Requests for a new patch


Mar 26, 2001
Thanks to Firaxis for making many improvements with patch 1.17f. However, I think there are still a few minor changes they could make that would dramatically improve game-play.

Here are my requests.

1. Add new worker option: Unautomate worker after task.

2. Add new city governor option: Protect improvements.

Having some of your workers protect improvements is not much use if other workers come in to destroy them. Also, you may wish to only protect the improvements of some cities.

This option would allow you protect the mines of a city which you want to commit to high production (since it is building a wonder for example) or protect the irrigation in a science/trade city (less of a problem since the AI prefers irrigation).

3. Allow player to designate a staging point.

The lack of this option is the biggest reason I get tired of playing in the later stages of a game. If you have 20 or so cities building military units every few turns it gets very tedious to manually move them all to your front. It would be a huge advantage to have all newly produced units automatically move to your front (where you could then stack them! :D ).

4. Add diplomacy option: Notify player of foreign tech advancements.

It is currently possible to know everyone's techs, but it requires contacting every civ through the diplomacy screen. If you want to keep up to date, you would have to do this every turn. :( Why not automatically give us this info (through one's ambassador perhaps).
totally agree with #4. There is nothing more tedious then going to the trade screen every turn to see what techs the other civs have.

I would also like to add 2 things.

#5: The ability to see what each civ will give you for a resource or something else. I always want to get top gold for my contact info. If I know two civs who do not know each other, I will sell the contact to the civ that will pay me more (as does everyone) I would just like to know who will pay me more without going through the trade process each time. But this is just laziness.

#6: The ability to trade/sell units. Just because a civ can not build a plane, does not mean I can not sell them one and teach them to fly it. In know it is easier to teach them flight but I may be able to make more money selling them aircraft. Just an example.
Wow! It didn't take long for us to start asking for more. I think we need to give the guys at Firaxis the weekend off.:p
These points would definitely make trading more convenient however, perhaps at the cost of realism (obviously an opinion here).

For example, say the French are the first to Replaceable Parts. Would they prefer to announce to everyone they had it? Or simply show off their new Infantry in battle? I'd say the latter. Now, one thing I would say in defense in your point is the dramatic effect of a "shock screen" saying "Uh-oh! The French have Replaceable Parts!!" (Though it may not work so well when it says "Uh-oh, the French have Monotheism!" :) )

Another example, why bother bargaining when you know what everyone will give up front? To me, it's a hassle to try to get the best deal, but I like it that way. I mean, how would you know what everyone will give without asking them? Being able to get top dollar for your goods is a nice bonus for those who work at it and a disadvantage to those who ignore this aspect.
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