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Rise and Rule for Civ3:Conquests

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Completed Modpacks' started by Isak, Sep 18, 2004.

  1. Wondering Kid

    Wondering Kid Prince

    Sep 29, 2012
    Lima, Peru
    Hello everybody!

    As a foreword, I originally posted this in DyP, by mistake, admittedly. I am playing this modpack, but the reason for what I am about to describe might stem from the DyP part of the modpack, so who knows..

    Thanks ever so much for creating this mod. It is really awesome so far.

    However, I think I've encountered a bug.

    Whenever I Dismiss a unit, the unit is gone from the game... But not from the Unit Support box. This also happens when I Upgrade them.

    Say, I Dismiss 5 Spearmen; before that I had 20 units listed for Unit Support Expenses.

    After doing so, I still have 20 Units listed; even though I have 15 Units in-game left.

    If I choose to Upgrade them however, the game believes I have created 5 new Units. So Instead of 20, I get 25.

    Is that a feature, or an honest-to-God annoying bug?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Civinator

    Civinator Blue Lion Supporter

    May 5, 2005
    I don´t think it´s a bug. The unit expenses box is influenced by free units you gain depending of your current government and your city sizes. More informative in my eyes is the unit box in the military advisor. Here the total number of your units is shown and the maintenance cost for units that are over your limit for free units (depending on government and city sizes). If you dismiss a unit here the new total number of your units is shown immediately.
  3. JosEPh_II

    JosEPh_II TBS WarLord

    Jun 20, 2007
    Western IL. cornfields
    Sorry instans but 30 secs to 1 minute is not long for modern era turns. This is a single core engine that deals with a lot of graphics. Does not matter if you have an i5 or i7 or beyond.

    Hope you've figured this out by now.

  4. marijan

    marijan Chieftain

    Mar 13, 2015
    Vukojebina Panonska
    First of all, I must say I love this mod! it gave a new breath of life to a game that was, if not exacly moribund, certanly dated.
    I particularly love the new tech tree. i love the new ways of utilising different terrains. New resources are a riot.
    I also don't mind the limitations that much. I thought I'd be bothered by reduction in road movement mode, but I got used to it.
    The only thing I really hate (well, almost hate) is inability to build cities in the desert and tundra. The program tantalizes me by putting several nice resources together...unusable, because they are in the tundra, desert and sea around them. And sometimes it really breaks the strategical borders.
    I've got a computer with no internet acces, which I'm sometimes forced to use for gamig, and I've played c3C on it for years. now I have new worlds to explore. thank you!

    oh, and I'm sorry it never receive+d that few finishing touches-mostly missing graphics. It wouldn't have been better, but it would have looked nicer :)
  5. Civinator

    Civinator Blue Lion Supporter

    May 5, 2005
    RAR 1.04 Betatest, RARR (Rise and Rule Revisited) or Nothing for the Civ 3 community?

    This post is mainly adressed to Doc Tsiolkovski, to Kal-el and Isak, as it is your mod. I´m very interested in your opinion before an eventually public release of the following reworked and updated version of a RAR 1.04 Betatest. Should that version be released as a new version of RAR 1.04 so the story of this "mother of all Civ 3 mods" can be continued, should it be released under another title (p.e. RARR = Rise and Rule Revisited, or should it not been given to the public?

    In Nov 21, 2014, the DYP Webmaster Bernskov anounced that his website is up again, reachable for everyone by the start of the week-end. A member of the old DYP/RAR-team re-appeared in the public again! Mr. Bernskov kindly gave the permission, that DYP/RAR can be hosted on the site CivForum.de, too - to enlarge the chance that this wonderful mod is available for the Civ 3 community in the next years.

    While preparing the additional upload on that server, I noticed, that Doc Tsiolkovski released an early betatestversion of RAR 1.04 on a "not so visited place" at CFC. This version of RAR can be found here and at that place you can read more, why Doc Tsiolkovski posted RAR 1.04 (betatest) in that location.

    Doc Tsiolkovski did a lot of chances and fixes in the RAR 1.04 betatest version. He listed them in the changelog attached to his RAR 1.04 betatest version. At that time some concepts of that version were not enabled, per example the supplyshipments or the nuclear bomber. In the many years since that early betatestversion of RAR 1.04 was posted, the knowledge in modding Civ 3 has improved and many artists made wonderful additional units, buildings and other features for Civ 3.

    In a first step I enabled the supplyshipments and gave them a setting as it is working in my epic mod since several years. They don´t use the 'Reverse Capture the Flag'-option but the 'Capture the Princess'-option, which is better suited for random maps, meaning the supplyshipment must be escorted to the capital and not to a victory point. The settings are done with editor 1.00 that doesn´t disable the SGLs (this concern only exists with editor 1.03, which contains a bug in the setting of SGLs). As the AI doesn´t use supplyshipmenst even with these settings very effectively , the setting of the buildings that produce these shipments were set to Small Wonders and the worth of a supplyshipment escorted to the capital to 25 gold (the same value when a barbarian village is captured).

    The nuclear bomber is now enabled, working like the nuclear bomber in the C3C scenario 'WW II in the Pacific'. It is autoproduced by the SW Atomic Weapons Test all 8 turns.

    The main focus laid on a big graphical update of RAR. Hundreds of beautiful units and some missing leaderheads were added, the mod received a new interface and tons of techchooser, buildings and resource icons were reworked or added.
    Here you can see many of the added bonus-resource icons:

    The unit folder of the next RAR 1.04 Betatest version now holds more than 1.100 units (so it still also contains old replaced units for historical reasons of that mod, that easily could be reactivated by cancelling a suffix behind the folders of the replaced units). Here you can see some of the new flavored landunits:

    One of the problems with adding so many flavored units, is the growth of the Hyp-Law-Bug. To avoid that bug, that is caused by linking more than 32 units or buildings to a certain strategic or luxury resource, I introduced the methode I used in my own epic mod to diminish the possibilities to run into that bug. The links in the units civilopedia now are connected to buildings and not any longer to resources.

    Additionally another phenomania of the editor, that the Civ 3 community became aware this year in Anthony Boscia´s scenario 1989, is, that the links for resources (that contain that bug) completely dissapear from the unit´s civilopedia entry, when the first of the three possible resources in the editor is set to "None" (see the example in the screenshot of the Assyrian swordsman). The setting of units in RAR is very well suited for this methode, as there is no unit in RAR that needs three resources as a perequisite.

    Another advantage of that methode is, that the availability of new strategic resources now can be seen directly in the techtree. The only possibility to run into the Hyp-Law-Bug is now to directly clicking on the small icon of the resource entry in the civiliopedia. Here Vuldacon´s idea of writing the warning 'Don´t click' is used.

    In the following I present the techtree of the new version of RAR by the example of 4 different civs for the four different eras of this mod:

    Era 1 (Mongols):

    Era 2 (Germany):

    Era 3 (England):

    Era 4 (USA):

    In era 4 some new levels of planes were added to the mod. The values for these aircraft were mostly calculated by adding the values of the planes one level above and one level below and dividing it with two. Therefore now Mig-21s, Phantoms, Starfighters and so on can also be a part of this mod. To give them enough place for using them, some slight changes in the techtree had to be done.

    The wonder Crystal Palace, that appears in a complete wrong time, is replaced by Ford´s Factory and now is really giving the assembly plants on the continent. For those who still want to play with the old Crystal Palace some icons for that wonder were added.

    The wonder Taj Mahal now is in era two with tech Free Artistry (as suggested by Kal-el)

    For more details please see the change log at the end of this post.

    Here you can see the added new leaderheads for RAR:

    Queen Bilgis (Ethiopia):

    Caesar (Rome):

    Temujin (Mongols):

    Napoleon (France):

    Sitting Bull (Sioux)

    King Tangaloa (Polynesia):

    King Ram Kahaeng (Siam):

    Dalai Lama (Tibet):

    Mansa Musa (Mali):

  6. Civinator

    Civinator Blue Lion Supporter

    May 5, 2005
    Changelog v. 1.04beta:

    Fixed: TOWs can be drafted
    Fixed: 'Upgrade' flag checked for Barbarian Raider and Templar
    Fixed: All structures allowing to build armies now also have the 'Increased Army Value' flag

    Fixed: Worker Speed settings restored to 1.01
    Fixed: Air Defense settings restored; Flak(5) and SAM(10)
    Fixed: Modern Armor and flavor now have AA value of 1
    Fixed: Removed Desert bonus from Motorized Infantry
    Fixed: Light Artillery now has ZoC
    Fixed: Flak is a Foot Unit again
    Fixed: Destroyer has AA value of 4
    Fixed: Missile Destroyer has AA value of 6
    Fixed: Cruiser has AA value of 4
    Fixed: AEGIS Cruiser has AA value of 8
    Fixed: Battleship has AA value of 5
    Fixed: Carrier has AA value of 2
    Fixed: Super Carrier has AA value of 5
    Fixed: Removed 'Flag Unit' from Prize Ship (so it no longer displays in red); increased transport capacity to 5
    Fixed: District Courthouse now requires 3 Courthouses
    Fixed: Admiral of Fleet has now lethal sea bombardment instead of lethal land bombardment
    Fixed: Adventurer and later explorer units get also AI defense flag checked
    Fixed: Air Transport has now "Transports only foot units" set
    Fixed: American Champion has now AI Offense flag checked
    Fixed: Archer enslaves now correct to Slave
    Fixed: Attack Submarine stealth attack target list corrected*
    Fixed: Boomer Submarine has now also AI Naval Missile Transport flag checked
    Fixed: Cannons and later artillery units now create craters
    Fixed: Civil Rights Movement now gives 2 happy faces in the city it is built
    Fixed: Clipper and later naval transports get the AI escort flag set
    Fixed: Commando, Special Forces, its Flavors and the succeding Shadow Force now have the Stealth Attack ability**
    Fixed: Conquistador gets AI Defense flag checked
    Fixed: Elephant Rider upgrades now to War Elephant (for all civs except India it means to Cuirrasier!)
    Fixed: England has now access to the Arquebusier
    Fixed: Fokker Triplane has no longer "Go To" and "Explore" command checked
    Fixed: Forbidden Palace is no longer flagged as tourist attraction (its gardens are still, however!)
    Fixed: Ghurka has now also AI Offense flag checked
    Fixed: Harrier has now immobile flag checked
    Fixed: Helicopter has now "Transports only foot units" set
    Fixed: Humvee flavors (Cobra, Coyote) need now oil as prequesite
    Fixed: Hwacha has lethal sea bombardment now
    Fixed: Interceptor flavors have no longer "Go To" and "Explore" command checked
    Fixed: Inti Warrior has now +1hp
    Fixed: Jet Fighter flavors have no longer "Go To" and "Explore" command checked
    Fixed: Korea has now access to Stone Crossbowman
    Fixed: Korea has now access to Oda Arquebusier
    Fixed: Light Artillery has now colleteral damage flag checked
    Fixed: Machine Gunner gets AI Offense flag removed
    Fixed: Mameluk gets also AI Defense flag checked
    Fixed: Man-at-Arms has now lethal land bombardment
    Fixed: Marxism is no longer an optional tech
    Fixed: Mobile SAM has now lethal land bombardment checked
    Fixed: Modern Armor gets AI Defense flag removed
    Fixed: Monument shield costs reduced to 20
    Fixed: PPS-15 Radar gets "Capture" command and also AI Defense flag checked
    Fixed: Precision Missile has no longer infinite bombardment range
    Fixed: Radar Artillery gets defense increased to 8
    Fixed: Screw Propeller is no longer an optional tech
    Fixed: Selfpropelled Artillery gets defense lowered to 4
    Fixed: Small wonder produced units get their "Unload" flag removed
    Fixed: Spetsnaz upgrades now to Shadow Force (for all other civs, it means Special Forces do!)
    Fixed: Special Forces and its flavors now all get "Upgrade" command
    Fixed: Transport gets "transports only foot units" restriction removed
    Fixed: Viking Swordsman is now flagged as foot unit and amphibious
    Fixed: Air Cavalry is no longer flagged as foot unit
    Fixed: Armors and their flavors are no longer flagged as foot units
    Fixed: Artillery units after the Cannon (exception: Light Artillery) are no longer flagged as foot units
    Fixed: Flak and Mobile SAM are no longer flagged as foot units
    Fixed: Gunships and their flavors are no longer flagged as foot units
    Fixed: Jeep and Humvee including its flavors are no longer flagged as foot units
    Fixed: Main Battle Tank is no longer flagged as foot unit
    Fixed: Mechanized Infantery and its flavors are no longer flagged as foot units
    Fixed: Modern Armors and their flavors are no longer flagged as foot units
    Fixed: Motorized Infantery is no longer flagged as foot unit
    Fixed: Tanks and their flavors are no longer flagged as foot units

    *you can target all other ships
    ** you can target all units except Settlers+, Workers+, Kings, Princesses, Combat Helicopters, submarine-type ships and other land units with stealth attack ability (Commando, Special Forces, Shadow Forces, Frogman, Storm Trooper, Spec Ops)

    Edit: Advanced Fighter has now bombardment 12 and RoF 9
    Edit: Air Cavalry gets AA defense 1
    Edit: Air Ship gets bombardment 10, RoF 1, "Bombing" air mission, lethal sea bombardment and AI Air Bombard flag
    Edit: Bi-Plane and its flavor have now bombardment 4 and RoF 3
    Edit: Bomber has now bombardment 20 and RoF 3
    Edit: Castle maintenance set to 0
    Edit: Colossus goes now obsolete with Navigation
    Edit: Conquistador gets movement increased to 3 and costs no longer upkeep
    Edit: Cuirassier has no longer ZoC
    Edit: Dragoon requires now also Salpeter and gets a ZoC
    Edit: Dreadnoughts are now available with Internal Combustion; placed back to Mass production by Civinator
    Edit: Elephant Rider gets worker strength reduced to 100%
    Edit: Factory requires now Iron
    Edit: Fighter and its flavors have now bombardment 6 and RoF 5
    Edit: Flood Plains may now also contain Date Palms, but no longer Cattle
    Edit: Frogman gets Stealth Attack** (for targets see above)
    Edit: General Staff School maintenance set to 0
    Edit: Great Lighthouse looses the +1 movement bonus (but still allows Safe Sea Travel); instead it allows now city size 3.
    Edit: Gunship and its flavors get AA defense 2
    Edit: Helicopter gets bombardment 10, RoF 1,"Bombing" air mission, AI Air Bombard flag, lethal sea bombardment and transport capacity is increased to 3
    Edit: Hills also may contain now Pigs
    Edit: Hospital gives +50% research and doubles city growth now in addition to +25% production
    Edit: Hussar has no longer a ZoC
    Edit: Inca aggression reduced to 4
    Edit: Interceptor and its flavors have now bombardment 10 and RoF 8
    Edit: Internal Combustion needs now also Screw Propeller as prequesite
    Edit: Jaguar Warriors cannot blitz anymore
    Edit: Javelineer can enslave to Sklave now
    Edit: Jet Figther and its flavors have now bombardment 8 and RoF 7
    Edit: Landing Craft requires now Oil and gets additonal +2 transport capacity (cumulative with general increase!)
    Edit: Long Range Bomber has now bombardment 25 and RoF 3
    Edit: Magna Carta gives now also +50% taxes
    Edit: Mameluk gets shield cost increased to 90
    Edit: Manor gives now +50% production, +50% taxes, reduces corruption and is also flagged as REL and MIL
    Edit: Mech Infantery and its flavors are now available with Combined Arms
    Edit: Monastery is no longer flagged as scientific and no longer requires Incense
    Edit: Motorcycle Scout and later explorer line units have now "Detect Invisible" flag
    Edit: Motorized Infantry has now +3hps and gets its shield cost decreased to 270
    Edit: Musketeer gets its defense increased to 3
    Edit: Naval transport capacities after AncA. increased: MidA.x2, IndA.x4, ModA.x5
    Edit: Newspapers cost reduced to 80sp, no maintenance
    Edit: Opera House needs Theater as prequesite and can become a tourist attraction
    Edit: Patriot no longer requires Salpeter
    Edit: PPS-15 Radar gets "Detect Invisible" flag
    Edit: Radio Tower costs only 100sp and decreases WW, but no longer increases propaganda resistance
    Edit: Royal Tournament maintenance set to 0
    Edit: Sioux aggression reduced to 4
    Edit: Slaves cost no longer upkeep
    Edit: Social Democracy unit support is now 7 gold per unit
    Edit: Spec Ops has now Stealth Attack**(for targets see above)
    Edit: Stealth Fighter has now bombardment 15 and RoF 10
    Edit: Stealth Bomber has now bombardment 40 and RoF 5
    Edit: Storm Trooper gets Stealth Attack** (for targets see above)
    Edit: Strategic Bomber has now bombardment 30 and RoF 4
    Edit: Sub Hunter has now bombardment 8 and RoF 3
    Edit: Templar gets its defense value increased to 3 and upgrades to Cavalry
    Edit: Training Camp maintenance set to 0
    Edit: Transport requires now Oil
    Edit: Volcanoes give now 1/3/0 and may contain also Gold, Aluminium, Uran, Silver, Coffee, Tea, Wine and Olive Oil
    Edit: War Elephants no longer require Elephants and get clear forest/jungle and road-building ability(at speed 100)
    Edit: Theocracy is now immune to Investigate Cities, but no longer to Propaganda; rate cap increased to 60%
    Edit: Fundamentalism is now immune to Establish Embassy, but no longer to Propaganda
    Edit: Blood Cult Small wonder added; requires Theocracy, obsolete with Emancipation, produces a Priest every 10 turns
    Edit: Priest unit added; 4.1.2, Stealth Attack, enslaves to Temple Virgin
    Edit: Temple Virgin unit added; exactly like Slaves, but shield cost 20 (so they'll give more culture when sacrificed)
    Edit: Norse Axeman unit; replaces MDI for Vikings, no resources, amphibious, +1HP, enslaves to Berserk
    Edit: Berserk is now 6.1.1; Note it cannot be built, only spawned from Norse Axeman
    Edit: removed 'Tourist Attraction' from League of Nations
    Edit: Pentagon, SPHQ, Special Warfare Center, War College, War Games Facility are 'Stealth Attack Barriers' now
    Edit: SPHQ now also allows Veteran Ground units, prevents propaganda and reduces corruption
    Edit: Barbarian Raiders enabled for all Civs; shield cost 20, upgrade to MDI, require Natives as dummy resource; can now be found in GH
    Edit: Air Ships now require Aluminium; Civinator changed from Aluminum to Oil.
    Edit: V1 no longer requires Aluminium
    Edit: Frogman is now Invisible
    Edit: SpecOps is now Invisible
    Edit: Decreased shield cost of Customs House to 220

    Artwork Changes v. 1.04:

    Fixed: Qin Spearman Build queue icon added
    Fixed: Added T-34 artwork as it was missing from the Extras patch
    Fixed: Tribe Pediaicon
    Fixed: Uniformly Medium Junk fidget sound added (copied the Run sound)

    Edit: Replaced Civil Liberties Tech Icon with Rufus T. Firefly's version (due to a PCX error)
    Edit: Machine Gunner now uses the WW2 Pacific MG Battalion animation
    Edit: Commando now uses WW2 Pacific Combat Engineer animation
    Edit: Armor now uses WW2 Pacific Light Tank animation
    Edit: Trebuchet now uses the standard Firaxis animation
    Edit: Long Ship now uses Middle Ages animation; renamed to Longboat
    Edit: Priest now uses default Inquisitor animation; changed to Leader animation by Civinator
    Edit: Norse Axeman (Throwing Axeman by Jimmyh) added and graphics updated by Civinator
    Edit: Halberdier now uses default Swiss Mercenary graphics

    Civinator (Additional Changes v.1.04):

    Fixed: Supplyshipments and Plantages/Mines enabled but set to Small Wonders to avoid too much units on the map
    Fixed: Harbor graphics are now era-specific
    Fixed: Marketplace graphics are now era-specific
    Fixed: Slave Market graphics
    Fixed: Great Library is now visible in techtree
    Fixed: Temple of Zeus is now visible in techtree
    Fixed: Coal Plant now comes after factory with tech Steam Engine
    Fixed: Taj Mahal is now in era 2 with Free Artistry tech
    Fixed: Bldg 53 Blood Temple: Civilopedia entry renamed to Relique so 1.03 games still can be played
    Fixed: Tech Massproduction: Obsolete perequisite tech Screwpropeller removed; tech-arrow deleted
    Fixed: Typo in "Dreadnoughts"

    Edit: Atomic Bomber enabled. Can only be received by autoproduction from SW "Atomic Weapons Test" all 8 turns
    Edit: Setting of carriers changed
    Edit: Tech Advanced Composites now additionally needs tech Vertical Flight as a perequisite
    Edit: Tech Supersonic Flight now additionally needs tech Nuclear Power
    Edit: Tech Vertical Flight now additionally needs tech Civil Liberties as a perequisite
    Edit: Tech Stealth now additionally needs tech Guided weapons as a perequisite
    Edit: Tech Sonar is now a perequisite for tech Radar
    Edit: Tech Naval Aviation is now a perequisite for tech Electronics
    Edit: Tech Navigation now needs additionally Tech Gunpowder as a perequisite (as all ships available with that tech have cannons)
    Edit: Battleships cannot be produced any longer when reaching tech Naval Aviation
    Edit: Predreadnoughts added with Tech Internal Combustion (Canopus, Brandenburg, Zhenyuan, Mikasa, Charlemagne, Peresvet, Iowa-BB4, Predreadnought)
    Edit: Destroyer (WW1) added with Tech Unionization
    Edit: Destroyer (Cold War) added with Tech Vertical Flight
    Edit: WWI Bombers added with tech Flight (Early Bomber, Caproni Ca.3, HandleyPage Bomber, Gotha G.IV, Sikorsky Mourometz V)
    Edit: WWII Fighters added with tech Aviation (Early Fighter, Hawk 75, I-16, M.S.406, G-50 Freccia, MB-151, Hurricane, He-112, Me-109E, A6M Zero, P-38 Lightning, Bell P-39)
    Edit: WWII Medium Bombers added with tech Aviation (Medium Bomber, Ju-86, SM.79 Sparviero, He-111, Vickers Wellington, Amiot 354, Petlyakov Pe-2, G4M Betty, B-25 Mitchell
    Edit: Jet Fighters II added with tech Super Sonic Flight: Mig-21, F-104 Starfighter, Mirage III, Mirage III (Export), English Electric Lightning, Saab J35 Draken, F-4B Phantom)
    Edit: Jet Fighters III added with tech Advanced Composites: Updated F-15, Mig 29, Interceptor; Added: F-14A Tomcat, Tornados (Germany, Uk, Italy), Mirage 2000, Saab JA-37 Viggen
    Edit: Jet Fighters IV added with tech Stealth Eurofighter, Rafale, Gripen, Chengdu J-10, Su-30 Flanker, F-15 Strike Eagle
    Edit: Supersonic Bomber added to tech Advanced Composites with the states of the former strategic bomber; graphics updated
    Edit: AT-Infantry, Bazooka-Infantry, British AT-Infantry, French AT-Infantry and German AT-Infantry added with tech Rocketry; TOW Infantry moved to tech Body Armor
    Edit: GW Crystal Palace changed to Ford´s Factory; graphics and splash updated, graphics for assembly plant changed
    Edit: Shangri La now goes obsolete with Internal Combustion
    Edit: National Monument is now vailable with Social Darwinism
    Edit: The Pyramides are now visible in the techtree with tech Masonry
    Edit: Workerjob "Create outpost" is now available with tech Scrap Mining
    Edit: AT-Infantry added with tech Rocketry (AT-Infantry, Bazooka-Infantry, British AT-Infantry, French AT-Infantry, German AT-Infantry)
    Edit: Machine Gunner now upgrades to AT-Infantry
    Edit: TOW-Infantry now available with tech Body Armor

    Artwork Changes v. 1.04 by Civinator:


    Airship: Updated with Zeppelin graphics
    WWI Fighters: Updated Sopwith Camel and Fokker Triplane; added Hanriot HD-1, Halberstadt D.II Turk, Fokker Quetzalcoatl, SPAD S.XIII
    WWII Fighters: Fighter, P-51 Mustang, FW 190 updated; Added: Spitfire, Dewotine-520, Fiat G.55 Centauro, Ki-84 Frank, Yak-9, Saab_J-21, disabled Sturmovik, old Mustang and old FW190
    WWII Heavy Bombers: Added: Heavy Bomber, Piaggio P.108, Petlyakov Pe-8, He-177 Greif, Handley Page Halifax, Lancaster, B-17 Flying Fortress, B-24 Liberator; Disabled: Bomber
    Atomic Bomber: Updated graphics
    Jetbombers: Updated Long Range Bomber, Added: Heavy Jetbomber, B-47 Stratojet, Tu-16 Badger, Vickers Valiant, Xian H-6
    Strategic Bombers: Updated graphics; Added: B-52H Stratofortress, Handley Page Victor, Avro Vulcan, M-4 Bison
    Jetfighters I: Updated Mig 15, F-86 Sabre; Added: Jet Fighter, F-86K Sabre, Hawker Hunter, Saab J-32 Lansen, Super Mystere
    Helicopters I: Added: Eastern Air Cavalry, German Air Cavalry, French Air Cavalry
    Helicopters II: Gunship graphics updated; Added: Mi-24 Hind D, EuroTiger, A129 Mangusta, Rooivalk
    Subhunter: Graphics updated
    Air Transport: Updated graphics
    Transport: Updated graphics
    Iron Frigate: Updated with HMS Warrior
    Dreadnought: Graphics updated; Added: Conte di Cavour, Courbet, Gangut, Iron Duke, Koenig, Rivadavia, Delaware, Salamis
    Battleship: Graphics updated; Added: American Battleship, Asian Battleship, Bismarck, Iowa, King George V., Littorio, Richelieu, Sovietsky Soyuz, Yamato
    Cruiser: Graphics updated; Added: Admiral Hipper Class, County Class, Des Moines Class, Duquesne Class, Kirov-Class, Mogami Class, Trento Class
    Destroyer: Graphics updated; Added: Asian Destroyer, Bourrasque Class, Fletcher Class, Kagero Class, Navigatori Class, Tashkent Class, Tribal Class, Z Class
    Destroyer (WW1): Added: Destroyer WWI, Bouclier Class, Muavenet-i Milliye Class, Rioja Class, B 97 Class, Novik Class, R Class, Minekaze Class, Wickes Class
    Destroyer (Cold War): Added: Modern Destroyer, Gearing Class, Daring Class, Hamburg Class, Skory Class
    Missile Destroyer: Graphics updated; Added: Hangzhou Class, Mimbelli Class, Sachsen Class, Sovremenny Class, Spruance Class, Type 23 Duke Class
    AEGIS Cruiser: Graphics updated; Added: Eastern Missile Cruiser
    Carrier: Graphics updated
    Carriers WW2; Added : Kaga, Lexington, Ark Royal, Graf Zeppelin, Aquilas, Bearn, Dedalo Class, Komsomolets CVL, Asian Carrier (WWII), Northern Carrier (WWII), Carrier (WWII)
    Carriers Cold War; Added : Eagle Class, Forrestal Class, Eastern Carrier, Gorshkov Class
    Nuclear Carrier: Graphics updated Nimitz Class; Added: CVN65 Enterprise
    Submersible: Graphics updated
    Submarine: Graphics updated; Added: Uboat-Type VII, Gato Class
    Attack Submarine: Graphics updated; Added Los Angeles Class
    Boomer Submarine: Graphics updated; Added Typhoon Class
    V-1: Updated and icons added
    Settler: Updated with Motorized Settler graphics
    Patriot: Unit and icons updated
    Partisan: Unit and icons added
    Motorized Infantry: civ flavored units added (Mechanized Infantry, UK Mech.Infantry, Panzergrenadiere, Type 1 Ho-Ha, BTR-152, Arab BTR-152, BTR-40)
    WWI tanks: Updated Tank, MK IV, AV7; added Fiat 2000 and Renault FT17
    WWII tanks: M-4A2 Sherman, Somua35, Panther, Nahuel DL 43 added; T-34, Churchill, Kha-Go updated; Pershing and Panzer IV graphics replaced but disabled
    MBTs: civ flavored units added (Main Battle Tank, M48 Patton, M60 Patton, T-54, T-55, Type 59, Type 74, Stridsvagn 103, AMX-30, Leopard, Chieftain, Chieftain Desert)
    MBT2s: Updated Leopard 2, Leclerc, Challenger 2, T-90, Type 90, Ariete; added M1A1 Abrams, K2 Black Panther, Leopard 2 (Export), Leopard 2 (Chile), Stridsvagn 121, T-72S Shilden,
    MBT2s continued: Added Type 99, T-90 (Bhishma) and T-90 (Mahgreb). Disabled Arjun, M1A1 and IS3M.
    APC2s: Updated: Marder, Rooikat, CV 9040; Added: AMX-10P, BTR-80, M2A1 Bradley; Disabled: BTR80 and KAFV
    SPAs: Added: M109, 2S3 Akacija, GCT 155 mm, AS-90
    SAM: Added: SA-4 Ganef
    Jeeps: Updated Jeep, Aded: VW Kubelwagon, Humvee Green, Humvee Desert, Humvee Woodlands, Cougar4x4, RG-31, RG-31 Desert, VAB6x6, VTLM Lince; disabled Cobra and Coyote
    Motorcycles: Updated Motorcycle scout; Kradschuetze added
    Colonial Marine: Graphics updated
    Marine: Graphics updated
    Modern Marine: Graphics updated
    Hussar: Graphics updated; Added: Spanish, Italian, French, Prussian, Swedish, Russian Hussars, British Lifeguard, Mameluke, Steppes Rider, Asian Rider, Native Horselancer
    Dragoon: Graphics updated; Added: Spanish, Italian, French, Prussian, Swedish, Russian, British, American, Asian, Indian and African Dragoon, Mounted Musketwarrior
    Cavalry: Graphics updated; Added: Italian, French, British, German, Swedish, Russian, Eastern, Asian, American and Mesoamerican Cavalry, Native Scout
    Cuirassier: Graphics updated; Added: German Reiter, English Ironside, Spanish Cuirassier, Caballero, Native Horse Archer
    Knight: Graphics updated; Added: Asian Knight, Korean Knight, Meso Knight, Mongolian Knight, Russian Knight, Swedish Knight, German Knight, English Knight, French Knight,
    Knight continued: Added Italian Knight, Spanish Knight, African Knight
    Knights of the Realm: Graphics updated
    King's Guard: Graphics updated
    Horse Archer: Graphics updated; Added: African, Arabic, Byzantine, Carthaginian, Chinese, English, European, Mamluk, Meso, Persian, Roman and Russian Horse Archer
    Cataphract: Graphics updated; Added: Persian, Asian and Carthaginian Cataphract
    Heavy Horseman: Graphics updated; Added: Brythonic and Gupta Cavalry
    Horseman: Graphics updated; Added: Asian, Briton, Gallic, Germanic, Indian, Macedonian, Meso, Mideast, Persian, Ptolemaic, Silla and Slavic Horseman
    Chariot: Graphics updated; Added: Asiatic, Eastern, Iberian, MidEast, Mycenean, Northeuropean, Roman Chariot and Ratha
    Elephants: Added: Asian and Punic Warelephant
    Camels: Camel Rider: Graphics updated; Added: Roman Camel Trooper and Arabian Camel Rider; Replaced Mameluk by Camel Archer, Eastern Camel Archer and Arabian Camel Archer
    Artillery: Graphics updated
    Light Artillery: Graphics updated
    Heavy Artillery: Graphics updated; Added: BR-2 Mortar, 150mm Howitzer, 152mm_Artillery
    Spearmen: Graphics updated: European, Germanic, Qin, Arabian, African, Amerindian Spearman, Scutatio; Added: Hindu, Mongolian, Assyrian, Egyptian, Gallic, Briton, Northern,
    Spearmen continued: Russian, Koori and MesoSpearman
    Pikemen: Graphics updated: Pikeman, Arabian Pikeman, Eagle Knight; Added: Nara, African, Carthaginian, Chinese, English, French, Indian, Italian, Mongolian, Russian, Samguk,
    Pikemen continued: Scandinavian, Spanish and Thai Pike
    Late Pikemen: Added: Asian, Ottoman, Indian Late Pikeman, Italian Late Pikeman, Landsknecht, Late Pikeman, Spanish Late Pikeman, Swedish Late Pikeman
    Archer: Graphics updated: Archer, African Archer, Arabian Archer, Brave and Bowman;
    Archer Added: Chinese, Korean, Golden, Mongolian, Persian, Eastern, Russian, Germanic, Roman, Egyptian, Mesoamerican, Native and Polynesian Archer
    Crossbowmen: Graphics updated: Crossbowman, Longbowman; Added: African, Almohad, Asian, Chinese, Fatimid, French, Italian, Russian, Scandinavian, Spanish, Timurid and Yamato Crossbowman
    Swordsmen: Graphics updated: African Swordsman, Arabian Swordsman, Mediterranean Swordsman, Pictish Swordsman, Viking Swordsman, Legionary
    Swordsmen Added: Assyrian, Eastern, Egyptian, Carthaginian, Iberian, Russian, Mongolian, Polynesian, MesoSwordsman and Tulwar Warrior
    Medivial Swordsmen: Graphics updated: Chinese Medieval Infantry, Janissary, Norse Axeman and Berserk
    Medivial Swordsmen: Added: English, French, Spanish, Teutonic, Russian, Byzantine, Arabic, Mongol and Gaya Footknight, Hindu and Eagle Swordsman, Perwira, Lion Warrior and Native Brave
    Musketeer: Graphics updated: Musketeer; Added: English Musketman, German Musketman, Swedish Musketman, Italian Musketeer, Spanish Musketeer, Strelets Musketman, Eastern Musketeer,
    Musketeer continued: Musket Janissary, Indian Arquebusier, Asian Musketeer, Firelancer, Mesofirelancer, Tlecuahuitl and African Musketeer
    Musketman: Graphics updated: Musketman; Added: African, Asian, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Ottoman, Prussian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Native Musket Infantry, British Redcoat
    Line Infantry: Graphics updated; Added: British, Prussian, Russian, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, African, Asian, Indian Line Infantry, Nizam Infantry and French Guard
    Rifleman: civ flavored riflemen added (Asian, Italian, Ottoman, Swedish, Indian Sepoy, Russian Fusilier, Sioux and Native Flintlock; Prussian Fusilier, French R. and Zuluwar R. updated)
    Trencher: civ flavored trenchers added (African, American, Arabian, British, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Russian, Swedish, Turkish)
    Infantry: Unitspecifivic icons added
    Modern Infantry: Graphics updated; Added: African, Arab, Polynesian, British, Bundeswehr,Indian, DPRK, JSDF, Mongol, Latin, PLA, Russian, US Vietnamese Inf. and Revolutionary Guard
    Paratrooper, Eastern Paratrooper, Asian Paratrooper, Fallschirmjäger, Airborne Ranger: Graphics updated
    Airborne: Graphics updated; Added: African Airborne, British Airborne, Chinese Airborne, Soviet Airborne, Fallschirmjaeger (BW) and US GreenBeret
    Commando: Graphics updated
    Special Forces, Delta Force, KSK: Graphics updated
    Imperial Guard: Graphics updated
    Storm Trooper: Graphics updated


    Added: Sitting Bull for Sioux, Bilgis for Ethiopia, Mansa Musa for Mali, RamKhamhaeng for Siam, Tangaloa for Polynesia, Napoleon for France, Ngawang Gyatso for Tibet;
    Updated: Temujin, Caesar
  7. Samez

    Samez ION GUNNER

    Jan 31, 2005
    center of nowhere
    Wow never thought someone would update RAR..... I have fond memories of RAR and would love to play the new version whatever it's name will be.
  8. brun58

    brun58 Warlord

    Dec 29, 2003
    I agree.
  9. caddysax

    caddysax Chieftain

    Apr 26, 2015
    this looks awesome
  10. eXalted

    eXalted Chieftain

    Jun 28, 2012
    Oooh, I would so play this! I'm hyped! :eek2:

  11. jlvfr

    jlvfr King

    Jul 26, 2007
    Mayhap I missed something. Is 1.04 a proposed version? It does not yet exist for download?
  12. Samez

    Samez ION GUNNER

    Jan 31, 2005
    center of nowhere
    To my understanding Civinator has finished the 1.04 version but as he is not one of the original creators he is waiting for their okay before uploading the new version /modmod
  13. madviking

    madviking north american scum

    May 22, 2005
    Allow to also add my name to the list of people who'd be very hyped for this.
  14. Civinator

    Civinator Blue Lion Supporter

    May 5, 2005
    Yes Samez, this is correct. :) Additionally to this post I sent pms to Kal-El and Isak. goethe, who did the German translation of RAR tried to reach Doc T. via pm and an Email-adress he had, but until now unfortunately there is no response.

    The question could be, what to do if the original creators cannot be reached. If I post it as a "modmod" (p.e. RARR) this could be the end of RAR (as the new version in my eyes is excellent) and I don´t want to end the story of this "Mother of all Civ 3 Mods". I would prefer, if I could contribute my part in continuing the story of this mod, but for that a consense with the original creators should be attempted. So let´s hope that there will be some reaction of the original creators in the next 14 days to tell me what to do.
  15. Takeo

    Takeo Shogun

    Dec 3, 2002
    Hopefully this new version can be publicly released! I've always loved RAR and an updated version would be awesome!
  16. ThERat

    ThERat Deity

    Nov 29, 2004
    City of one angel
    I have played 1.04 and it's great as it was, but these improvements would be the icing on the cake.

    Please do release it!
  17. Civinator

    Civinator Blue Lion Supporter

    May 5, 2005
    Thank you all for your interest in a next version of RAR. :) While waiting for a response from the original creators, I show you some of the modern ships of the next version of RAR (here a special thank you very much to Delta_Strife):

    Daring Class:

    Hamburg Class:

    Suffren Class:

    Clemenceau Class:

    CVN 65 Enterprise:

  18. Samez

    Samez ION GUNNER

    Jan 31, 2005
    center of nowhere
    Just wanted to mention:
    There were eleven posts in 2013 and eighteen in 2014 in this thread.
    You are probably doing it the right way (contacting the original creators) but you shouldn't worry too much if you can't contact them within a reasonable amount of time.
  19. Marshall Ney

    Marshall Ney Chieftain

    Feb 11, 2014
    first off, 2-3 questions, please.

    1). Is this compatible with Steam version??

    2). Is 1.02 latest version? or what? I thought I saw a 1.04 somewhere. If so, link please and is it one time download or do you need 1.03, for example?

    3). Is there anyone who has done a play thru on Youtube? link again if you know.


  20. Marshall Ney

    Marshall Ney Chieftain

    Feb 11, 2014
    I found out that it does work with Steam, but would like answers to others.


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