Religion - Permanent Pantheons

Religion - Permanent Pantheons (v 1)


Oct 4, 2016
Religion - Permanent Pantheons
(steam workshop)

Civilizations always benefit from their pantheons, even after being converted. Effects from each pantheon can only apply once.

Requires version 24/05/2021 or later of Community Patch.

Click on the overview button on the top left for information.
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So converted non-founders functionally get 2 pantheons while founders get founder/enhancer beliefs.

Should certainly level the playing field, it definitely addresses one of @CrazyG's concerns. It also is a covert buff to Celts.

I still have concerns of just giving unique abilities to religious "losers", but this has a certain realism to it that I like. The syncretism of indigenous beliefs with introduced religions, like you have with distinctly African-American or First Nations denominations of Protestant Christianity, or Hinduism's spread through Southeast Asia.
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