to pursue a domination / conquest victory

1: nerovats -
2: predesad - just played
3: woobi - UP
4: mastertyguy - on deck
I don't have much time to type up a turn log...


Here's the basics...

The island is ours...

We founded two new cities, and should maybe found a third...

France was at war with us for a little bit cause I didn't want to get bullied, but we are at peace nothing happend...

I left the peacemaknig up to Masterguy cause it should be fun...

Awesome job everyone!!!

1: nerovats - on deck
2: predesad -
3: woobi - just played
4: mastertyguy - UP
hmm, i ended at 630 BC, you ended at 370 BC, if my math is good that's 13 turns to take the whole island, not bad, course, i am betting you used some archers i left at home to take over that city close to our borders
Could you post a picture when your done. Especially in the beginning it helps for the watchers.
I try to, but I didn't have alot of time...

Next time I will...
kewl game, glad you didn't die.

I betcha Ragnar's kicking himself over this turn of events. :)
nerovats said:
Could you post a picture when your done. Especially in the beginning it helps for the watchers.

i do when i have time, sometimes i just dont have time
Ok, IIRC, that's what I did yesterday:
turn 1: changed a few build orders to galley
turn 2: whatever
turn 3: I think I doscovered some land with.. iron!
turn 4: I discovered horses on the same new continent and I unloaded 1 spear and 1 elite archer
turn 5: here I am
250: I kill 1 spear in Birka (forgot to say were I unloaded :rolleyes: )
inter-turn: resist to an archer near Birka
230: Persia finishes SoZ
210: kill another spear in birka, discover another viking city
190: kill one more spear, and take Birka. I seek peace, but I can't take all there cities...
I think we can get the still unnamed viking city in the North (there is a border), then trade for all their cities, and maybe a few techs.

here is the save:
tyguy mao of the chinese, 170 bc
good finds, was this on a suicide run or can this be easily reached to drop off a settler? we could use that land even if it will be awhile before we can trade the resources over, of course, if that land is significantly better we can always jump the palace.

1: nerovats - UP
2: predesad - on deck
3: woobi -
4: mastertyguy - just played
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