SG_Politics - The Great Experiment


Oct 31, 2001
New England
CIV: Americans
LAND: Continents
MAP: Standard
PATCH: 1.17

All victory conditions are enabled.
No Worker Automations
No City Govenors
No Goto for workers

Current turns: up to 30 per player (next round 20 per player)

# Civs = 8
24 hours to verify you can play your turn, 48 hours to play.
# of live people: 5
Open slots: No open slots - sign up for waiting list

PLAYERS (in order of play)

Jezner with Jezner the 3rd representing the Mother Green Party

Waiting to Notify - 3/30/02
TG Cid with Senator Kletian Atad representing the Enlightenment Party

On Deck
SKILORD with Sir Nicholas Skilord representing the Domination Party

Kevinicus with Kevin Schenk representing the Scifiexchange Party


Earl Of Chester

Feel free to sign up for the waiting list in case one of the previous parties falls from power, and thus disbands. Once you are announced to play, you have 24 hours to check in and 48 hours to play your turn


Each real person playing this SG will assume the role of a political party (real or otherwise). Assuming the role of a political party, your goal is to move the civilization in that direction. That being stated, you will not work with other SG members to win the game - you will work with your other players to achieve your stated party goals.

For example, Allen represents the Hawks party. So he starts building the Sun Tzu wonder.

Jim represents the Pacifist Party - finds the wonder, and decides to best put those resources into a library. Jim notifies Allen, Allen grumbles, and agrees to finish building Jim's three univesities instead of switching them to knights as he planned to do.

It's all about negoation and compromise. And of course, getting your own way.

Lets just keep it friendly.
The Mother Green Party is all about peaceful solutions to difficult problems. The Mother Green takes an interest in foreign politics, but would rather focus on internal developments.

Internal Poilicy

Develop the land, build improvements. Have 2 units per city, but that's about it.

Foreign Policiy

Work with other countries to gain goods. Form alliances to generate trade. Stay clear of major wars.

War Policy

Never a first strike. Would rather solve problems diplomatically, than resort to battle.

Preferred Government


Preferred Victory

UN Victory

Party Slogan

A happy home is a Mother Green one.
Jezner - I like your game idea, but I think I'm a little too busy to join. I don't think you'll have any trouble finding players though :cool:

I suggest you change the civ to a religious one, so that different players could change governments at will to reflect different parties (if you're willing to take the factionalism that far; I'm not sure if you're going for all out struggle between players or a parliamentry give and take system like what exists in the US Congress). Just remember that on Warlord, you should be able to get away with some serious "party" differences that would kill you on higher difficulties. This game should also make for some good stories in the write-ups!
Thanks for the feedback. I'm going for more of a give & take approach to see how it works which is why I chose the US Goverment. But going into fundamentalism would be fun in terms of all the flaming and backstabing going on. The problem, of course, is to find people who won't get offended. We shall see how this works out.
I like the idea, very unique and it sounds fun :goodjob: . Warlord is also around my usual difficulty anyways, sign me up! :D
The Enlightenment Party is composed of Scientifically-Geared politicians. They seek to spread Scientific knowledge and wisdom throughout the people of their country. With cities and military, they value quality over quanity, and are often times referred to as the "Perfectionist Party".

Party Head: Senator Kletian Atad

Party Mascot: Dolphin (don't ask)

Internal Policy: 1-2 Units per city, more if absolutely necessary. Infrastructure (terrain improvements) geared towards commerce, Scientific structures are a high priority.

Foreign Policy: *Carefully* brokers technology to rivals, always trying to stay as far ahead as possible. World Maps and Communications with other nations are highly valued by the Enlightenment Party.

War Policy: Holds a general dislike of wars. They will rarely, if ever, be the aggressor. Usually only starts wars to either capture a vital resource or topple the leading nation.

Preferred Government: Democracy

Preferred Victory: Spaceship

Slogan: "Superiority through technology."
*Senator Kletian orders thousands of these flags mass-produced, as he waits in anxiety for his turn to hang the marvelous flag upon the Capitol Building, tearing off the old one* :D


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i'm in (if ull have me) for the Domination Party we stand for domination thro culture + Millitary and the heck with all else.

Party head: Sir Nicholas Skilord

Victory: The 1 in which the culture covers 2/3 of the land area(forgot the name)

Gov't: Monarchy or Democracy
Wow, all-militaristic party...we're definitely going to see some conflict here :hammer: . Well, if nothing else, at least Libraries and Universities give we may be able to work something out.
TG Cid and SKILORD are in.

This Sounds to shaping up into a good game - we now need two more players before we begin. . .

The Mother Earth party applauds the Elightenment Party, being we have so much in common (though we'd prefer to put money into domestic issues like education, rather than waste it on such a thing as a space program). As for the Domination Party - we do not approve of your Hawkish stance. We hope that you will open to the ideas of peace and prosperity rather than brute force.

Two more spots open!
Where is the Capitlist party?

Our goal is one thing - Wealth!

We want resources, luxuries, market places, etc.

The land must be exploited to the MAX.
Chop down the forest, etc.

However, there are still some details to work out.

How exactly will we be voting?
Man i wanted to be captilast party! Well it would be best if im even accepted. Ok theirs Enlightment, Green Mother:)rolleyes: ) and Domination. Good I'll take Captilist unless you want to lkendter. Or I'll take Science Party...Name it something. I'm tired. You know for trading and crap...Just give it a name. I'll be Capitilist or Tradilist Science dohicky!
Sounds like we have five players - which means the game will begin momentarily. Before it does:

Kevinicus and Ikendter just need to finalize your party names and strategies. Once we have five clearly defined parties, then the game will begin.
Kevinicus or in the game: Kevin Schenk
Scifiexchange Party. I concentrate on a good presence in front of other nations and help get an advantage in technology. In any way possible! Spies embassies and so on...
Since Kevinicus has chosen the Scifiexchange Party, I'm going to assum that lkendter will be playing the Capitalist Party. With that being said, I will start the game. On this round, we all have 30 turns per player.

Good luck, fellow rulers.
Oki who starts first? As enlisted on 1st post? Oh and I'll work on a flag that fits to my attitude of the party!
since it says "order of play" above I''d imagine so and its Jezner to start since hes hosting. Good luck to all
After years of wandering as a group of nomads, Jezner the 1st rises amongst the American people with his excellent ideas of earth unity. He decrees that the Americans are to grow with the mother Earth. The Americans agree with such a new and wise philosphy. So they stop wandering and begin their partnership with the land around them.

4000 BC

The Americans hold Jezner the 1st as their one true leader. Jezner the 1st declares all knowledge to be free, so the tribesmen consolidate pottery and masonry. A neighboring tribe is impressed with such sharing of knowledge, and they give the Americans the secrets of bronze working.


The city of Washington is formed. People start crafting spears with this new bronze material for protection purposes only.


As American scouts traverses the great land and find fields of silk. Amongst these fields, the Americans discover a friendly tribe who share their ways of burying the dead. This odd practice of ceremonial burial soon becomes the norm.


The American's peace and Earth loving nature so influences one tribe that they donate warriors to the cause. The warriors are only armed with primitive weapons, but the American's are touched by the act. This village was surrounded by fields of dyes


The American ways of peace spread fast. A local tribe, eager to protect the peace loving people, offers the knowledge of warrior code. The Americans thank the tribe, noting it would only use the code to protect its own people


The people enthralled with Jezner the 1st create a new city and dedicate it to him. It is called, "JeznerTopolis". May it last for a thousand years.


A wandering historian tells the American people that they are the most powerful civilization on the planet. Though flattered, the Americans tell the historian that they are a peace loving people and not committed to using its resources for war.


The people start to grow anxious and demand a new ideology to lead the country. Jezner the 1st reluctantly gives up his role as a dictator and vows that the Mother Green philosphy will rule once again.
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