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Ragnar Lodbrok's Mission (Picture Intensive)

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Stories & Tales' started by Spectre X, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Spectre X

    Spectre X Know Way; Know How

    Dec 13, 2007
    Civilization: Vikings
    - 5 Billion Years Old
    - Warm
    - Wet
    - No Barbarians
    - Continents
    - 70%
    - Standard
    SGLs: ON
    Culturally Linked Starting Position: OFF
    Respawn AI: OFF

    I decided to play a game with the Vikings. This is the start I got:

    Not bad, I think. I make a warrior and begin my exploration, and I find my first luxury, incense.

    I also get a curragh out, and he finds my second luxury, dyes.

    In 3250 BC, I meet my first neighbor, the English! Looks like their leader is sleepy, though! :lol:

    I tell Lizzy that I'll make a deal with her, since I want to learn how she got those curves...on her pottery, of course! :mischief:. In exchange, I'll give show her how to use arrows and that you shouldn't stick them in some places.

    In 3050 BC, through my curragh's explorations, I meet the Incas.

    Looks like they don't know the English, as I manage to strike up a sweet deal with them too. :D

    The next turn, my second city, Bergen, is founded.

    I noticed that the English also settled their second city, York, the interturn before...Lizzy, you'll be mine soon enough, don't worry.

    I meet Gilgamesh of the Sumerians in 2800 BC and I'm ahead of him! :smug:

    So much for those agricultural, "look at me, I grow quickly" stereotypes. :king:

    I settle Copenhagen in 2710 BC, making a "border" with the English. That'll stop them :)

    I leave off there, as I don't know where to send my next settler (and my laptop will soon overhea, losing my progress). Here are a couple sketches from the Map Room:

    I'm not sure if below the English is another landmass or I simply haven't explored enough. My line of demarcation for our continent is at the red line (the question marks note that I'm unsure :lol:).

    This one shows the Inca [landmass?] and where I think the line of demarcation is. If the line is correct, the Inca are on another landmass most likely all for themselves (I think so too, as they have silks which I haven't found at all on my land explorations). I also believe there is a small island off to the west of the Incan lands.
  2. Ansar

    Ansar Détente avec l'été

    May 20, 2005
    Ithaca, NY (soon)
    Awesome story.

    You'll probably notice Sumeria's AGR trait soon...along with their annoying necessity to build cultural buildings.

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