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Random Thoughts XIV: Pizza, Pomegranate Juice, and Shreddies

i thought maybe if you said “Tolstoy oystery” really quickly, you would eventually say “Toy Story”, but no, you don’t.

Hate it when that happens

Did anyone ever vote for Lord Amstrad or get him elected anywhere? Or can you be at the house of lords just because they made you (as citizen, never elected) a peer for reasons?

Ps: Amstrad will forever be the stupidest computer.
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Did anyone ever vote for Lord Amstrad or get him elected anywhere? Or can you be at the house of lords just because they made you (as citizen, never elected) a peer for reasons?
You can be at the house of lords just because they made you a peer for reasons. BoJo made a Russian spy one, Baron Lebedev, of Hampton in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and of Siberia in the Russian Federation.
that's more like a British spy . Mind , also gives an ability to make a claim and territorial demands if for some reason the Russian Goverment was to fall or something . Mind , the WW2 version must have been still alive and well at the time . Mind , everybody hates people who think the recent aggression was out of the blue and not fault of the West . Or some other random gibberish . WW2 version was quite young and not ethnically Russian at the time .
Today is International Hamburger Day.
it is now 11 years since the Gezi Events . Echo chamber ı follow for the news discusses it mostly in terms of a defeat . An "uprising" that failed to stop the one man rule .

for those who are new to Civfanatics or have not even joined yet or not even born

takes me back to the days . Amazingly in those days there were a lot of Leftists . Don't know what happened to them but apparently they not only grew older and got jobs but also wouldn't exactly fit in with an idea that Trump is the only evil in the world and the US Democrats are the only counter against the devil . Also worth pointing out that there was a Chamber and a Tavern distinction . Chamber the place of serious talk like today's threads with the RD tag . It is perhaps for this reason the guy who started a thread in the Tavern got so little responses . A Leftist , very partial to even seperatists as far as ı could tell back at the time , actually tear gassed in the events and stuff , it is just a single page . With multiple posts of yours idiotly . While all the heavy debate takes place in the chamber thread . Even if ı like ended up with the last posts in both or whatever .

gezi events , revolving about the re-construction of an artillery barracks that was the base of the 1909 rebellion that ended with the removal Abdülhamit so that a mall with a ice skate ring so that Arab tourists could slide on it , as it was so happily explained back in time , referencing some slang terms to declare New Turkey was s_xually doing things was given a minor side event . Where the affluent rich neighbourhood's rights , the much maligned White Turks , a term coined by New Turkey smarties as if they were not already as rich and perhaps as malignant as they are today , was going to be protected by this actor/director seperatist politician who is also ethnically Turkish and stuff . It would involve the usual Police heavy handedness . It was an accident . More people , foremost the elderly came out . The Police beat them up as they regularly do . The street dynamics and not a plot , plan or program . My own links takes me to random places and ı see people offering business opportunities in Morocco even offered in PM's name , that planes were kept ready for the elites to escape and a Phantom squadron was preferred by the US for escort as America's very own Congregation dominated the F-16 units and they were already untrustworthy and they might shoot down the PM's plane for a fee and America's top general talked of an American junta because some old timers talked of how certain non-Americans had profound knowledge of US Politics and it was entirely an unjustifiable risk and America allowed this country to have a lazer programme which incidentally opened the gates for today's much bragged about re-armament of New Turkey . And like Putin was accessible with 130 000 soldiers and 5 000 tanks exercising against China on the very days . To be followed by the realization that the New Turkey's understanding was far from perfect and this encouraged the very brave Centcom to push their own jihadists in the name of their Kurdish allies in basically open warfare against State Department's jihadists and support teams . Which would indeed end up with Trump and so on . If you find yourself whimpering in the face of a threat of thermo-nuclear anhilation , it is your faults as Americans and whatnot . And not ours ; the people in the neighbourhood got their park back . Mind , my weird online friends are and were not there , too .
Well, yes you can, little cat, yes you can. But you'll have to wait until the 18th of September, I'm afraid.
Pizza is my one of my favorite foods along with burgers... Only thing I don't like is that they're kind of unhealthy.
Well, today is the day, Egon.
If today is the day, why does Happy Cat have to wait until September? He'd like a cheezburger today. :(
Think about it. What is today? And what does Happy Cat want?

After that, Google is your friend.
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