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[BTS] SGOTM 26 - Phoenix Rising

I think Sushi can make up 10k from Superconds, and agree with Kait on an estimated 300 extra beakers/turn.
I actually was slightly worried about that and expected a late push from HS.
But i also think it needs earlier Optics and Astro for AI management and securing their resis and maybe even more important: gold.
As for AP. Looking back on our thread it wasn't till page 10 we clocked the UN obsoleted the AP.

Says 3 cities with Legendary for culture, with only 1 i would be on board of the culture train :)

I forgot if we skip the better culture wonders (Parth, Mauso, Taj they are not essential), we can build Eiffel Tower (double speed with Iron).
That would be a solid option for keeping the AP, and no MM required also sounds good.
Much better than skipping an essential early boost with GLH for UN.

My worry with conquest is that we only have 6 cities + bad stonekey, and they should be busy with GP generation and juicy Rep specialists instead.
I think not having to build galleons and all that stuff would be worth skipping the Oracle.

Interesting test, click next turn for AP win vote, bulb mass media with Artists and the vote goes thru. If i understand this right, we would need 1 Artist (can research the rest needed before), and a way for Artist city to rush Broadcast Tower on that turn.

Question for @Noble Zarkon , would this be within the rules?
Finishing Mass Media on the AP voting turn, so it's not obsoleting.

There you have the lightbulb moment and us finally remembering the UN can obsolete AP if you built AP and teched MM yourself. I think before that point we were looking to take COL from Oracle to get our scientist rep great people plan up and running.
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:wavey: Yup MM is high on Artist bulbs (but we only need 1, can tech up before).
Spoiler :
Great Artist:

Mass Media
AP vote and MM final bulb can be timed easily, same turn (first select reli victory vote, then finish MM and rush tower).

Overflow and ~3 chops should also work (with forge and maybe OR), i assume we are in a golden age for those last turns for crucial civic switches. 175h so GE shouldn't be needed and he's certainly worth more than rush buy gold with Kremlin.

We need all techs, Drama too (Globe in Artist city).

Rushbuy without Kremlin: 789g, with K 525g. Not that bad.

Yup UN is out, no question about that imo.
Good cos we want GLH.
With conquest as backup option only, we cannot build Oracle..i think that would be the verdict?

MM also giving Jewel corp fits greatly into that plan :)
We just need 2 Artists overall.

Def., other corps could never make up for more techs needed (and SP loss) in that short time period.
Oh we only need 1 Artist for MM (so we can plop the tech on AP turn, cannot wait for turn end), we can tech the rest of MM normally.
I was thinking 1 Artist for that, and one for Jewels.

1030 Artist bulb beakers on test, certainly a loss compared to GS but not terrible.

NW city
Spoiler :
Not entirely clear, by moving sea for Moai we give up closer forests (1 early would help a lot) and furs mine (not great but something). We gain whales (+1 food) and plenty more Moai tiles, if we want them.

Small correction Lymo, MM bulb and BTower rush must be on the exact AP voting turn (when Religious victory option pops up), cos next turn our game will be over.
Tower must be built in between those turns or we have it rushed but not showing.
Page 10!
Even before we had reached the end Mylene had already planned Kremlin and a golden age to allow whips near the end. Kremlin really saves so much gold on rushbuys. Not sure we had found the stone at this point. It took us about 10 pages to formulate a winning plan. Albeit we didn't really need to decide in early turns as AP and Oracle would of required a similar route. Although we were happily talking up GLH not wondering about the AP/UN obsolete issue.
Still going through threads.

Also - is it possible Pheonix Rising has finished their game already? They haven't posted a save in a while, and they've been quiet. They ended at 1150 AD. If so, my guess is they pulled off some diplomatic victory, based on their power graph.
Not close to possible on this map? I think KS was right about under 1600AD. HS predicted T205 with Sushi if they found enough sea resources.


An alternative explanation could be loss of a settler, sunk on a galley somewhere or disbanded due to strike. :satan:

I doubt very much anyone is getting all the necessary tech by 1150AD. And anyhow, there is no telling if they played a 300 turn marathon session after the last submission, because the final save doesn't show until the results are published. Either way, it should not affect our strategy in any way... unless it inspires us to find some game shortening tips (its easier if you know it can be done).

I see no advantage in AP since we need to go late in the game. Its only a clear speed breaker when you can nab an early victory. And several of its winning strategies are nerfed by no city founding, gifting, or capturing. Hope a friend builds it and hope they spread the religion to us, and we get the hammer bonuses anyhow.

I vote Oracle. I am pretty convinced a Conquest (or dominating diplo) will will take this. Astronomy is a KEY tech. Avoid Med so bulbing is an option, because Oracle for Astro is high risk. Might oracle Optics, though.:hmm:

Anyhow, lets commit, pne way or the other, before we go further.
No i think we just took a week off? Summer heat was getting to us. Mylene would of auto quit if someone deleted a settler early on. That would have been horrible. Sadly we play turn by turn. You can usually tell when we are done. Graphs just give it away.

AP vs Oracle is an interesting one which you will see when you compare 2 very different strategies here.
Well played, PR. :goodjob: I have not reviewed the other teams' threads so I hope a congratulations on the gold medal isn't premature. You beat us by 10 turns which is a lot. I'm interested in reading your thread (some day) to understand what you did.
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