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Public Square - Estates General Call-up!

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Demo Game IV: Citizens' started by vra379971, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. vra379971

    vra379971 Deity

    Jan 2, 2003
    I think we need a new Public Square thread....will make one shortly.
  2. thecommonnate

    thecommonnate Theocrat

    May 26, 2007
    From my Evaluation Thread:
    A copy of this will be posted in the States General Thread and the Public Square, as well as the builds proposed in the corresponding Free States Thread.

    Spoiler :
    All Builds are proposed to maintain the same course unless stated otherwise.

    Arete: Begin courthouse and Jail building, after Biology, begin Factory.
    Arkadia: Begin Factory
    Kassite: Switch from University to Factory.
    Edori: Continue Ironworks.
    New Giruvegan: Continue Shale Plant, then Jail, then a Bank.
    Venice: Grocer, Hindu Temple, Factory.
    Barcelona: Levee (Health must be reasoned with to find next build)
    Madrid: Finish Wall Street, start Factory (switch tile workers back to priests, if possible).
    Santiago: Finish University, start Factory.
    Cordoba: Finish Factory, Start Shale Plant.
    Seville: Finish Customs House, begin Grocer.
    Blastoid: Finish Build queue, maybe Forge after.
    Warfire: Shale Plant after Factory, health an issue.
    Babylon: Grocer, Shale Plant.
    Seidrik: Leave as is.
    Vandal Valley: Leave as is.
    Mari: Factory.
    Eshunna: Grocer.
    (All others are to be left as is)

    Pretty straightforward, as builds for all the cities are beginning to not have a specialization factor.

    I stressed Factories a lot here, but I think they are well needed, as those combined with the gold gained from Wall Street could allow us to support a much larger army.

    Which brings me to a possible problem. The builds proposed here lack Military Instructions. Our Army now is able to fiend off any attackers we may face, in my opinion, but if it is requested, this could easily be changed.

    Foreign Relations/Trade:
    Spoiler :
    Gandhi will give us one more gpt for our bananas. Justinian is willing to trade us Incense for Whales, which I suggest we do as they will be obsoleted in two turns (what happens to that trade when it goes obsolete?)

    I have my eyes on Monty's Spices. If there is any possible way of getting good relations out of Monty now, then we have done something right, because that's never happened to me, but its worth an assessment during the TC.

    Troop Positioning:
    Spoiler :
    We have some pretty gaped positioning as far as defense goes. We don't have to fix this, as land-locked cities should be less defended, but the cities of Venice and Babylon are without gunpowder troops, and with them on the east coast, I would say this needs to be changed.

    Great People:
    Spoiler :
    We have a Great Scientist in Arete and a Great General in Cordoba. I would say keep the Scientist until after we have traded for Physics, then bulb; and also to create a military Academy in Edori.

    Tech Path:
    I agree with the Secretary General's outline of Combustion-Biology-Medicine-(Trade for Physics)-Electricity.

    Spoiler :
    Take off the four Priests in the Specialists of Warfire. We have a great chance to found Mining Inc in 9 turns, but if Warfire continues the use of Priests, we will get a Great Prophet and have to wait longer.

    Sliders are to remain at 60% Science, 0% Esp. and Culture, and 40% gold.

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