Roman Empire Mod


Jan 14, 2002
Behind you!
This Mod contains oh.... a couple of changes to the rules i don't really think of them as cheating but tell me if you think i was too generous. i added the Empire government for everyone .... it's just cool to see russian Empire or Roman Empire as ur gov't. The Empire cannot hurry or have embassies placed in it has vetran diplomats but conscript spies. All millitary units are FREE war weariness is low as is corruption. The Advance required is Imperialism which replaces polytheism. Legions can move 2 spaces instead of one and can build roads... they did in reality so i figured why not. I'm new to the world of making mods so go ahead and tell me what i did wrong.


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i decided to change some things i added ruler titles and made the resistance and propaganda modifiers higher, it made sense to me for them to be fairly high.


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I think you would have to bring the Empire and little farther back in the tech tree. Maybe replace music theory instead. But overall it is a good government and I like the road building.
The one problem with legions build roads/etc is that unless the "terraform" ability is set the AI would use it and it can only be set of all the worker abilities are available to the unit. But it is still good idea. I may add the empire gov to my personal mod.
Roman legions were also city builders. They had a system in which within a few days, a legion could set up an entire town, made of stone. One of the more famous cities originally built by legions is London.
I think that before one gets too fascinated by the unit, there has been a problem mentioned by others that if a unit has a hybrid of abilities, that AI basically has no idea what it is doing with the unit - just a thought there.
Also, the romans were renowned for their use of auxillaires from the areas that they had conquered. Will if be possible to include them in your map as well?
Also will renaming some of the advances to more fit the time period be possible? Those Greeks had a lot of ideas...
to bad you didn't make a roman empire mod, with just that area (southern europe, nothern africa, western asia) and include greece and a few other civs... I'd love that!
I actually had my classical world MOD and almost did just that. It would have been great and with the current editor features i might be able to. I don't have the time right now but i;'ll find it and do it for you guye.

Why does this MOD always come back to me? I got very little on my other attempts but this one (which was very meager) always gets attention.
I think it is an attention grabber because the roman empire was very important and in a very important area. Not to mention the place it controlled and slightly further out would be a very nice and intriging place to play...

If you ever do make that type of mod, like I mentioned... PLEASEEEEEE let me know. I'll be the first to download it!!!

My e-mail is

I've been creating a mod of my own. It has a number of new units and is using I believe a version of marla's map. Slightly smaller though. A few rule changes and added civs. It is almost done, I personally love it... I just need a damn ship!!! oh well...

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