Shiggs Earth


Mar 11, 2007

This is a huge Earth map with 17 civilizations to choose from and 23 City States, including 13 new city states I created just for this mod.

New World
Civilizations: America, Aztecs, and Iroquois
City States: Rio de Janeiro, Tikal, and Cuzco

Civilizations: England, France, Germany, Rome, Ottomans, and Russia
City States: Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Lisboa, Athens, and Madrid


Civilizations: Egypt and Songhai
City States: Cape Town, Dar es Salaam, Kinshasa, and Aksum

Civilizations: Arabia, Persia, India, Siam, Japan and China.
City States: Singapore, Seoul, Lhasa, Almaty, Bandar Seri Bagawan, Sidon, and Karakorum

Australia and New Zealand
City States: Sydney and Auckland

Greece is not in because they would be imposing too much on the Romans and the Ottomans. I have added the city-state of Athens to replace them for the final version, but I have created another version to try and appease everybody.

The map is based off of Dale's Huge TSL Earth map. Most of the terrain is the same, but there have been some updates in key areas. All the resources are hand placed for strategic balance. There should be quite enough resources for everyone to get their hands on everything eventually. Some resources are sparser then others, and quite a few of them can only be found in certain regions of the world. I believe this will stimulate both trade and war and make for a better game.

Most recent is version 6.
This will likely not be updated again barring any problems

Go to the mod hub, download, install, and use it just like any other mod. To play you will have to select Shiggs Earth as your map once the Shiggs Earth mod is enabled. It is Huge size only, you can adjust the difficulty and speed settings but that is all. All victories are enabled except Time, in case anybody doesn't want the game to end at 2050. Be sure to have "Load Scenario" checked as with other pre-set up maps.

Alternate Download - This is a compressed file, to use it you will need to extract it to your Civilization 5/MODS/ folder. Then in-game, go to mods, enable Shiggs Earth and ensure to have load scenario checked.

There are two option maps I've recently created. To use these maps you should extract them to your MODS/Shiggs Earth (v6)/Maps folder.

They are both essentially the same map, only with some minor changes, the names basically explain how they are different.
Shiggs Earth Domination Only
Shiggs Earth Greece Included

Note: you will need to have Shiggs Earth installed for either of these to work (they are not stand alone)

Recommended mods to use with this map:

Valkrionn's Economy Mod
Afforess' Active City Defense
Bhruic's Tree Growth

please report any problems or suggestions in this thread. Enjoy,

Screenshots with only terrain and resources shown. Note that these are from v2. There have been many updates and fixes.
Greece, because they are literally right on top of the Ottomans. Plus there aren't many city states, so I picked Otto's because the Greek UA would be maybe nerfed with not many city states near. Not that the Ottoman UA is any good. Greece would have been mighty close to the Romans also.

This basically resembles some of the earth maps for civ4, except I added a few city states where they weren't in the way. I would have made it all in the old world (AIOW) but 14 civs would be pretty light for a huge map. Its still a work in progress.

edited first post
I had a look at the map in the WorldBuilder, and while I'm not sure one way or the other as to any balancing reasons, I think there is room for Almaty and Rio de Janeiro :)

Nice resource distribution, anything to encourage trade :D
yea, those will probably get added later. I still preferred some of the AIOW earth maps for civ4, and this is just a basic attempt at resembling those, even though its not AIOW, but once we get more civs it will be. It will become a bit more complex with time. Perhaps some new city states, maybe new resources ect.
Nice one.:goodjob: (Although I´d personally prefer the Greeks over the Turks - but I may do that myself later.)

Did you remove Horse from America and Madagascar? And could you add a complete civ list? :confused:

DLing now. :D
There is no horse in the western hemisphere ;) or Madagascar. I'll update the first post soon with better details.
YES! Finally! I've been waiting for a mod that balances the Earths resources since the launch :) Just a question, are these resources placed based on real world locations, or is it just your own strategic placement?
well, because the Greeks are even more in the way then the Ottomans. Its not very hard to change it if you want. Also there are no city states really close to that area and I thought it would nerf their UA. I didn't want Europe to be littered with 10 city states as to not be a fair start. If you play the RSL Earth maps you'll know what I'm talking about. Half the city states can't even found their first city because they are all so close.
You can set the speed. By default it is on epic. Read the OP if you want to know the map size. I'm not going to keep repeating myself.
nice Shiggs713,

its so nice to see all the old posters from civ4 coming back here :)
yes, nice to see you around as well. :)

What is Cape Town doing in Chile? :)
haha, if that is the case then my mistake, that will be fixed.

Did you fix Japan? Their starting location was correct but extremely unplayable.
Do you mean fix japan as per the rsl maps? If so then yes, I think so. I played with them on emperor difficulty on my test playthru and kept up in score just fine. I usually play on emperor so thats how I test, though all AI's are set at prince by default (As opposed to the firaxis default value of settler [maybe thats why the AI is so dumb normally?]) Also you won't need to embark to traverse up and down the island ;)

also just a general note, once I get some of these little bugs worked out I'll be removing it from the OP and it will be on the mod hub only.
Just wondered if you've fixed the problem of Great Britain being connected to mainland Europe??
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