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I just finished Emperor with Dipomatic at T270. Similar to UWHabs, I went Dance and Work Ethic and meeting houses. Don't sleep on Maui for seeding water resources to ping your stave churches. Thor's Hammer is good for building, so my cities were filled with wonders, including all that gave diplomatic victory points. The endgame felt slow waiting for opportunities to get victory points. I'm sure a domination victory would be faster.

Worth mentioning, there is a unique badge for winning the scenario, and there are badges for each victory type for each difficulty for the completionists.
I explored the entire map now, and it seems like most AI civs has a nearby natural wonder.

Spoiler :
sailing east there is a Paititi
I decided to give it a try, and opted for the religious route. Between Dance of the Aurora and stave Churches, my core cities are all rocking like +11 holy site adjacencies, which obviously pairs very well with Work Ethic. Got Sinbad to give me enough cash to do whatever I want, and there's plenty of barbarians around to max him out quickly.

I only got through the first era. I don't usually play the advanced starts, so there's some weird stuff from that to get used to. The era I don't know if it was coded to take forever, but I think I'm at like 70/29 era score. I think next era is basically just going to be spamming out settlers as fast as the eye can see, and just colonizing the entire planet. I guess after that colonization kick I'll see which victory seems the easiest.
Gotta give it to you. Try as I might, religious route seems quite stifled for me. It looks as if the build longships and conquer all caps is the most obvious choice. Taking over the last few caps with battering squads. Even a culture victory seemed viable with how close Kandy is, but alas, CV is not an acceptable option.
I dunno, the map seems very bland and vanilla for me. With one strategic path for those willing to speed run. Almost as if it was designed for new comers to not get over-whelmed.
Sinbad is broken for this map, can single handedly take down non-walled capitals, and ofcourse finance the empire.
Finished with 230 turn on prince, and 240 turn on emperor with religious victory. Could of finish it sooner on emperor, tho maori was really agressive with defending their religion, compared to other which was basically zero resistance. There is also some sort of display bug where it does not show civilization number 9 on converted civs list, so i was keep converting that civ while there was no need for it, i only had to convert one more city of other civ to finish it. I went full faith booster - extra construction on marsh as panteon, extra faith for each world wonder, synagogs for +5 faith, cheaper missionaries and +2 faith for each converted city. To speed it up it's enough to make a city close to australia on island near by (and there is also some space avalaible next to england). But there was one funny thing, i lost all cities which i had there (two which i made, and one free city which i conquered) due loyalt lost. But i did not need them anymore so it was no big deal. And key world wonders, of course stonehedge and hagia sophia. Now i will try other victory types, without pressure to finish asap so just enjoying the game :D
One of the avenues: surprise war ‘Stralia, pillage their coast. With 100% boost they repair those districts in no time. Repeat. When you notice slowdown on the repair rate, make peace for 10 turns to give John a breather to dust off his hat and repeat again. You actually don’t want to capture his settlers, you want him to have as many cities as possible, so they build all those nice districts for you to pillage. ‘Stralia is your bottomless ATM in this game, imo.
Tried now diplomacy win, but it took much longer compared to religion route . It was supposed to end on turn 370, when i had 18/20 score, but then all other civs would always voted against my diplomacy points. So obviously , for those last 2/4 need to be prepared wonder which give points instead voting on world congress. Due this situation i though how it would be impossible to solve that problem so i started to capture cities, first england and then Dido which grow really big, but eventually i won with international space station point, which was close call as it was 1 turn before congress voting, i had left 2 cities from dido to capture, and she had 19/20 points, same as i was. There is also question what would happen in case multiple civs have 18/20 score. Also for some reason my science , culture and basically everything were much slower then previous game on emperor with religion focus, despite building campus and tons of cities, while religion game had only 2 cities. Any tips to speed up win, as i still need to finish on emperor. If this would be customizable game, then i would set frequent natural disaster in order to get as much is possible send aid events, since it's pretty easy to win them.


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going for a domination win but it’s a bit of a slog moving a huge fleet around the map. Having problems with amenities now. I’ve taken out Portugal, Mali, Maui so far. Hungary or Holland next on my list
I played the emporer scenario and breezed to an pretty easy religious victory.

Spoiler :

Soo much faith available on home continent i didn't bother to expand further.

With Work Ethic and stave church every city was maxed on on infrustructure most of the game (20+ prod from holy site in most cities) with nothing significant to build, including projects

I took the government building for faith purchase military units... didn't matter, only bought one unit the whole game to deal with some pesky barbs.

I liked the game, was a good change from what i was used to.

Did anyone see the AI buy heroes? None were bought in my game, i bought hercules for some holy sites in new cities, maui and amasi, but frankly, they werent necessary.
It's called Seven Seas but they use the Island Plates map? 🤔
Was my first thought. Seven Continents would be more fitting. Had the impression of lakes, not pseudo-archipelago.

Aiming for speed, with map foreknowledge and dozens of reloads, managed to limit Domination Victory down to 39 turns. The game was on Emperor difficulty but for the ambitious, Prince might be even swifter due to the AI starting with 1 fewer settler, 40% reduced production, and having weaker combat stats (2 point difference). The benefits of having greater amount of land to pillage and raid is marginal by the end, and unnoticable in the first 20 to 25 turns.
Woods/resource chops begin with 47 production and are quite an effective way to rush early productivity/training. Despite workers possessing relatively few charges throughout.
Disloyalty can draw attention, but is easy enough to mitigate with use of governors.

Spoiler City States :
Kandy was the city state with most appeal, it seemed. The state can be suze-rained in no more than 5 turns after discovery using Amani. And can be discovered in the first 5 turns. Despite not focusing on a cultural victory, the ability can be leveraged to trade relics with all civs for some 200g between natural wonder discoveries.

Spoiler History Log :

T1: Longship
T3: Longship
T4: Longship + Settler (Religious Settlements)
T10: 6th Longship + Sinbad (trained)
T14: Anansi (trained) + Political Philosophy + Indonesian Capital + Settler (440g)
T16: Mathematics
T19: 9th Longship
T22: Portugeese Capital + Hungarian Capital + Hercules (trained)
T26: Australian Capital
T27: Maori Capital
T28: Great Lighthouse + Military Tactics
T31: Hippolyta (trained)
T33: Cartography
T36: Nubian Capital
T37: British Capital
T38: Dutch Capital
T39: Byzantine Capital

The first wonder to prioritize should be the Great Lighthouse. This allows your ships and troops to move 1 extra space which is a huge bonus on this map.
There are a lot of natural wonders on the map, so explore with your scout class units (even the seas).
There are a lot of natural wonders on the map, so explore with your scout class units (even the seas).
No, no, resist the urge to explore anything at all until you get Sinbad which, apparently, must be the first hero you go for. You can't swing a cat scout without hitting a natural wonder on this map, most visible from the seas. To say nothing about all those barb outposts on the shore.
No, no, resist the urge to explore anything at all until you get Sinbad which, apparently, must be the first hero you go for. You can't swing a cat scout without hitting a natural wonder on this map, most visible from the seas. To say nothing about all those barb outposts on the shore.
Yeah, Sinbad FTW.

So I had a go at this.
It's not as interesting as the first challenge.

But I do like how it focuses on a game mode. Heroes 👍
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