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    First of all, I think it makes sense to make Open Borders require a little more friendship first. It's totally out of whack the way civs place colonies all over the place using these agreements, rather than staying realistically at home. It was historically only the civs with open access to the sea that crossed it to colonize, I can't think of any colonization by land ever done by a world power by crossing allied territory.

    I just had a couple of ideas while watching Germany-Portugal. (Once Germany got to play against Sweden, I succumbed to the temptation and got interested in the world championship. But I still don't care much for soccer.)

    First idea, conquering enemy cities should give a morale boost to the conquerors! How about the following, rather simple model:
    When civ X conquers a city size 1 to 10, any unit belonging to civ X within one plot of the city receives 5 HP (with a cap of 100 of course).
    When civ X conquers a city size 11 or more, units within one tile of it receive 10 HP, and units only within two tiles of it receive 5 HP.
    When civ X conquers a city size 20 or more, every unit within one tile of the city has a 50% chance to receive 1 XP.
    This should be enough to give a significant boost to an army immediately when it's sucessful.

    The other, far more important idea, is even simpler to implement: when you conquer a city, you should be able to gift it to an ally. Just add more buttons to the same dialogue. One button for each other civ at war with the civ from which you conquered the city.
    "What should we do with the city?"
    1. I don't want it! BURN BABY, BURN!!!
    2. We'll keep it. Install a new governer.
    3. Let Victoria deal with it
    4. Let Mansa Musa deal with it
    It shouldn't be too complicated to code in. Have the receiving civ only have the two old choices (to avoid a city going round and round between a bunch of allies). I only wonder how easy it would be to teach the AI to deal with it correctly.
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    Thats a cool feature but what would it actually achieve? I do agree with all the open border talk. It should be possible to get but very difficult.
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