Sid Meier's Civilization VI: Enriched & Expanded


Jun 18, 2017
West Virginia
Throughout time, great people have made themselves known in ways that civilization has never forgotten.
As leaders of their people...
As the scourge of their enemies...
As thinkers and dreamers who led humanity forward...
As those who inspire others to achieve what none thought possible...

Now, the time has come for a new wave of great people to lead us into history once again. Whether they inspire devotion, fear, or innovation, they will all play a role in creating a civilization that can stand the test of time.

Announcing the Sid Meier's Civilization VI Enriched & Expanded Pack
A (hypothetical) expansion brought to you by TyrannusRex

As often as I can, I will post threads with (E&E) at the beginning, either little civ reveals in the style of Firaxis' official videos, or deep dives into their functionality or into other details of this "DLC", including trivia about my thought process. Please be on the lookout for these updates! I've put a lot of hard work into this project. Also, please note that while I've tried to keep my ideas here my own, I can't deny that the amazingly creative Civ fandom and mod scene has inspired me somewhat. I've tried not to copy any existing ideas outright, but I will be sure to credit anyone I took a lot of inspiration from. Certain civ ideas just tend to gravitate certain ways.

  • 9 new Civilizations
  • 12 new Leaders
  • 12 new City-States
  • 7 new World Wonders
  • 7 new Natural Wonders
  • 7 new Resources
  • Numerous new Great People
  • New game modes and additions to existing game modes
  • New Maps
  • And more...?
Coming Soon!
Now accepting preorders!
I am not affiliated in any way with Firaxis or 2K Games. I am also not a modder. This is purely a fun thought experiment of mine I've been wanting to share.
Newbie checking into the discussion. I picked up the game about a month ago. You sound like you work for somebody involved in the game development. If you are looking for feedback, it will take me a while to process. There might be some feedback buried in my turn by turn AAR in the Strategy and Tips section or I might write something at the end. Do you have an AMA or a forum for feedback and suggestions?
Yeah, this is literally just me trying something I'd heard of a few other people doing. Just a running sort of "how I would make a DLC" and I'm just doing it in an official-seeming manner because I like how Firaxis used to do it. But I hope you all enjoy it!
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