SGFN 03: Pax Americana


Feb 12, 2007
President Lincoln, at a meeting of his cabinet, rose from his seat with a stern expression. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I have thought long and hard upon the matter which I am about speak of. In the fullness of time, I have come to believe that truth, justice, and the American way are principles that must be delivered to this world. As we all know, this belief will be vigorously attacked by all those who feel their way of life is better. This will lead to a war which can only have one outcome: America will be the only survivor, the victor, and our ways shall be embraced by all, not as subjects, but as citizens! There shall ensue an eteral time of peace and fraternity, where all men and women are equal and able to pursue life, liberty, and justice as citizens of the American world-state. Thus said, we have our work cut out for us, this meeting is now adjourned!"

This will be our third Succession Game For Newbies, with the goal being Conquest of a standard pangaea. All victory conditions will be enabled, so we will have to be aware of domination conditions. After reaching 50% territory, we will then raze all non-wonder cities to avoid a Domination victory. We will also have to avoid losing the UN vote, but I doubt it will last that long. I will add my proposed start and a roster. This will be Emperor level.


1: TheOverseer714-confirmed
2: Anaxagoras-confirmed
3: Sercer-confirmed
4: ThinkTank-interested, sort of confirmed
5: WanderingNoob-interested, sort of confirmed
6: Tasslehoff-interested but not sure
For Own:
This will be Emperor level.

I probably will have to decline this game. :sad: It's been a good run of SGFN games, but I've found out that SGs take a long time! :lol: With 2 other current SGs, a COTM, personal games, plus finishing up the Spain to the Stars game, it's too much. :crazyeye:

Best wishes! I'm sure I'll check in periodically...
Sorry to hear that, but I expected it. I know about the SG's taking time business:D I want to try to only do 2 at any time for the same reason. I hope we can wrap SGFN-2 really soon. Please feel free to lurk and advise, and see you in the SG's we are in.
Ide love to play but ive got school & football practice so that fills up my schedule I only have time for maybe 1 SG game because im in 5CC Regent

Ill be periodicly Lurking... GoodLuck!
I'll be lurking in this thread as I would like to see how you guys do with the horrible americans.
lurker's comment: Pax means "peace" in Latin.

How exactly is it peaceful if you're fighting the whole game? ;)
lurker's comment: Pax means "peace" in Latin.

How exactly is it peaceful if you're fighting the whole game? ;) I'm confused, is it war only or peace only?

and, sure, I would like to sign in :bounce:

lurker's comment: Now, come on. You two are just being silly. Don't you understand? This team's going to send "peacekeeping forces" all over the globe. :D
lurker's comment: Now, come on. You two are just being silly. Don't you understand? This team's going to send "peacekeeping forces" all over the globe. :D

Ohhh, now I unnerstan'...thanks for clarifying this completely baffleing (sp?) topic. :D
Peace at the point of a gun is what usually happens, anyway. I was being sarcatic, and Lincoln is a stand in for the man we so lovingly know as "dubya".
lurker's comment: I'll lurk too. I'd play, but I don't think I'm up to an emperor game yet, even with conquest/SG-ing

...but, it's an SG for Newbies, per the name of the SG!! Surely you can handle this, if it's an SG for Newbies...


lurker's comment: Overseer, good choice on playing a difficult civ. You'll get zero benefits from them. Do you have barbs on? Also did you turn off cultural linked starts?

Tasslehoff--SG's tend to play 2 levels higher than you're used to. Since it's a pangea the warmongering will tend to be heavier but that's part of the learning experience.
I'm willing to play. I never played an SG but I've been lurking many.
I have won a handful of emperor solo games, but my confidence level is monarch. Actually I was playing a solo game on monarch last week with the Americans, to get a feel of how they play, as an exercise for maybe trying the current COTM.

I think industrious is very nice, expansionist is mediocre at best at emperor.
Main issue is that effectively the Americans have no UU, so the GA has to be initiated by Wonders.
lurker's comment: My point was, my games do a lot of warmongering, too, however, I don't think I'm good enough to play anything at Emperor

Bear in mind that SGs can be somewhat easier than their difficulty level and settings would indicate. Since you're only going to be playing shorter sets (usually 10 turns), rather than an entire game, mistakes are frequently caught before they become a real problem. My experience has been that having to post my turnlog and save on the internet for all the world to see tends to make me pay somewhat closer attention to what I'm doing.
I'm interested. This would be my first SG, but it is "for newbies", so it shouldn't be too bad. If you will take me, I'm in.
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