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No, I mean people who think they're better than the other two sides because they're 'independent' thinkers and whatnot.
Ah, yes. The "crab trap syndrome." Everyone who sheepishly conforms to a stern political ideology and eats the pablum their political and ideological masters feed them gleefully will gladly villainize horribly those who see things rationally, insightfully, and soberly to discern that all the major political ideologies and factions, in their current form, are trying to steer a course off a cliff to catastrophe for the world, and those who can see that everyone, politically speaking, has horsehocky on their knees, a big hand in the guilt of why the world's such a cesspool, and are all full of bad ideas, habit, and beliefs, not just one or a few of them. For many hard-brainwashed, loyal partisan/ideological sheep, this can be difficult to bear, because their usual tactics of debate and rhetoric, which are sharpened to be most effective against sheep of opposing flocks, don't work as well. Thus, dismissing us as conceited, self-righteous, detached, and "horrible" centrists, and calling it a day, makes the sheep feel better, and like they've won a victory.

no offense man but you genuinely did not understand much if anything of my post and it's absolutely senseless to reply. I was giving a short overview of how the word (or the idea) tradition is used in todays discourse. you actually agree with what I am saying in that leftists co-opt tradition to champion uniqueness in culture and diversity and rightists use the concept to convey something else entirely. when we talk about tradition we mean different things entirely, however when I talk about tradition I think it's not an act, or a value, or a norm, or anything of that matter, but the mechanism to pass there things on. a recipe written by your grandma is a cultural artifact, her passing it on to you is tradition. I hope it's easier to understand now.

what I am saying with "tradition has no inherent value" is that surviving for generations long does not make something either good or bad, useful or destructive, it simply means that it is long lasting.

That's how tradition works: the good ones survive.

yeah, like how in europe we had porgroms where jews were openly murdered for at least 2000 years. most traditions fulfill a societal, personal, psychological etc. mechanism, they play an important role in human be-together, as you said earlier. that does not at all make them good or give them value. it's not at all about being good, but rather about being effective in what they do.

confession in christianity, for example, has a psychohygienical effect, which is a positive, but also a stigmatising one, a repressive one. less so today, perhaps, though I still recall even my mom being deathly afraid of confessing she stole 5 bucks out of her ma's purse. (to me confession is not a tradition, it is part of (a) culture. it is more a rite, if you want to be exact.)
@Traitorfish start a new thread with the appropriate quote from Pinky and the Brain.
I suspect they're busted or never functioned properly at all.
You make an absolute categorical statement and then ask that others (but not yourself) provide proof of their statements.

At this point you are arguing by assertion and editing and/or denying what you've said earlier whenever anybody catches you on something so evident that even you cannot deny the falsehood and/or stupidity in your statements. It's no wonder that you are being told you post like Donald J(enius) Trump.
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