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SG_Politics - The Great Experiment

TG Cid, you're up.
SKILORD, you're on deck.

I've attached the map below.

The Mother Earth Party asks future leaders to continue the growth of the land for all future generations to enjoy, love, and nourish.


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Ok, I'm just about to d/l it, I'll try to play and get the summary posted by tonight, if I can't, it'll be here by tommorow evening at the latest. I'd have it sooner, but you can thank my loving, caring, and educational teachers for the delay (which the Enlightenment Party supports by the way---strict teachers ;) ).
The big question -
At what point do the political parties come into play?
Hi lkendter,

You are representing your political party, so once you have control of the game, feel free to shape the game with the goals of your political party in mind. So, if you elected to have a global domination strategy in mind and I'm having the nation build schools and such, then switch over to soldiers to fulfill your strategy. Also, this works for foreign policy - I can be really working with a neighbor but if you view the neighbor as a threat, declare war on them. I won't be happy, but you are not trying to make me happy. You're trying to win the game on your terms.

Of course, If I'm opposed to the war, then I'll stop it on my turn. Then again, if you want to keep the war effort alive, then maybe you'll consider building schools instead of soldiers and I'll fight the war on my turn.

So you see, we are not working together like most sucession games. We are working for own self interests and of course, we'll have to meet a common ground and its meeting that common ground which will be interesting.

Also, it'd be really interesting to see how this game ends.

Does that answer your question?
2630 BC: Senator Kletian, is elected Emperor and absolute dictator of America. He proudly tears down the old flag of the Mother Green Party himself, putting in its place the flag representing the Enlightenment Party .

2510 BC: Emperor Kletian recalls the worker who was currently working on connecting the Silk back to Washington to mine the area. Our scout reports to have encountered a minor tribe, who offers 25 gold :) in tribute.

2470 BC: Kletian changes Settler production in Washington to a Granary.

2430 BC: Yet another tribe of passive barbarians are discovered. Fascinated by our culture (and military might) they teach us their secret of Mysticism.

2390 BC: JeznerTopolis completes the training of a Spearmen regiment. The citizens of the city immediately start work on a temple.

2350 BC: The Emperor is delighted upon hearing that official contact has been made with the Babylonians to our South. However, he grumbles upon learning they have no technology and only an infinitesimal amount of gold to offer him.

2110 BC: Our worker is sent to mine JeznerTopolis upon completing the mines of Washington.

2070 BC: Washington starts Settler completes Granary and begins work on assembling a group of settlers, due in 6 turns. Yet another tribe is discovered, and once again fascinated by our technology, share their own, The Wheel, with us. Also, Kletian's Scientists alert him of the discovery of Alphabet, strange symbols which allowed for more efficient communication among the people. Kletian wishes to explore this field more and sets his scholars to study Writing, which they estimate will be done in 40 turns.

1990 BC: Our warrior encounters a Barbarian savage to the North. A minor skirmish occurs, our warrior remains unscathed.

1950 BC: More bloodshed in the North, once again our warrior is victorious.

1910 BC: Our warrior finds and destroys the "savage's camp" and loot 25 gold from it. Our warrior is injured in combat, and still not promoted.

1870 BC: Emperor Kletian is informed that our Scout, while surveying the lands has run straight into a Barbarian camp, and was immediately killed. :(

1830 BC: Settler in Washington complete, Temple started.

1725 BC: New York founded! However, the people decided to rename the young city after they're great leader, and thus Kletian City was born. Immediately after being founded, the residents of Kletian City started producing Silk, for the benefit of the entire Empire! Furthermore, the glorious city brought increased revenue, allowing for more money to be devoted to Science. Thus, the Emperor, with the concurrence of the entire Enlightenment party set the Science devotion rate to 90%. Writing is due to be discovered in 18 turns, with a deficit of 1 gpt.

1650 BC: JenzerTopolis completes Temple, starts formation of Settlers.

1625 BC: Our warrior is attacked by YET ANOTHER group of Barbarians. He survives, but STILL does not recieve a promotion!

1550 BC: Growing dissatisfaction with a same government policy year after year hits America. Kletian is forced to relinquish his thorne, and, to avoid Civil War, does so peacefully. Before stepping down he did 2 things. Kletian contacts the Babylonians and gives Hamburrabi Mysticism in exchange for 16 gold. Kletian feels although it wasn't a fair trade on his part, extra gold will allow for more turns of deficit, allowing for a faster discovery of Writing. Finally, the day before his resignation, he gave a speech to the nation, directed towards the Domination Party, who was likely to replace his party on the throne... Among his major points are:

- My only major request is to continue researching Writing, followed by Literature. We will need culture to dominate the globe, and Libraries will provide for both of our interests. Culture for your party, while yielding increased Science for mine.

- Although I am opposed to war, if you wish to wage it against the Babylonians, I will not protest. As I said, if you get Literature researched and Libraries built, I will make comprimises with you as well, when my party reigns again.

- And although my points of view differ from yours, I wish you good luck. Ultimately, we wish to achieve the same goal---to establish America as a superpower, but to do so, we must give up portions of our own interests, for the betterment of our nation.
Here is the game, Sir Nicholas Skilord (soon to be King :king: )
Ah Kletian I am suprised you like Science so much! Me, being from the Scifiexchange Party (name sux but it fits), find what you have done with the money we get from our slav...Erm People, is very generous! Can't wait for your party back in there! And Sir Nicholas Skilord: I also have no regrets when if we declare war against the Babylonians buuut: I suggest we wait for a stronger army not that we get crushed!
So i can't wait till I'm up[dance]! Cheers :beer:
Sir nicholas SKILORD is ready to rise to the throne. I'll play tonight but since the Computer i'll play on cannot log me into Civfanatics i probley won't post till tomorrow. as a compromise to the other parties, and because i see the sense in it i plan to blitz literature and go for the great library.

the remaining things about the party:
mascot: The Fox
Motto:"Everybody likes a World Conflict! :love:"

Flag (Which now decorates the palace)


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The Mother Green party is firmly opposed to any war started for the purposes of aggression. The Babylonians are a unique and interesting people. We should grow with them - trade with them - and be partners of the Earth with them. What good is it to smash them into the ground. I implore Sir Nicholas Skilord of the Domination Party to show restraint in such matters. The Mother Green party does agree that we should build an army - but a defensive army with very few offensive units.

The Mother Green party also supports the Elignment Partys quest for writing and literature. These are noble persuits.

It is nice the Enlightenment Party brings us silk and science, but the Mother Green party is an advocate of fiscal responsibility. The Mother Greens didn't work hard to build the nation's treasury only for other party's to blow it. We should balance our budget even if that means cutting science research.
Well said Jezner but Skilord is up and he is entitled do do what he wants. But i do think we should get some more units in our cities for defence but a stron army in case we go to war!
Oh oh i also want a motto:
"Something is better than nothing!"
Wuaha i like that, and could someone make me a flag?


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The Enlightenment Party recognizes Mother Green's concern involving a slight deficit. However, we feel the highest of priorities to be researching Literature, perhaps followed even by a more Represenative form of government---The Republic, a government I'm sure we can both agree on as superior to Despotism.

To the Domination Party, we thank you for recognizing the need for Libraries to be set up throughout the nation. Science, we feel, is indeed oftentimes a determining factor in any wars you chose to wage.

To the ScifiExchange Party, it is very good to know we have another scientifically-inclined party. However, while we wish to "Enlighten" our own Empire, we hope to keep most of our secrets out of rival's hands; this may be the only area that there may be some dispute over. Nevertheless, we look foward to your rule! Oh, and my, quite a...well...interesting flag, to say the least.
The Scifiexchange party is pleased to know that interest is shown in their newly designed flag. And that it represents all 5 parties, the biggest and best party in the middle: Scifiexchange.

Nice to know that other parties also are happy that my reign is soon to come. Wuha.
i had to do this due to.... technical duifficulties, i hope T-fall doesn't think i'm cloning and delete it because i have VERY legitamate reasons for doing such.

Now for my comments. yes i agree, Science can be the determineing factor in many wars. i also look forward to the rise of the science related parties, i can understand your veiwpoint while you might be a bit pacifistic for me. I wish wisdom to my fellow man, and confusion to the enemy.

Skilord goes off to plaay his rounds.
The capitialist just want to know one think

What type of luxuries, and resource are in Babylon to exploit?

Err, take for ourselvers,

look at that, done early. i think i played 30 turns but might not have taken that much.

1525- The "Dominose" tribe takes control of the nation, they put the new flag up around the palace and promise the people not to be too radical... yet.

1425- A Barbarian camp is dispatched by our Warrior, he is promoted but this allows Sir Nicholas to see exactly how ineffective his predecesors had been in furnishing defence for their towns.

1400- Ski's Outpost is founded to the south, it brings the promise of dyes to the nation.

1300-As an offering to a tribe growing in power, the Capalists, and to further Culture, Sir Nicholas Commands the citiczens to begin construction of the Collossus in Washington.

1175- Skiville founded to the north, merely to expand the national territory.

1150-Citiczens begin work on a barracks in Ski's Outpost.0
-A brave warrior defends the entirer nation from barbarians north of Skiville.

1125-Kletia city temple construction finished, they begin producing an archer to help with the attacks on the Barbarians

here's the game:

My Notes later
Preturn -

I refuse to waste our money on regular troops, and Kletian City switchs to worker.
We need to exploit the land more.
I work the people to death, build a barracks in JeznerTopolis.
Washington switchs to Pyramids, FREE granary, that we save us much money ;)

1050 BC - Here come the vet troops.
Warrior orded to find more to exploit.
925 BC - Excellleenntttt - our workers speed up the time to Pyramids.
Our warriors extort $25 from some primitive people.
900 BC - I don't like these Babylonians, stealing OUR land.
They a broke, nothing to acquire.
875 BC - Excellleenntttt - our workers speed up the time to Pyramids, again.
800 BC - Horses, weapons to acquire new wealth by force :flamedevi:
Excellleenntttt - our workers speed up the time to Pyramids, yet again.
710 BC - We have done all we can, wealth capital produces Pyramids in 28 turns.
610 BC - Evil barbs destroy work on temple at Skiville.
570 BC - LeeVille is formed.
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