Selling a factory mint condition Civilization 2 for Mac on eBay


Dec 2, 2023
BEFORE YOU BAN ME FOR SPAMMING... let me tell you a story.

Around two decades or so ago, my dad bought Civilization 2 for my xmas present that year (or was it my birthday? xmas is more topical at this time). My dad was a Macintosh guy. Then.... I forgot about it and never even opened it.

Fast forward to now, and I dig it out of a storage room to make a listing on ebay. And.... nobody's buying it. I thought an unopened Sid Meier game would sell quickly, but I forgot Sid Meier's games don't appeal to the lowest common denominator.

I downloaded the rom from Macintosh Garden and played it in QEMU... and I can see why my dad thought I'd love this game. I was into Mythology and anthropology at the time, and this game really did a lot of homework researching the history of ancient civilizations from all over the world. Being a mesoboo myself (the mayan and aztec version of a "weeb"), I smiled that you get to play as Moctezuma founding the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan and its famous floating gardens (you can only make the greek Hanging Gardens in the game, but... close enough). Being the mesoboo I am, I renamed Montezuma to Nezoyacoyotl... a historical figure you'd only read about after nerding out in aztec history books like I did.

I was not so thrilled with how they handled Vikings. Canute? Really? They can't even spell the name right (Knut)? I was expecting Eric the Red or something equally obvious, though he was a renegade, not a warlord. Still, founding Greenland should be a pretty big deal right? Well, anyway... this is one Galaxy brained game. People say Northgard and Warcraft are hard to learn, but this is on the next level.

It took me a long time to finally win a game on chieftain, and kept playing until I got a spaceship to Proxima Centauri (or whatever system it goes to).

Its unfortunate the free windows95 version you can download to play with wine can't get the CD iso working with it to get the movies running... or does it? I only got the movies to work with the old mac version.

tl;dr: I came here to see if anyone in the hardcore community is interested in buying the mint condition box. Someone else is selling an ALREADY OPENED BOX for $50, so I set the starting bid at that.

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