Questions about Undiscovered Worlds terrain generation


Oct 4, 2003
Silverdale, WA, USA
Hi @Plotinus or anyone with domain knowledge,

I'm playing around on game jams and want to try generating terrain–with an eye towards a future generation algorithm for C7–and I decided to start with Undiscovered Worlds - Basic Continents . And immediately ran into a brick wall.

The other value contains information about which way the ridges are running in that tile, and which neighbouring tiles are connected to this one by ridges.

The mountain matrix with the directional values: can you shed light on what type of value this is? It seems to encapsulate both direction and connection.

Also, how are you generating the mountain range grids? Or are they handbuilt templates like the per-mountain-pixel land templates mentioned later in the same post? If they're procedurally generated, can you shed light on any common algorithms you might be using to get such a range of distinct ridges?

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