[BTS] SGOTM 26 - Phoenix Rising

By the way,
Spoiler :
Final Distinction just pm'd me for congratulations, but mentioned good idea that, once game is accepted, we can look at threads without logging in

Thanks ;)

Nighties!!! :) :)
Well done guys. Sorry I couldn't last the night. Great game.
Nps Gumbo, hmm they move on much faster now (T192 i think).
Mabye it's really wise if we stay out of other threads for now, hiding our victory date could still play a role.

I still believe they are not doing conquest, power not going up by much.
With 10k more culture than us Sushi is 100% now.
So prolly AP too, and their army might be out to sort votes or collect plunder gold (Sushi must be really expensive, we had -125g or so without SP and no Corp).
Looking at what we could have improved i always come up with too much fear of Privateers (could have just invested into another Frigate).
So we did hold Astro back, which hugely improved their tech rate once they got it (and also made Merc less attractive for them).
I think they could have teched Steel for us if we had boosted their routes sooner.
208 (207 vote) was prolly possible.

Not beating ourselves up, but learning for new games is always good ;)
Happy overall with how we enabled AIs, but it shows there can be a little more still.
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We didn't see a single privateer. As predicted.
True, but I don't think we can beat ourselves up over protecting against the possibility of Privies. AIs do build them and I was a bit surprised we did not see any. If they had built them it could have been pretty devastating.

Yep, the AI enabling - and diplo - was a big part of our game. Too bad we did not luck out on some better AI tech choices, but we certainly gained from what we did get here.

Also, I have to say that I learned quite a bit from this game. I've started implementing some things in my own play. Well, actually I always learn from SGOTMs.
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You have to wonder what date might be possible here. Tech trades with ai is key here. HS self tech corp and constitution. We got both free. Guess for their strategy they had to. Same for a lot of other techs we got. Up to music and economics.

Looking at other teams it appears to be 2 active players in each thread. I have been there and life gets very difficult on those numbers.

We had a very solid core before this game. Backed up by Tonny who came equipped with his spreadsheet and knowledge. Of course Mylene is an amazing player too. I saw that many years back when we snagged her.
Interesting, Homies settled the exact same spots as we did although in a very different order. Our T they settled last, which I find a bit surprising. I think our Trips was their 3rd city.

Yeah, I glanced at the two other teams. Unfortunate the turnout, especially US which usually has good participation. RRR seemed eager to play at one time and would have tremendously helped them. Both teams may struggle to even finish. Ofc, turnout for this SGOTM was a struggle.

"My is an amazing player" is an understatement :lol:

Ton going to bat for the Maths was tremendously valuable for this game.

With My's genius, Ton's Math nerdiness, Gumbo's sleep schedule, and my extraordinary good looks, we were destined to win! :lol:

:Looks like they've just used Pete for tech bait.

hmmm...they built quite a few forest preserves. Does that do anything for them? Better chance at forest growth?

I think some break is certainly needed and warranted, but we can just let things ride for a while and see how we feel in a coupla weeks or so.
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So what is plan for always war game? Maybe a few weeks break.
I think you forgot the most important part, my absence. :hide:

Congrats on a fantastic game!
:lol: My sincere pardon for excluding you from my esteemed list of accolades. I should have brought attention to your astute MMO skills.
List of techs we traded for free?

Must be more. Trying to remember full list. *Edited list*
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IW, MT and Guilds come to mind.

Yup and almost Engineering, Biz was just a few turns late (like Peter teching Steel after Demo, they just love that tech too much).

Guilds + Banking was the most interesting, still not sure if we hurt ourselves with waiting for Banking cos we were unable to switch into FM before golden age end..resulting in no way of getting them out of Merc.

Was prolly a mistake in hindsight, Peter would have been much faster with FM and ultimately should have resulted in getting Steel from him.

Pretty sure we self-teched MC for Optics & Astro rush.
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Monarchy, Feudalism. Construction. Ofc, we got a few free techs we did not need.

Did we tech MC ourselves. Can’t remember.
As we post every save they will know our finish date. Least the mystery of our graph is pretty clear now.
I saw Kai mentioning that we post saves every turn, tbh that's what won us this game :)
We play like hmm..watching a movie together, and could never be as accurate in our micro without.
Yep...that was a point I wanted yall to see. Figured they already knew that from prior games, as we always have. Not sure why other teams don’t do it.
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